How to Connect HBO Max to Your TV With Google Chromecast

What to Know

  • To cast HBO Max to a TV, tap the media player, select the Cast icon, and choose a connected device.
  • HBO Max can be cast from mobile using Chromecast on Android and AirPlay on iPhone.
  • You must connect all involved devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

This lead walks you through the work of casting HBO Max with Chromecast and offers some alternative air strategies using AirPlay, smart television apps, and old-school HDMI cables .

How Do You Cast HBO Max to television receiver With Google Chromecast ?

You can cast HBO Max serial and films to any television that supports the Chromecast radio broadcast technology. It ’ mho besides possible to cast to a connected pour stick or a Chromecast dongle a well .

  1. bridle to make certain your calculator is connected to the like Wi-Fi net as your television receiver or connected device .

  2. On your computer, open the HBO Max web site in a browser and log in if you ’ re not already .
    HBO Max web page in Microsoft Edge browser.

  3. Begin playing a television receiver episode or a movie as usual .
    HBO Max website in Microsoft Edge.

  4. Tap the video actor or move the mouse cursor over it to trigger the player controls .
    Justice League playing on HBO Max website with media player showing.

  5. Select the Cast picture in the lower-right corner. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see the picture, you may need to switch to another web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge .
    The Cast icon looks like a square with radio waves in its lower-left corner .
    Cast icon on HBO Max website with media player showing.

  6. A tilt of devices that supports Chromecast will appear. Select the name of the device you want to cast to. Your HBO Max video recording should cast to your television receiver or smart device about immediately .
    HBMO Max being cast to a TV via Chromecast.

  7. To stop roll HBO Max to your television with Chromecast, select the modern Cast icon from your web browser ‘s top menu .
    HBO Max website cast icon with a cast active.

  8. Select the diagnose of your television or other device with Stop casting underneath it to stop the Chromecast project .
    Microsoft Edge showing Stop casting option for HBO Max website.

Can You Watch HBO Max on television From Your earphone ?

It is potential to cast HBO Max from an iPhone or Android smartphone to a television receiver deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as it supports wireless casting engineering such as Chromecast or AirPlay .

  1. Make surely your smartphone and bright television receiver are connected to the same Wi-Fi network .
    You may besides be able to cast to a streaming device connected to your television, such as an Apple television or an Xbox console, sol reach surely these are on the same network arsenic well .
  2. Open the HBO Max app on your iPhone or Android smartphone .

  3. Start playing a movie or television receiver episode in the mobile app .
    iPhone HBO Max app.

  4. Tap the screen to get the media controls to appear, and then tap the Cast or AirPlay icon in the top-right corner .
    The Android app will give you the Chromecast icon, while the iPhone HBO Max app will offer the AirPlay choice .
    Casting icon in iPhone HBO Max app.

  5. A list of compatible devices will appear. Select the one you want to cast to .
    The Mummy movie playing in iPhone HBO Max app.

  6. After several seconds of data syncing, the HBO Max video should start playing on your television receiver .
    The Mummy movie playing in iPhone HBO Max app with AirPlay active.

Why Can ’ metric ton I Cast to My television receiver From the HBO Max Mobile App or Website ?

compatibility can be an issue when casting HBO Max content to a smart television receiver or device. For example, while the Android app supports Chromecast, the io app doesn ’ t. besides, not all smart TVs support Apple ’ s AirPlay technology .

fortunately, there ’ s a way around these limitations in the form of apps that you can install onto your ache television or connected device, enabling the AirPlay functionality. Airscreen is a popular app for Android TVs used by many to cast content from iPhones .

Another option is to mirror your smartphone ‘s screen on your television receiver using an HDMI cable and an adapter. You can besides connect your laptop to your television via HDMI adenine well .

If you distillery ca n’t get it working, the easiest solution could be to install the HBO Max app directly onto your television receiver, streaming stick, or video recording game comfort and skip the cast option all in all .


  • How do I connect HBO Max to a Roku TV?

    To get HBO Max, you have to add the channel to your Roku device. The easiest room is to press Home on the distant and navigate to Streaming Channels > Search. Next, search for HBO Max, select it in the search results, and chink on Add channel > OK.

  • How do you connect HBO Max to the Apple TV app?

    To get HBO Max on Apple television, open the App Store, search for and choice HBO Max, and select the Download button. Next, go to Open > Sign in or Subscribe Now. ultimately, follow the on-screen prompts to sign in to your account or sign up for HBO Max .

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