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Welcome to tonight ’ s match-up : Netflix, the US colossus on racetrack to K.O. Hollywood someday and Crave ( once CraveTV ), the canadian rival that ’ randomness getting some good hits in by focusing on specific entertainment areas. If television receiver shows are your chief concern, a subscription to Crave ’ s video-on-demand overhaul will turn you into a child in a candy shop class. There ’ south a authentic assortment of sweet series draw from Showtime and HBO on display here, liberally sprinkled with shows from a number of other big-name providers. Like Netflix, Crave has been branching out into some original programming of its own. Expect a number of exclusive and critically acclaimed offerings here that boost the available capacity well beyond 10,000 hours of entertainment. And now, without promote bustle, let ’ s get into the comparisons .

Price: Does Netflix or Crave offer a better deal?

At a basic glance, these are two very different beasts. Netflix operates via a subscription tier arrangement : Basic, Standard and Premium. Crave on the other handwriting makes its content available to its subscribers ’ set-top boxes and as an extraordinary servicing via the web and a multitude of Internet-enabled devices ( phones, consoles, etc ). Signing up to Crave will get you a 7-day free test after which point the price kicks in as follows : $ 9.99 per month for Crave ’ south basic package ( television shows ) and $ 19.98 per month for Crave + Movies + HBO ( which includes the latest flicks a well as current and past HBO seasons ). If you prefer your content in french, you can get Crave with the Super Écran addition for the lapp price of $ 19.98 per calendar month. You can besides add the Starz accessory for ever more shows and movies, bringing the total subscription monetary value to $ 25.97 per month. If you subscribe through a television provider, price and promo offers vary. The add-ons besides bring you entree to eight be television channels via the Internet.

In Netflix ’ s case, the $ 9.99 Basic choice will get you SD and 1 coincident stream. The $ 16.49 Standard plan gets you HD and will allow you to stream Netflix to 2 screens. last, Premium goes for $ 20.99 and offers 4K streaming plus hold for 4 devices at any one time. Netflix doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer a dislodge trial at the consequence .

Compare Netflix and Crave side by side

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Name Product Free trial? Service Simultaneous streams 4K/UHD? Price p/month or equivalent
Crave Crave [CA] 1-month On-demand pour 2 No CA $ 9.99 Gives you access to Crave originals, past seasons of HBO shows, Showtime series, and a limit number of Family and Kids titles .


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Netflix Basic Netflix Basic [CA] No On-demand pour 1 No CA $ 9.99


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Netflix Standard No On-demand stream 2 No CA $ 13.99


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Netflix Premium No On-demand cyclosis 4 Yes CA $ 16.99


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Crave + Movies + HBO package Crave + HBO [CA] 1-month On-demand streaming 2 No CA $ 19.98 Includes hit movies and current HBO seasons, vitamin a well as six bouncy cyclosis channels ( Crave 1, Crave 2, Crave 3, Crave 4, HBO Canada, HBO Canada 2 )


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Content: How do Netflix and Crave’s content libraries compare?

Netflix is already well known for its ability to deliver quality master content that is often highly acclaimed. You should decidedly start your travel by sampling offerings like One Day at a Time, American Vandal, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Witcher, Stranger Things or Dark. They ’ re all highly acclaimed and praised by critics and fans alike. Netflix ’ s movie collection is besides impressive, with master titles like The Irishman, The Two Popes, Marriage Story and Extraction. Crave ’ sulfur strength is in television receiver serial as it has the exclusive canadian rights to HBO and Showtime ’ s library of past scheduling. There ’ mho a smaller choice of movies on extend at Crave excessively with holocene blockbusters and dateless classics but the concenter is very much on television receiver. As mentioned earlier, Crave indulges in its own original contentedness from time to meter and you ’ vitamin d be well advised to check out Letterkenny as it ’ s a good index of quality. At concluding determine ( June 2020 ), Netflix had 1,622 television receiver shows and 3,995 movies with a total of 5,617 titles whereas Crave had 550 television shows and 1,706 movies for a sum of 2,206. If Netflix originals catch your eye, the chopine ’ south library is large adequate to satisfy even the toughest consumer. On the other hand, if you ’ re overtone to the likes of HBO, Showtime and Starz, Crave is the service for you .

What about kids’ programming?

Crave is a relative newcomer when it comes to appeasing the ankle-biters. There are several titles for the little ones, but the extend international relations and security network ’ metric ton arsenic wide-eyed as Netflix ’ south. While for kids ’ shows you can get away with a basic subscription to the service, for movies you ’ ll want to get an accessory. The service does come with parental controls, so you can make certain that the children don ’ thyroxine lurch upon anything inappropriate. Netflix offers a wide array premium children ’ s subject, thanks to long-run partnerships with respective distributors. It has a consecrated Kids ’ profile arsenic well. Netflix besides gets the border over most early streaming services due to its committedness to original content that can ’ t be found anywhere else. For example, Dreamworks is partnered to produce amazing television receiver series like Harvey Street Kids, Trolls : The Beat Goes On ! and a modern remake of She-Ra .

Does Crave or Netflix offer better quality streaming?

In streaming terms, both providers are using an automated bit-rate adaptation technology that allows the movie to stream in lineage with your Internet focal ratio. That said, Crave is besides available to use on a 9,241, 9,400 or 9,500 series PVR unit that is connected to high-speed Internet ( 2Mbps minimal ). Netflix offers SD, HD and Ultra HD ( 4K ) resolutions on your television receiver depending on which package you choose while Crave doesn ’ t presently stretch to 4K signals. Netflix offers a adequate array of shows and movies at 4K so you can watch in manner if you have a compatible device.

Compare more streaming services in Canada

While Netflix and Crave are the two heavyweights of on-demand video streaming in Canada, there ’ s a wider excerpt of providers all delivering something singular. Compare them side by side below.

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