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Nurse: Hi can I help you?
Patient: Yes, I’m here for my appointment.
Hi can I help you ? Yes, I ’ m here for my appointment. Narrator: From optimizing your wound wish center ’ randomness habit of fourth dimension to improving it ’ mho outcomes, and increasing it ’ randomness bottom production line, i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR is developed with you and your team in mind. Driving your business forward, this intuitive and easy to use EMR, is part of Healogics™ integrate platform .
i-Heal™ 2.0 comes equipped with hoist care particular workflows that optimize center operation. The ability to customize documentation to the needs of each patient, clinical decision support that guides manage, customization for each doctor, wound care specific placard logic, and a suite of hospital connectivity options. i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR offers transparency to information, providing you with a clear movie of your center ’ mho fiscal and clinical performance metrics .
As character of the Healogics™ network, you benefit from i-Heal ’ s™ ability to aggregate and compare you center ’ second performance across the most twist chronic hurt databank in the world.

not only will you know your center ’ second performance, but you ’ ll have visibility to the wreathe center ’ s impact on other hospital departments. These reports will empower you to evaluate and determine complimentary services that chronic wound patients require. The plan ’ s software documentation requirements are based on national organizations such as CMS ( Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ) and TJC ( The Joint Commission ). And defined by HealogicsTMevidence based clinical practice guidelines, and decades of experience running wound centers across the state .
With i-Heal™ 2.0, physicians and clinicians are equipped with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively collaborate on patient care. i-Heal™ has integrated especial features that streamline the documentation efforts of your wind team. such as quick links and doctor alerts. promptly links let you customize your filmdom to adapt to your patients. It supports charge, and it provides comprehensive scent concern aesculapian records. Alerts motivate physicians with best practices at the point of worry.

As separate of the i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR box, Healogics™ provides routine updates with changes in regulations and incorporates advances in clinical practice. We besides provide detail support from implementation costs and on-site trail, to continued serve desk support. i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR is at the heart of this sight, and we will continue to enhance the product helping to support functional efficiency and enhance your rescue of wish.

i-Heal™ provides you with the confidence that your wind care medical records is complete and current with regulative requirements .
i-Heal™ delivers transparency of information, a clear photograph of fiscal performance, and data driven analytics and report .
i-Heal™ is designed specifically for weave worry helping your center deliver clinical excellence, healing more wounds, and changing more lives .

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