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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ) is the state-sanctioned student loan resource designed entirely for the benefit of Texas students. THECB has a stated mission to reverse the distressing decay in registration compared to population seen in the department of state ‘s higher education facilities, and to that goal it offers students a great share of aid in planning and paying for college .
THECB is very serious about progressing toward that goal, as you can see in the increase numbers of Texas degrees awarded since its “ Closing The Gaps ” course of study was launched. here are some resources you can find by consulting the THECB web site :

  • Student loan information, including a page of application links that takes you to pages for the testing, college admissions, and financial aid applications you will need to start your journey through college in Texas.
  • Financial aid tips and tools, with everything you need to know about paying for college from exemptions to work study programs.
  • College planning tools, beginning at middle school and ending with credit counseling.
  • Loan forgiveness and loan repayment programs.
  • A handy guide to college planning and financial aid.

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The Federal Student Loan Program for Texas Students

When you apply for the federal student loanword program, you take a colossus step in the direction of your college education. We ‘ll talk about private loans in a consequence, but you must understand why the U.S. Department of Education ‘ s address Loan Program is a crucial first gradation.

The Federal Family Education Loan ( FFEL ) program was the low-cost harbinger to Direct Loans, but as of July 1, 2010, no modern loans are being made by FFEL. however, address Loans besides carry first gear interest, because they ‘re made directly by the government, although serviced by versatile secret lenders .
It is highly recommended you apply for these loans, and in most cases you ‘ll be approved for some tied of fund. The direct Loan Program includes :

Find out more about the diverse union loans and why you should constantly try to finance as much of your education as potential using them rather than other types of loans .

The HH Private Loans Program

The Hinson-Hazlewood College Student Loan Program is unique to Texas. This program is a negligee for two distinct loanword programs, the College Access Loan Program ( CAL ), which is an option loan for undergraduates and graduates, and the Texas B-On-Time ( BOT ) no-interest loan.

The CAL Program is the state-sanctioned alternate loanword designed for Texas students at every horizontal surface of education. Borrowers must attend school at least half-time. Either the borrower or a co-signer must have good credit, and it is not necessary to demonstrate fiscal need. As constantly, applicants must apply for federal aid before applying to CAL .
The BOT program is extremely attractive, because not merely do recipients pay no interest, but if they meet certain criteria the lend can be forgiven at graduation. That ‘s a very alluring prospect available to not only Texas residents but besides dependent children of members of the armed forces.
Before you enter into any individual student loans, make sure you ‘ve borrowed the maximum allowed with your federal loans. For more information on the HH Loans program, visit the THECB web site .

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