Digital Marketing Career: Should You Start Yours in 2022?

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“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

– Zig Ziglar

And with an average wage of over $ 100,000 in Australia in 2022 – this might fair be the perfect time to start your career in Digital Marketing .
One of my most popular videos on YouTube has been my Digital Marketing 101 Introduction to digital selling. And now I wanted to go one pace further and talk about what it ’ s like to actually work as a digital seller and help you decide whether it ’ s the correct path for you .
I ’ ve immediately worked in Digital Marketing for 4 years as an on-line freelancer, as a strategist at a digital marketing agency and as an in-house digital selling specialist in a corporate character. thus if you ’ ll like this post and video make certain to head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel I ’ ll be sharing all of my best tips and taking you step-by-step through all of the unlike areas of digital market we ’ ll be discussing at the end of this stake .

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Why digital marketing and why now ?

The most profitable products and services often aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually “ the best ”. The best sellers on Amazon aren ’ t the best-written books, the highest-earning YouTubers aren ’ triiodothyronine necessarily the most talented, ‘ the best ’ frequently barely means ‘ the best market ’. You can have the best product in the universe but if you can ’ thyroxine beget people to buy it then it ’ sulfur quality is sadly irrelevant .
And with everything that ’ s been going on in the world, now more than ever before people are subject on their digital presence for the achiever of their occupation. closely, every profession from teachers to therapists have had to think creatively about how to operate their business on-line. physical stores have had to set up on-line shops to accommodate restrictions on people physically coming to the shop. And people who have gotten by with running their business for decades marketing strictly through viva-voce recommendations have now had to look to digital for help .
It ’ s a no brainer then, that Seek have stated that the project emergence in the number of available jobs for a Digital Marketing Manager in the future 5 years is a crazy 21.7 % besides according to ntegrity 88 % of companies are struggling to find digital endowment, with 42 % saying it ’ s their biggest or a major challenge. And these trends are reflected globally vitamin a well .
The tendency is clear – digital selling both in terms of jobs and in terms of party budgets has now taken over traditional market as Digital Advertising spend has reached over $ 8.5 billion per annum in Australia entirely .
This besides means that digital market skills are not only a hot commodity now… but they ’ re only about to get hot. But are they right for you ? Let ’ s find out .

Is digital commercialize right for you ?

There are some jobs in the on-line population that lend themselves better to analytic minds while others lean more towards the creative slope. Digital commercialize is perfect for anyone who excels in both areas. If you are person who loves creating videos or graphics for sociable media but you besides enjoy staring at building complex strategies, graph and charts and measuring the successes of your efforts, then this might barely be the career for you .
Can you succeed as a digital seller if numbers aren ’ t your thing ?
quite honestly I ’ d say no because being able to create an epic poem market strategy and the assets necessary to put it into legal action is just one piece of the perplex. You need to besides be able to look at the whole visualize and determine what ’ s working and amplify it, and besides see what ’ sulfur possibly not working sol well and know how to fix it .
For exercise, a node might say they want to get more people onto their electronic mail list and job you with getting more people to their web site. It would then be your speculate to look at all of the client ’ s stats which might help you determine that actually they get 1000 people to their web site every day but only 10 people convert to leads, so the problem international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate with traffic but with the rate of conversion so your focus would then go towards finding ways to turn more of the web site visitors into leads .
That ’ s the analytic depart of you… then the creative separate would come in when you get to actually create the new lead attraction which might be an eBook or barren coach, creating the land page to allow people to sign up for it… then the e-mail that delivers their complimentary offer .
then in accession to this analytic and creative side of you, you besides have to be good at reading people and giving them what they want. Because selling as a solid is all about predicting what people will want and how they will want a message delivered and when it should be delivered to them. then if you ’ re person who already does this in your daily life then this might merely be the mighty time to make some money off of this skill !

How can you build up your presence ?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from my students is ‘ how do I get a customer when I have no portfolio to show off, and how do I create a portfolio without clients ? ” It ’ s a bang-up doubt with a dim-witted solution .
now when I apply for full-time roles or approach freelancer clients all they have to do is Google me to find my courses and all of my videos and blog posts and find out if we ’ re a good paroxysm for one another. But when I inaugural started I started with a one-page web site with a sample distribution of my copywriting style – which was just a screenshot of one of my Instagram captions. It besides had a sample distribution of a very basic Facebook Ad I put in concert for my own Facebook page, I besides included some graphics I designed – again for my own business .
Are you starting to see a blueprint ? I was my own first node.

This did two things. beginning, it took a fortune of the imperativeness off by allowing me to practice on myself and if I screwed anything up then it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate an issue. And it besides allowed me to build up a portfolio of samples of my employment I could show off to future clients. And as a bonus, building this presence up besides meant that clients often discovered me through my on-line presence a well .
so I recommend that if you ’ d like to start your digital market career this year, start by beginning creating an on-line presence for yourself to show off your skills. Make sure to check out my video recording of how to create your free one page portfolio site angstrom well to help you out .
And remember, you don ’ t need to be an technical at this – you barely need to be better than the client .
And in the knowing words of Sir Richard Branson : “ If person offers you an perplex opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it late ! ”

What qualifications do you need to get started ?

I know there are amazing digital market degrees out there, but having immediately worked freelance, agency-side and in-house in a corporate environment I can honestly say that NOT having a degree in market has never been an issue for me. That being said, there will be some roles specially within politics bodies where a ball reservation is a requirement. But I ’ five hundred very confidently say that the fourth dimension and money you would spend on a 3 or 4-year degree would be wasted because in a couple of years the digital selling global will look wholly different .
so my advice is to start with a few low-cost on-line courses to learn the basics and then drill, begin working with clients and continue learning as you go .
That ’ second kind of the beauty of marketing – the determine never stops because the brainy minds at Facebook and Google are always thinking about the following big thing that will help them push their platforms to the following degree .

What areas do you need to be skilled in ?

I believe that digital marketing divides itself neatly into two overarching themes – strategy and implementation. And in order to be successful with the early, you need to begin with the latter. Some things you need to be conversant within the market world from the implementation side would be :
Intent-based sociable networks like YouTube and Pinterest where people go to look for answers to their questions or to be inspired .
And engagement-based social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok where people go to be entertained and engage with their favorite brands .
And in addition to understanding the constituent or free methods of growing on these platforms you would besides need to understand paid advertising on these platforms .
then you would need to understand the fundamentals of conversion copywriting, research engine optimization, search engine market, contentedness marketing, electronic mail marketing, landing page design and graphic design .
You may never need to touch web development in terms of having to code a web site but it ’ second full to have a basic cognition of the back-end of platforms like WordPress and Shopify as they ’ re the two most popular CMS tools for service-based and eCommerce businesses .
And at the larger enterprise levels, you might besides need to have some familiarity with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or HubSpot .
then when it comes to the strategy side of things you need to understand how all of these elements work together towards a common goal. You would need to be able to create selling funnels using some or all of these elements to help your clients achieve their coveted result. And you would need to be able to analyse and interpret the data gathered from the actions of people flowing through your market funnel.

What next ?

all right – now I want to ease your beware by telling you that you do not have to be an technical at all of these areas, you will likely end up specialising in the ones that most appeal to you. For case, I prefer working with Facebook Ads over Google Ads but I made indisputable to understand both in case my node was possibly besides running Google Ads with another freelance and I needed to understand how my own selling efforts would fit in with these .
So the winder dispute between a digital seller and a Facebook Ads specialist for example… is that a digital seller would be across everything that ’ s happening around that Facebook Ad, not barely the Ad itself .
And the capital news program is that although yes, companies do look for hard skills and specific cognition learned through prepare, cushy skills are actually even more significant .
In fact, the top seven characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills : being a effective bus ; communicating and listening well ; possessing insights into others ( including those with different values and views ) ; having empathy and being supportive of co-workers ; being a good critical thinker and problem problem solver, and being able to make connections across complex ideas .
so if it ’ mho commodity enough for Google – you can bet it ’ s good enough for a lot of other employers out there.

indeed if like me, you get bored with doing the lapp thing every unmarried day and want to earn great money with this moral force career, then Digital Marketing might barely be the career for you .
And Google ’ s Digital Garage is a capital free resource for learning the ins and outs of digital marketing as a founder so make sure to check that out along with my resource entire of digital commercialize resources for beginners. And if you ’ re still looking for more places to find advice on the subject, check out this comprehensive examination list of the best digital marketing blogs .
If you however have questions about how to get started with digital selling – let me know in the comments below !

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