It’s a No for Hunter.iO

It’s a No for Hunter.iO

Hunter.iO is touted as a knock-down tool for generating electronic mail lists for target B2B electronic mail selling and sales campaigns. unfortunately, when we tried it for ourselves, this cock came up light. Digital marketers like to try newfangled things. well, actually, we have to—keeping up with the latest tools and engineering is fair part of the job. Hunter.iO was our most recent exploration. Their market was compelling and a reference said they had had success, so we gave it a try. Touted as a powerful joyride for generating e-mail lists ( including master electronic mail addresses, names, and titles ) for targeted B2B e-mail marketing and sales campaigns. unfortunately, when we tried it for ourselves, Hunter.iO came up inadequate .

The BOT Test

At Bright Orange Thread, we target the CEOs of companies with $ 1M- $ 20M in gross. We were testing to see if we could add names to our e-mail list. We paid for the servicing for 1 calendar month at the Starter floor ( $ 49/month ).

Sleek Design Guides You Through the Tool

We liked the minimalist design of the streamlined splashboard. The distinct options and clear blueprint makes using the instrument intuitive .

Limited Needles Found in the Haystack

Their most basic have allows you to enter one domain mention and it will spit out a list of e-mail addresses, names, and titles associated with the world.
You just enter a company ’ second domain name and it populates a list of electronic mail addresses scraped from the web site. It should be noted that it does not crawl the alive sites, but rather pulls from a database of previously scraped data.

During our test, we found that this produced limited results. Our targets are small to medium-sized companies. While Hunter.iO sometimes found a few e-mail addresses, names were not always found, and titles were found about never. This was frustrating since we did not gain the complete data we needed for an e-mail commercialize campaign .

Bulk Email Search Came Up Short

In accession to searching for e-mail addresses associated with a particular domain, Hunter.iO can besides perform bulk tasks. By uploading a spreadsheet you can search multiple domains for emails, verify emails, or find detail e-mail addresses. We used the bulk electronic mail search feature with the goal of finding electronic mail addresses for a number of names and companies we had scraped from LinkedIn. This instrument was less useful in finding bulge electronic mail addresses for many different companies. We needed to manually enter the world of each company to find e-mail addresses. evening after taking the time-consuming step of adding knowledge domain names, it was only able to find 87 e-mail addresses from our list of 375. not a leading consequence. true, this is a small sample size. But we are a small company targeting other little companies .

Hunter.iO Can Help Salespeople in a Pinch, but It’s Not as Useful for Marketing.

If you ’ re looking to connect with specific people and already have their names, titles, and web site, this tool could be an easy room to find their electronic mail addresses quickly using the release translation of the software. Based on other reviews we ’ ve read, it seems to do better with finding electronic mail addresses for larger companies .

Not Helpful for Mass-Email Campaigns

Hunter.iO is not designed for scraping a many emails as potential for use in mass-email campaigns. It besides does not find detached electronic mail addresses like websiteowner @ For a content commercialize company like us, this makes the tool less useful. overall, this creature is geared more towards individual contacts whose e-mail address you can ’ thymine seem to find. The barren adaptation of Hunter.iO gives you 50 searches per month. That should be more than enough for the few times you forget to ask for a new contact ’ s calling card .

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