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The best international SEO effects come in couple with beneficial cognition of the local grocery store. The main differences that you will encounter when optimizing your web site overseas are :

  • Different target group specifics – Understanding the target group is the first step to foresee its needs and queries. It is the unique characteristics of each market that will significantly influence their purchase decision and will have a say in the way they compose their searches. Cultural knowledge is crucial to start optimizing your website abroad.
  • Recognition of the search engine used in a specific location. The strongest force on the market is Google & you will probably have it in mind when going abroad.

Differences in International SEO - statistics

But that will not always be the case, so the first dance step to a successful international SEO strategy is to find out the search locomotive you will be working on. Each search engine is different and will require different adjusting to modern requirements.

  • The language of your website also has a great impact on international SEO and, consequently, selecting keywords and the ability to create relevant content. Keep in mind that there are a couple of countries that are multilingual – that’s also important to address when entering such a market.
  • Technical SEO matters – well-designed international SEO strategy needs to be based on solid technical grounds. You need to define whether the website will be language or country targeted, what type will be the new language version of your site – a domain, subdomain, or catalog, even rethinking the CMS choice will be good before entering a new market. Then comes a matter of URLs structure, implementation of hreflangs, and international management to help Google see your website properly.

Technical SEO differences when doing SEO internationally

  • International Content – that goes without saying that entering a new country you need to also adjust the way you publish and create your content. Keep in mind what type of content is considered valuable by specific readers, e.g. a German will look closely at the technical specification of a product and conciseness of its description. You may think it’s a little stereotypical approach, but it can have a huge impact not only on SEO strategy but also on sales.
  • The same strategy & different effects – SEO activities that work in one country may give a variety of results in different countries. While in some places the greatest SEO results will come from using external links to redirect to your e-commerce, in others, you will achieve your determined goals by working directly on your website with technical SEO. What works depends directly on the market specificities and the competitors’ activity – that’s why it’s crucial to analyze that first!

The action of International SEO is complex & there ’ s a beauty of a challenge in it ! In order to successfully optimize your web site overseas, you will need to possess the necessity cognition and face new challenges. Or, you can count on our experience !

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