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This content is sponsored by IBEW Local 26. As the conductor and adjunct director of apprenticeship at the International Brotherhood…
This contentedness is sponsored by IBEW Local 26.

As the director and assistant director of apprenticeship at the International Brotherhood of electrical Workers ( IBEW ) Local 26 will tell you, there is no ideal apprenticeship candidate, only one who is willing to learn. Each applicate comes to the program with their own unique perspective and the travel for each one is evenly alone. What do they all have in common ? For a variety show of reasons be it the give, benefits, reproducible schedule or the opportunity to learn and get paid while in school, the apprenticeship provides the chance at a fulfilling career with illimitable potential .
Stephanie Lashley is no exception, she came across the platform at a fourth dimension in her life when things felt a sting dead and changeable. It was then that a friend back home recommended she look into becoming an electrician just as he had done .
“ I was in an admin job, I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly making that much money, it felt very dead-end and he ( my friend ) recommended I become an electrician. ”
With no prior cognition about the career field, she applied for the Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee program at IBEW Local 26 and was accepted. nowadays in her moment year, Lashley says that the trail started with the basics, learning about materials, what goes into the construction, pipe bend and the mathematics that ’ randomness frequently involved in electric work .
“ My trigonometry ( all those years ago ) came in handy ! ” Lashley laughs. “ There ’ s a bunch to learn when you ’ re starting off green but the best thing to do is precisely have a thoroughly attitude, ” she says .
Lashley admits, her ally had prepared her for what to expect in the field i.e. lots of construction sites, commercial buildings, a short ton of hard shape .
Something she didn ’ thymine expect ? The chumminess .
“ I was surprised by how the people made me feel, I was very pleasantly surprised. They did not make me feel like I was under qualify or imposter syndrome, like why are you here kind of thing. They were very welcoming and they ’ ve teach me a lot therefore army for the liberation of rwanda, ” she says .
For James Moss, the experience has been similar but the travel to get there ? Different .
Starting out his education and career across the bridge at Salisbury University, Moss graduated college and was a reserve Marine working broad time as a non-union electrician when a friend of his mentioned the benefits of an apprenticeship program at IBEW Local 26. The competitive side of Moss didn ’ thyroxine want to miss out on what was inescapably a strategic career affect, with his ultimate finish being retirement. He shared this longterm goal with WTOP during a recent interview .
“ ( My longterm goal is ) Get to retirement, learn angstrom much as I can and be equally helpful as I can along the way, ” said Moss .
What surprised him the most about the platform was how well the 40-hour workweek and the apprenticeship/schooling share are integrated together allowing each participant to make a living engage while in school. This means each apprentice gets the eruditeness and on-the-job experience they need all without accruing any debt unlike many degree programs.

Moss wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sure what to expect but the program has exceeded his expectations. The sum of things he is learning, the experience he ’ second getting and the benefits that come with the program all make for a satisfy career and unlimited potential .
“ I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think of any other thing that you can do without needing a college degree to make this amount of money and however be able to have the work/life balance, so get in ! ” said Moss .
Moss admits, you do have to choose it for the right reasons, waking up early, working a full 8 hours may not be appealing for everyone but having the time after exercise to do the things you want to do makes it all worth it. Spending time with family, friends or out doing hobbies during the week is good one of many benefits for apprentices ’. While his travel to get here wasn ’ thyroxine a straight line, and Moss has no regrets about how he ’ s done it, although he does frequently think about how things might have been different had he gone directly into the program before college and recommends anyone considering the plan to start a soon as they can .
Fourth class apprentice Shane Weinberg came to the platform having already begun his career as an electrician but not feeling like there was much room for promotion where he was. Having heard about the apprenticeship course of study from a friend, it felt like the perfect opportunity to progress and move ahead. Weinberg applied, was accepted and began working his way up. As a fourth class, he says he ’ s learning centrifugal controls which actually challenge him ampere well as more advance code like especial occupancies and special conditions. As person who already had about two decades of cognition, Weinberg says that the skills he ’ south learned within the plan will continue helping him advance his career .
“ I feel like I ’ ll merely have better cognition of a lot of different aspects of the electrical field, ” said Weinberg .
His darling subject has become Direct Current ( DC ) and Alternating Current ( AC ) theory because he loves that you can take a circuit with unknown values, break it down to its simplest kind, rebuild it and find all those values. Learning more about health and condom has besides become highly valuable for Weinberg .
“ Where I was earlier, non-union, residential, they kind of put base hit on the bet on burner and I feel like that was one thing I in truth enjoyed was the safety view, ” said Weinberg .
Weinberg ’ sulfur day normally starts around 3:30am, he gets up, gets cook and gets to the problem by 6am. His sidereal day normally ends around 2pm giving him plenty of time to spend with his kids, versus getting home subsequently in the even and rushing through dinner, bed time and getting ready for the adjacent day. There ’ south enough of other benefits besides like the fiscal ones .
“ A common sense of security, where I was before it was about as though I was going more and more into debt each sidereal day and when I joined the platform that all changed. I make a nice, livable wage now and they do pay me to go to educate which is an excellent perk up ! ” said Weinberg .
He besides mentions the healthcare benefits that each extremity of his family presently uses. In his non-union study, the more family members he had on the plan, the more it cost him per paycheck, and frankincense, the more wages he lost and debt he accrued. But with the IBEW Local 26 program that all changed and now health coverage international relations and security network ’ thymine something he worries about anymore .
“ I feel like ( this program ) gives me the security of knowing that my future is being taken care of, I ’ megabyte work towards my retirement, ” said Weinberg.

Looking advancing to retirement, being able to save, not accruing debt or worrying about the future, these are just a few of the benefits that offer peace of heed and a carry through career for the apprentice ’ randomness at IBEW Local 26 .
And each apprentices ’ advice for anyone considering an understudy career path ? A resounding “ Apply for your local ! ”

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