The Best Accessories for Your iPhone X

From wireless chargers, to headphones, cases, and more. here are the best accessories for making the most of your flashy new iPhone ten. so you ‘ve got the iPhone x and you ‘re ready to dress it up. fortunately, we have you covered. From radio chargers, to headphones, cases, and more .
here are the best accessories for making the most of your brassy new iPhone ten .

1. Better Headphone Jack

2016 saw the departure of the earphone jack on the iPhone. So that means the admit adapter will do the flim-flam right ? possibly not ! The admit Lightning to 3.5mm earphone jack arranger has a whopping 1.5 stars on the apple web site.

best accessories for iphone x headphone jack
This is down to a combination of shoddy human body quality, limited third-party support and most importantly, reduced audio quality. so if you still have a couple of wire headphones what are your options ? Look no further than the FiiO i1 Digital to Audio Converter ( DAC ). The sprout apple adapter has its own built in DAC, but it has come under much scrutiny .
The FiiO i1 has a significantly better DAC, built-in mic and remote enabling ache controls for headphones that lack them .
best accessories for iphone x headphone jack
The device is a little bigger and does have quite a long cable. The farseeing cable television is so you can pin the mic near to your mouth. fortunately it includes a cable winder, so you do n’t look like you ‘ve been in a crusade with a network cabinet. It does n’t, however, solve the offspring of charging while listening simultaneously .

2. Listen While You Charge

here you are spoilt for choice, depending on your function casing of run. There are two categories to achieve charge while listening : the pumped-up and the not-so-wired .
best accessories for iphone x charger
The Griffin iTrip Clip will convert your cable headphones into Bluetooth enabled ones. It has a built-in nip to take advantage of the mic and all the controls you need. You get approximately 4 to 5 hours on a unmarried consign, and you can charge your iPhone while you are in sound recording heaven .
This is a cost-efficient room to make existing headphones radio without far splurging on Bluetooth headphones. The earphones Griffin includes in their merchandise visualize are sold individually .
As for the wire among you, there are a few options. Belkin ‘s RockStar arranger is n’t cheap but it is MFI certifiable and backed by a reputable brand. It besides supports inline controls and a mic .
best accessories for iphone x charger
If you want something at half the price, but is n’t a recognized mark, ATool has something exchangeable [ Broken URL Removed ] .
best accessories for iphone x charger
While it is a little cheaper, it does not support inline mics or remote control. just something to bear in mind if that is one of your requirements .

3. Wireless Audio

Forgoing wires raw may be the utopian world you ‘ve dreamed of. There are just a overplus of wireless headphones to choose from depending on what you ‘re looking for. Regarding native features and being truely wireless, Apple themselves have the AirPods .
best accessories for iphone x wireless audio
With gesture controls, a case that can charge them on the blend, and combined 24 hours of battery biography ( AirPods and the sheath ), the AirPods do have some great features .
For the athletes, there are the JayBird X3s : sweatproof, water-repellent, and dependable equip. This is the third base incarnation of the JayBird X series, and boy do they sound bang-up. They have done away with the standard Micro USB charging port and decided on a proprietorship route, but this may not be an exit for some people. The mic and outback control will besides ensure relief of use when paired with your iPhone ten .
best accessories for iphone x wireless audio
More of an over-ear kind of person ? The Sony WH1000XM2/B have one of the best implementations of noise cancellation ever created. Unlike other manufacturers, who just have noise cancellation switched on or off, the Sonys have options for allowing some ambient make noise in, and even canceling everything other than voice .
There are touch nucleotide controls, spokesperson prompts, and the companion app allows listening to your current surroundings so it can adjust the randomness cancellation. They are not adenine comfortable as the Bose QC 35 IIs ( our review ), but in most other departments, Sony has dethroned the king .
best accessories for iphone x wireless audio

4. Lightning Headphone

If you ‘re fair not about the dongle or adapter life and fair want a adjust of native lightning headphones, you ‘re in luck. The iSINE 20 from Audeze does n’t have a normal price chase, nor a normal size for in-ear headphones. then again these are n’t normal headphones. They house planar magnetic drivers which are not featured in your regular dynamic driver headphones. not to mention they look like TIE Fighters from Star Wars .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
The especial Cipher cable which includes the Lightning interface houses a DAC that supports high-resolution 24-bit sound recording. The cables are besides detachable, allowing you to switch out the lightning cable for a 3.5mm earphone jack at will .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
For the on-ear aficionado amongst you, Philips has the Fidelio M2L headphones. They besides have built in 24-bit DAC and neodymium drivers .
Got the feeling your wallet has n’t suffered enough just yet ? The P9 Signature over-ear headphones will ensure your wallet goes into seclusion for months to come .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
Everything about these cans is premium. They deliver where the Beats range falls short : sound recording timbre. While early manufacturers may spend the majority of their budget on perfecting sound recording quality, Beats opts to focus their spend on fame endorsements and advertising. This will have certain ramifications for audio quality, though Apple ‘s affair with the BeatsX seems to have helped the party turn a corner .

5. Need More Space?

The deficit of iPhone X stock may have forced you into getting the 64GB model, or possibly you ‘d like another way to transfer files between your iPhone and calculator. The SanDisk iXpand has what you ‘re looking for .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
It allows simple backups of your television camera roll which will offload stuff from your iPhone to free up outer space. The fresh plan ensures it ‘s compatible with most cases and you can add up to 256GB storage to your device. The free companion app allows automatic backups, playing media directly or manually move files around. The USB 3.0 standard will besides ensure fast transfer speeds to and from your computer .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
already got some flash drives and SD cards meandering about ? The RAVPower FileHub Plus is the jack of all trades when it comes to your iPhone. It functions as a exponent bank, Wi-Fi access orient, and file transfer station. Its network is multi-functional. You can convert a pumped-up connection to a radio receiver connection, or use it as a even router when connected to a DSL modem .
It can besides connect to an existing Wi-Fi network and rebroadcast the signal. A casing like this is utilitarian for when a hotel charges you a per-device connection tip. For exemplar, connect your FileHub Plus to their Wi-Fi network and rebroadcast its signal. You can immediately connect all your devices to your FileHub Plus, and you will only be paying the hotel for one device ‘s connection. Using the app, you can besides stream media wirelessly and access files stored on obliterable media .

6. Fast Charging

Tucked among the iPhone spectacles is the ability for it to fast commit. Apple claims you can get 50 % of battery in 30 minutes. first, this is from 0 % to 50 % after which it slows down. You ca n’t plug in your device at 30 % and expect to see it at 80 % charge within 30 minutes .
second, Apple does n’t include any of the items needed for fast charging out of the box. To take advantage of fast appoint, you will need one of their USB-C world power bricks. At a minimum, you will need the 29W discrepancy which is used to office the 12 column inch MacBook. To add diss to injury, the ability brick does n’t come with the necessary USB-C to Lightning cable .
How much will this total investment set you back ? A cool $ 74 if you buy it from Apple .
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
You can save a few cuban peso by using third-party accessories. Aukey ‘s 46W USB-C power arranger should do the trick. It even has a USB-A larboard for any other devices you may have. Aukey used to have 29W form, which was slightly cheaper but is now unavailable. This happened after the fast charge announcement by Apple. coincidence ?
best accessories for iphone x lightning headphones
Want to save even more ? UGreen ‘s 30W arranger with ability delivery has got your back. Its compact size can make it ideal if you ‘re short-change on bag real-estate .
best accessories for iphone x
And to finish, at less than half the price of Apple ‘s volunteer, the Crebri USB type C to lightning cable [ Broken Link Removed ]. The nylon braid makes it much more durable and unlike other cables supports the necessary 29W delivery. Forget worrying about cable orientation course ever again !

7. Wireless Charging

You will hear Android users talking about how late Apple is to the party with this. And they are. Currently, wireless charging on Samsung devices is maxed at 15W. veracious now, Apple devices are maxed at 7.5W pending the arrival of io 11.2. The good newsworthiness is, because Qi radio receiver charge has been around for some fourth dimension, there are quite a few options to choose from .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
You could get the one Apple has chosen to breed in its stores. The Belkin BOOST UP wireless charging launching pad. true, it is a little costly .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
There is a wireless charge pad, by RAVPower that will besides get you wirelessly charging. It includes a promptly charge ( QC ) 3.0 brick if you have early compatible devices that support that standard. It besides supports many other devices that conform to the Qi standard, and is besides slenderly less expensive than the Belkin model .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
If you ‘re more of a stand-up kind a person, RAVPower does make a radio charging point of view. While slenderly cheaper, you will need to purchase a separate QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 power brick. All of these radio receiver chargers will have the necessary juice to fill up your iPhone x as fast as potential .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
If you ‘d like to take advantage of Qi charging in your car, the AQQEF wireless charger might be a rival. It can be mounted on dashboards and windshields. It does n’t have the choice to be mounted on a vent, but reviews call it to be stable even at higher speeds. The design besides makes it unobtrusive for the “ Home button ” like some of the other cable car chargers on the market .
Wireless charging can be fastidious when it comes to earphone cases. Be sure to check your seller ‘s intersection pages to ensure yours will be compatible regarding thickness and material .

8. iClothes

Cases are unquestionably the most immanent accessory from this list. Do you go for vogue over meaning ? Do you prefer protection over showing off the beautiful device ? necessitate to use your case as a wallet ? Well, manufacturers have thought about all these use cases, no pun intended .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
If you ‘re ill-famed for smashing telephone screens, deoxythymidine monophosphate he Defender Series case by Otterbox looks like it ‘s been engineered for the revelation. Bear in judgment the screen defender that works alongside it is sold individually .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
Looking for something a little less intimidating but still need adequate grip ? Speck has been in the event game for some time. Their presidio Grip subject offers estimable auspices and clasp for people with butter fingers. There ‘s besides a few colors to choose from if you are feeling colored .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
There ‘s the Flip Folio Leather Case by BELK which has a citation poster holder and kickstand .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
And the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case if you prefer to show off your new iPhone ten in all it ‘s glass-encased glory. Corners are guarded with their Air Cushion Technology. These little air out pockets absorb the daze from everyday impacts .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
now screen protectors come in two flavors. This is due to the curved nature of the screen. The Maxboost tempered glass defender embraces the open edge design and covers precisely the screen area. It does have a guide which snaps onto your call making facility a cinch ! The open edge screen protectors besides tend to be more case friendly .
best accessories for iphone x wireless charging
Regarding broad coverage, the screen defender from Pulais covers the whole screen and will do what it says on the tin .

The Apple Effect

When Apple decides to embrace a standard, you can be sure it affects the marketplace in a huge manner. This is because of the huge bribe ability behind Apple ‘s patriotic customer base. Apple ‘s borrowing of Qi radio receiver charge, for example, will mean that many manufacturers will now jump onto the bandwagon .
This is estimable because it means all other devices will benefit finally from everyone following cortege and implementing the standard ( see USB-C ). It besides means in the beginning accessories wo n’t be cheap, which is discernible from some of the proprietary device listed above. The devices, however, are tailored toward the iPhone X demographic .
What are your favorite iPhone X accessories? Were you lucky enough to get your hands on one yet? Are you thinking about switching to iPhone X?

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