The Cheapest — and Best — Texas Car Insurance Companies (2022)

Cheapest liability auto insurance in Texas: State Farm

For minimum indebtedness coverage, State Farm offers the cheapest quotes in Texas at $450 per year. That ‘s 32 % cheaper than the average monetary value of minimum coverage in Texas, which is $ 666 annually .
other cheap companies include USAA and Geico, though USAA is only available to current and former military members and their families .
Cheapest car insurance companies in Texas

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Texas

presently insured ? The average monthly monetary value of car insurance in Texas is $ 56 per for a minimum indebtedness policy .

Cheapest Texas auto insurance quotes for minimum coverage


Annual rate

Monthly rate

State Farm $450 $38
Geico $603 $50
Dairyland $776 $65
Chubb $819 $68
Nationwide $873 $73
USAA* $477 $40

If you ‘re looking for the cheapest car policy potential, you could buy a policy that only meets Texas minimum state requirements for liability indemnity. Minimum liability policies are brassy, but they may not protect you much after an accident .
For case, the bodily injury liability terminus ad quem for Texas policies is entirely $ 60,000 per accident, which may not cover the costs of injuries in a major crash. And minimum liability policies do n’t cover wrong to your cable car, which falls under the comprehensive and collision indemnity included in a full coverage policy .

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance quotes: State Farm

The cheapest indemnity companies for fully coverage in Texas are the same as those for minimum indebtedness : State Farm, USAA and Geico. .

  • State Farm: This is the cheapest insurer overall. A full coverage policy from State Farm costs an average of $1,094 per year.
  • USAA: Full coverage policies with USAA cost an average of $1,403 per year, though you must qualify for membership.
  • Geico: At $1,448 per year, Geico is still at least $789 per year cheaper than any other insurer but State Farm and USAA.

Cheapest Texas auto insurance companies for full coverage


Annual rate

Monthly rate

State Farm $1,094 $91
Geico $1,448 $121
Chubb $2,237 $186
Nationwide $2,400 $200
Dairyland $2,649 $221
USAA* $1,403 $117

Full coverage refers to car insurance that includes comprehensive and collision insurance. In Texas, the median annual cost of a full coverage policy is $ 1,872 .
Full coverage policies can vary in price and coverage across insurers. For exemplify, Dairyland policies cost an average of $ 2,649 per year in Texas, closely two and a half times ampere expensive as State Farm. That ‘s why you should compare quotes from peak indemnity companies in Texas to find the best hand for you .

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