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suburb of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Steiglitz is a rural coastal township and vicinity in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] In the 2016 census the vicinity of Steiglitz had a population of 705 people. [ 1 ]

geography [edit ]

foreshore and Tipplers Passage at Cabbage Tree Point, 2014

Steiglitz is bounded to the east by Moreton Bay, to the south by Jacobs Well, to the west and north by Woongoolba. Cabbage Tree Point is a promontory jutting into Moreton Bay ( ). [ 4 ] The town of Steiglitz is located at Cabbage Tree Point and the town is much referred to as Cabbage Tree Point. The appoint refers to the cabbage tree palms that grew in the area. [ 5 ]

history [edit ]

Bethlehem Lutheran Church gain, Pimpama Island ( Carl Heinrich Heck is center of the middle row ) The district is named after Stegelitz, Germany, the home plate township of the initiate family Kleingschmidt. [ 6 ] In the late 1800s, the farming district located between the Pimpama River and the Logan River called Pimpama Island and encompasses the mod localities of Jacobs Well, Norwell, Steiglitz and Woongoolba. It was referred to as an island because there were a number of lagoons and swamps that isolated the area during the besotted season ; however, this disadvantage made it estimable nation for growing carbohydrate cane. [ 7 ] german immigrant families settled in the area in the 1870s. Lutheran services were held in private homes until the beginning church was erected in 1882, being replaced by the present church in 1908. The church was renovated in 1930. [ 8 ] The Rocky Point Sugar Mill was established by Carl Heinrich Heck in 1878 on Mill Road ( and crosses the limit between Woongoolba and Steiglitz ). Despite being one of the oldest sugar mills in Australia, it is still privately owned by the Heck Group, a class ship’s company of five generations. There were once early sugar mills in the area, but they have nowadays closed and Rocky Point has expanded to replace their lost capability. [ 9 ] On 16 August 1924, the Rocky Point Sugar Mill tramline was formally opened by John Appel, the Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Albert. It went from the mill to Norwell to assist with transporting the harvested sugarcane to the mill, a tax made difficult by the low-lying boggy estate in the area. [ 10 ] The tramway was by and large built along the wayside ( the roads having been built on the higher ground whenever potential ) but it was inactive necessary to build a few hundred yards of causeway to cross the deluge ( now drained ) along New Norwell Road ( approx ). The tramway was a 2 foot ( 610 millimeter ) gauge and the steam locomotive that operated on it was from John Fowler & Co. in England. The locomotive was delivered to the wharf at Steiglitz and then carried on a large horse-drawn police van to get to the mill. There were 100 cane wagons to carry the cane ; these came from the closed sugar mill at Nerang. Although there were hopes from local people that the tramway would be extended to connect to the South Coast railroad track line at Ormeau and to the Steiglitz wharf onto Moreton Bay, as a shape of public transport, neither of these extensions were built and passengers were not carried. The tramline was only extended to better access the sugarcane-growing areas in Norwell. Frequent flood of the tramline was the causal agent of many derailments and there was difficulty maintaining the lineage during World War II, increasing the frequency of derailments. With the increasing handiness of motorized transportation after World War II, the tramway was closed in 1951. however, the rails and wagons were hush used to move sugarcane around the mill, although the locomotive had been sold. The locomotive was used as a static expose in a count of locations including Gilltraps Auto Museum at Kirra and the Dreamworld theme park before returning to the mill as region of a sight to create a diachronic precinct, which never eventuated, so it was donated in 2013 to the Beenleigh Historical Village. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] In 2001–2, a co-generation implant was added at Rocky Point Sugar Mill. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] In the 2011 census, the vicinity of Steiglitz had a population of 441 people. [ 16 ]

In the 2016 census the vicinity of Steiglitz had a population of 705 people. [ 1 ]

economy [edit ]

rocky Point Sugar Mill, Woongoolba and Steiglitz, 2014 rough Point Sugar Mill is a carbohydrate mill at 102-120 Mill Road ( ), extending across the road into neighbouring Woongoolba. [ 17 ] [ 14 ] The mill ‘s co-generation plant produces about 200GWh of electricity per annum from renewable sources, which can be used in the grind and/or exported, making rocky Point one of the most energy-efficient sugar mills in Australia. [ 15 ]

education [edit ]

There are no schools in Steiglitz. The nearest primary school is Woongoolba State School in neighbouring Woongoolba to the west. The cheeseparing government secondary coil school is Ormeau Woods State High School in Ormeau to the southwest. [ 18 ]

Amenities [edit ]

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 2005 Bethlehem Lutheran Church is at 1281 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road ( ). [ 19 ] Bethlehem Preschool and Kindergarten is immediately adjacent at 1279 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road ( ). [ 19 ] Woongoolba Bowls Club is a sports and community club at 324 Cabbage Tree Point Road ( ). [ 19 ] The Gold Coast City Council operates a fortnightly fluid library service which visits the Bowls Club on Cabbage Tree Point Road. [ 20 ] Horizon Shores Marina is a 27.3-hectare ( 67-acre ) marina at 80 Cabbage Tree Point Road ( ). [ 21 ] Rudy Maas Marina is a 1.1-hectare ( 2.7-acre ) marina at 82 Cabbage Tree Point Road ( ). [ 21 ] There is a boat ramp at Charlie Hammel Park at the army for the liberation of rwanda end of Cabbage Tree Point Road ( ). It is managed by the Gold Coast City Council. [ 22 ] There are a count of parks in the area, including :

  • Behm Creek Reserve ( )[23]
  • Cabbage Tree Point Conservation Park ( )[23]
  • Charlie Hammel Park ( )[23]
  • Floodgate Area ( )[23]
  • Lake Royal Palms Park ( )[23]
  • Rocky Point Reserve ( )[23]
  • Short Cut Road Reserve ( )[23]
  • Sugar Mill Reserve ( )[23]

References [edit ]

  • “Steiglitz”. Queensland Places. Centre for the Government of Queensland, University of Queensland.


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