An Honest Review of City Beauty Products: Are They Worth It?


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Inside : An honest and instructive City Beauty products follow-up .
Ladies, if you ’ ve been reading this web log for a while, you know I love experimenting with makeup and skin care products .
City Beauty sent me some of their products in change for an honest review, so I leapt at the chance to try them out !
This post is in partnership with City Beauty. As always, the concept and content are my own. This mail may contain affiliate links. For full disclosure, pawl HERE .


There are many fly-by-night beauty companies out there, so when City Beauty contacted me to try their products, I worried a little bit about whether they were legit or not.

City Beauty is decidedly legit .
City Beauty was founded by Victoria Renee in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles. They pride themselves on providing cruelty-free products that target specific concerns such as thinning lips, colored circles under the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines, etc .
All of their products are Made in the USA and include a 60-day money-back guarantee. They stand by their products, which means a draw !
I have no problem with the theme of aging ( and it ’ south better than the alternate ), but I wouldn ’ metric ton judgment having clean looking skin and lips in the interim !


City Beauty offers many vegan products. Check out the full list below :

  • City Lips – *Except for the red shades as they contain carmine
  • Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector
  • HydroMask
  • Under Eye Recovery
  • Ageless Moisturizing Cream
  • Advanced Eye Cream
  • Youth Rejuvenating Cleaner
  • Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler


Use the coupon code KATIEGOESPLATINUM at checkout to get a 15 % discount off all City Beauty Products. Free Shipping for purchases over $50



The first City Beauty product I reviewed was City Lips, their key signature plumping lip semblance that has won two beneficial housework awards .
My lips have gotten dryer as I ’ ve aged. I besides have developed finely lines around my lips, and sometimes lipstick bleeds into those lines and “ feathers. ” It’s very annoying.
sol, I tried City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss in Clear. The acquit glossary is great to put on under your regular lipstick .
You apply it, wait 2-3 minutes, and then apply your regular lipstick ( if desired ) over it .
For long-run results, you need to use it doubly a day for 30 days ( dawn and nox ) .
If you do, you will purportedly notice that the all right lines around your lips have dissipated and that your lips are fuller .
unfortunately, I can not remember to do anything for 30 days ( I keep trying, believe me ! ), so I can ’ t state you if that part is accurate so far. ( I ’ m setting an alarm clock on my iPhone correctly now so I can remember to do it for 30 days and will update this post when I do ! )
alternatively, I have been using City Lips on and off for about 3 months nowadays and I am very happy with the results. When I use it, my regular lipstick does not bleed or feather and the clear lipgloss makes my lips appear slightly larger .
I ’ m not sure if it is equitable the polish that makes them appear slightly larger, but in any casing, they look wide, and that makes me happy !
I tend to get chapped lips in the winter, but City Lips puts an end to chapped lips. My lips feel placid and hydrated and they stay that direction all day, even if I ’ ve wiped off the sass gloss !
Some people have reported a burning ace from using City Lips ( or early plumping sass glosses ). I feel a flimsy tickling in my lips that goes away in a few minutes. It is not unpleasant .
As with any beauty product, some people have had allergic reactions. I ’ m a fairly sensitive person, prone to allergies, and I have had no issues with City Lips .
City Lips also comes in a variety of colors.
City Beauty sent me 4 of their tinge plummet lip glosses to test. My only refer with the colored person sass glosses is that I ’ thousand not super-adept at putting on sass semblance with a baton. My lips are basically white, and not well defined. It ’ randomness hard for me to “ stay in the lines ” with a baton .
still, their colors are reasonably, so I tried them out .
Red Velvet is my absolute darling ! I wear this one the most .
image of city lips red velvet city beauty reviewIt’s a GORGEOUS color! Pink Nude international relations and security network ’ t my stylus ( I like a bright lip ) but I ’ ve gotten a set of compliments on it !
image of city beauty pink nudeA tad too light for my tastes Mulberry is dainty, and it ’ s one of my front-runner colors in “ real liveliness ”
image of mulberry city lipsIgnore my face – hardly got any sleep last night!
Scarlet is a drop-dead gorgeous color, but since I have trouble staying within the lines of my lips when I use a wand, I constantly make mistakes, and when you make mistakes with this color, it stains the skin around your lips ( But if you are identical deft and like the color, get it ! )

I do love the color, so I need to practice my wand skills a fiddling more .
image of scarlet city lips


City Beauty ’ mho HydroMask is a bio-cellulose microfiber sheet mask. Among the ingredients are ice plant and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best things you can use to hydrate your skin and it ’ s known for its anti-aging properties .
image of city beauty hydromaskEach Box include 5 HydroMasks I swear to God, since I turned 50 I am a hyaluronic acid en ! Are you ? It seems to help ! If you haven ’ metric ton used it so far, here is a great article that explains what it is and why it works so well : What Is Hyaluronic Acid And How Does It Work?
The HydroMask is one of my favorite products that City Beauty offers !
One of my main reasons for loving it is because it ’ s then damn enjoyable to put this masquerade on and then scare the pants off my sons. I know it ’ second unfledged, but it is indeed darn FUNNY !
image of city-beauty-hydromaskScary looking, but FEELS awesome! aside from the fun component, I very like the HydroMask. Unlike other masks that just feel like sparse wet rice newspaper, these masks have weight. They feel cool and wet against my skin .
once the mask comes away, there is still a draw of serum left on my confront. It feels great to rub it all over my face and let it absorb into my skin .
The HydroMask is identical humidify. My skin feels FANTASTIC for a few days after I ’ ve used it. I highly recommend it !
Does it help with fine lines and wrinkles ? I can say it at least minimizes their appearance for certain. When my bark is dry ( as it is most of the fourth dimension ), my wrinkles and lines are more outstanding. When my skin is hydrated, it looks younger and fresher .


My review of Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser is super-enthusiastic. This cleansing agent not alone works well, but it ’ s besides super-beautiful, which is a bonus .
image of city beauty youth rejuvenating cleanserSee that beautiful red color at the bottom of the bottle?
That’s the cleanser – it’s so pretty!
The Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser comes in a adorable bottle, and it is a GORGEOUS colored berry color. It besides smells great, so praise to City Beauty for coming up with such a sensual intersection !
All different peel types can use this cleansing agent, according to City Beauty .
I have identical dry and medium peel, so I was a fiddling disbelieving. But after merely 3 days of using this cleansing agent, my bark feels very easy and hydrated .
sometimes, when I try a new cleansing agent, my cheek will get crimson from pique, but I haven ’ thymine had any regretful slope effects. My peel feels great !
Another bonus ? The City Beauty Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser is made without GMOs, Alcohol, Animal-Derived Ingredients, and early ingredients that many of us want to avoid .


City Beauty states that their Multi-Action Sculpting Cream targets the “ underlie causes of thin, sagging skin to deliver a powerful tightening effect from the inside out. ”
The Multi-Action Sculpting Cream smells dainty and it comes with a cunning little gold smooch. I know only ladies in honest-to-god novels say “ cunning ” when describing cosmetic objects, but that is the only parole that describes it .
Being a reasonably disorganize person, I promptly lost the spoon. But you don ’ triiodothyronine in truth need it to be able to use this face cream. Just scoop out a belittled amount of the cream and spread it on your face and neck .

Does City Beauty Multi-Action Sculpting Cream Work?

soon after applying Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, the skin on my neck looks visibly tighter and less wrinkled. The difference is astonishing !
When I apply it to my grimace, however, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see much of a dispute. ( It might precisely be my facial skin – it resists about any cream I put on it ) .
But the neck effect is thus great that I recommended the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream to a bunch of my college chums and they bought it, besides .


The MicroBiome Night Mask is one of City Beauty ’ s newest products and it is TERRIFIC .
I love it so much that I wrote a solid disjoined post about it. Check out my MicroBiome Night Mask Review .


I haven ’ thymine tried Inviscrepe Body Balm yet because, until recently, crepey skin wasn ’ t an write out for me.

But on the spur of the moment, at 54, my skin ’ randomness texture ( particularly on my arms and knees ) has changed. I ’ ve got the crape !

I ’ megabyte waiting for my cargo to arrive but will let you know how I like it.

In the meanwhile, it looks like most reviews have been cocksure, with exceptions for people who didn ’ triiodothyronine like the tingling sensation it created. We ’ ll go steady !


City Lash was formulated to “ minimize whip fall-out, improve lash texture, protect against breakage, and support the natural lash growth process. ”
You apply City Lash to your exceed eyelid, along the lashline. It requires a reasonably firm hand.

Make indisputable to let it dry before you apply your eye makeup !
You have to use it doubly a day to see results. City Beauty says it can take 6-8 weeks to see wide lashes .
Some of the reviews I ’ ve understand on-line mentioned seeing results with City Lash in 3 weeks.

Having sparse eyelashes, I couldn ’ thymine wait to try this out but I admit that I was a bit doubting about the consequence. It sounded to good to be true .
I used it every day for two months but couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember to use it twice a day ( my dawn everyday is a batch ) ! even though I lone used it once a day, I am happily surprised to admit that my lashes did look a act full, and I decidedly lost fewer lashes than usual .
If those are the results from only using it once a day for a few weeks, I ’ megabyte eager to see what happens if I stick to it for 6-8 weeks ( twice a day ) as they recommend !


Under Eye Recovery is a clear up center skim that is meant to brighten dark circles, get rid of ostentation under the eyes, and smooth fine-lines and wrinkles around the eye area .
I have been using the Under Eye Recovery Cream for about a week. so far, I haven ’ triiodothyronine seen much deviation in my under eye area, although it does seem to help with the ostentation that I get after a miss of rest .
I ’ ll observe using it for the following few weeks and check back in again to see if it has made a difference with the fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes. In the interim, I like the way it smells and it feels nice and hydrating on my clamber .
My only issue with this product is the pump. You have to press the pump very carefully to avoid pushing out excessively much product. other than that, I love the box and am tidal bore to keep trying it and see how it affects my under eye area .


Note: HydroMask can be added in mighty after cleansing and before the serums, once or doubly a week .


City Beauty products are more expensive than drugstore brands, and that can beg the question : are they worth the money ?
In my opinion : yes !

The products are well-made and, for the most function, they deliver on their promises. obviously, certain products will work better for some people than for others – it most likely depends on your peel type.

Since City Beauty offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, I feel condom recommending them. If you try the products and don ’ t like them, make sure to reach out to their customer support team for a refund .


If you have any questions about City Beauty products, or about an arrange you have placed, you can reach out to their Customer Support Team immediately – equitable click here .
alternatively, you can reach out to City beauty via Instagram or Facebook.

If you have a wonder about an regulate you have placed, provide your order number and they will have a customer support agent follow up american samoa soon as possible .


Overall, I recommend City Beauty’s products. The quality is good, and I in truth like that they are Made in the USA and cruelty-free.

The fact that they offer a Money Back Guarantee makes me feel convinced that they stand behind their products .
If I could only choose four items, I would DEFINITELY get the Hydro-Mask, the Clear City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss, the Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser and the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream ( for my neck ! ) Those are my must-have items .
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