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MyZone Media Inc. shares our customer ‘s concern for the auspices of their privacy and their personal information. Whether you are merely browsing our web site, conducting basic transactions ( as a customer or event organizer ), or being an involved player in our subject, social network, and marketing, we want you to know what information we are collecting, how and why we gather it, and who we parcel it with. We ’ ve created this privacy policy to provide our customers, clients and anyone who has given us information through any use of our websites, telephone system, and electronic mail newsletters a complete description of our practices and their options as a visitor to our locate or as a user of our services. This privacy policy applies to the practices of MyZone Tickets. We work with a variety of third parties who may have their own privacy policies, and we encourage you to seek out information about their practices. Because our offices and servers are in Canada, our privacy policy is drafted according to canadian jurisprudence. Because our web site can be accessed from outside of Canada, however, by using our web site or services you may engage with businesses located outside of Canada that may be subject to less or more restrictive laws regarding the collection and handle of your information.

Before using our web site, purchasing goods or services through our on-line or phone arrangement or opting into our newsletters or media programs, please read this privacy policy thoroughly. By visiting the web site or using our services, you are acknowledging and accepting the data gather and sharing practices detailed below. You can contact us anytime with any questions, concerns, or comments, or to request farther information regarding our privacy policy by writing to : MyZone Media Inc.
704, 73 Water Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 1A1
Canada .  You may besides submit questions or request further information by emailing us through our assistant system ticketingsupport @
Please eminence : As our ship’s company grows and evolves, we may update this privacy policy so that it remains relevant to our practices. Our privacy policy will constantly be dated as of the most late update. Please check back here regularly to ensure that you may be informed of the most current translation of this privacy policy .

Collection Methods

MyZone Tickets collects your information both passively ( by having you provide it to us ) and actively ( through technologies such as cookies, web beacons, and Google Analytics, a well as through cooperation with partner businesses and third base parties ) .

A. Passive Collection

As a customer, node, participant in our social network and marketing practices, you may provide us with personal contact details such as your diagnose, data ( call number, electronic mail address, postal address, etc. ), billing details ( including your bill address, credit card details, etc. ) and other data you may be prompted to provide .
This information may be required to purchase tickets, goods or services, or to participate in respective contests or promotions. While you have the right to withhold your personal information, doing so may prohibit you from conducting transactions, accessing either your personal or company account, participating in contests, and so on. You may besides be prompted to provide demographic information, such as your age and sex. We may collect, store, and plowshare this information in order to analyze our business, cater ad and content to you, etc . 

B. Active Collection

In addition to data that you provide to us, we may besides actively collect information ( both personal and nonpersonal ) through active data assemble practices, using technologies such as cookies and web beacons, and through sharing with our clients, partner businesses, and third parties. We may use cookies to personalize your experience on the web site, track your activity on our locate, identify you anonymously, and to gather information about your browser type and language. Cookies, web beacons, Google Analytics, and early technologies can be used to determine referring websites, what kind of searches you conduct, and more. While you may set your browser security settings to prohibit us from assigning cookies, certain features of our locate may not be functional without cookies ( you may not, for model, be able to log in to a personal node or customer account ). information collected via tracking technologies is not linked to PII. We may besides actively seek out personal and non-personal information from third parties, including partner businesses and advertisers. MyZone Tickets may allow these third gear parties to incorporate cookies, vane beacons, and other technologies to collect information. This information, in cosmopolitan, is used by these external parties to help focus their ad or better understand how effective their services are on our web site .

Types of Information Collected

MyZone Media Inc. collects two different kinds of information : 

A. Personal

In general, MyZone Tickets collects personal information in order to verify your identity. This may include your name, electronic mail address, postal address, earphone number, username and password, etc. We may besides collect billing information to facilitate transactions such as ticket sales and purchases. This may include your depository financial institution account number, credit rating circuit board count, pin number, termination go steady, etc. You have the right to withhold your personal and billing information, however doing so may prohibit your ability to use in our web site or conduct transactions with us or our partners, clients, and third base parties. We may besides collect personal demographic information. This may include your gender, age, and preferences related to the use of our site and services. finally, we may collect personal data about your specific bodily process on the web site. This may include which pages you view, how frequently you visit, how long you spend on the site, which advertisements you click through, your purchasing habits, etc . 

B. Non-Personal

second, we may besides collect general statistical information not personal to you specifically. Using technologies included but not limited to those listed above and by sharing data with our partners, clients, and third parties, we may gather, storehouse, and partake information regarding the general habit of our sites and services. For model, in order to monitor our business and keep our investors, partners, and third parties informed, we may collect and plowshare sum information such as average or periodic impressions, advertising statistics, etc. The non-personal data we collect may be gathered directly or combined with non-personal information from other websites or outside parties. Non-personal information may besides be gathered by cookies and early web technologies .

Information Sharing Practices

A. Why We Gather Information

There are a variety show of reasons that we may collect data, both personal and non-personal. information may be gathered to analyze our clientele, identify you, verify your transactions, customize your feel on the site, for marketing purposes, etc. information you provide us may be sent to servers around Canada and around the world. We may besides store your information for future use. Most data is used to facilitate your purchasing experience on MyZone Tickets. This may include fraud protection and identity confirmation, pitch of your tickets ( or other products and services you are obtaining from MyZone Tickets ), and support for your customer or customer score or transactions. With your consent, we may contact you by telephone, electronic mail, postal mail, and other mobile devices to offer support or to advertise on our own behalf or that of partner businesses and third parties. We may besides use your information to analyze your habit of our web site, products, services, content and sol on. This is to help us customize your experience, develop contentedness, and offer you extra products or services. additionally, your personal and fiscal information may be necessity to process refunds, credits, fight imposter and chargebacks . 

B. Sharing Your information

Your information may be shared with our business partners and refer companies. This may include advertisers, spouse businesses, and third base parties who provide services for our locate. Third party service providers may be used by MyZone Tickets to fulfill orders and process payments. Shipping carriers and selling parties may besides receive your data. While using MyZone Tickets, you may click through to outside websites operated by third parties. Clicking on an ad, for model, may take you to a different web site. Our privacy policy does not apply to any one-third party web site, and their collection, sharing, and use of your personal information is subject to their own privacy practices. It is knowing to look for privacy policies on any third party web site you navigate. Third party websites that can be navigated to from our site may plowshare data with us that they collect independently. Your information may besides be shared with consequence promoters and staff, including artists and their management, venues, and thus on. MyZone Tickets does not plan or produce events, and promoters of events for which you have purchased tickets may use your information to contact you, analyze their commercial enterprise practices, etc. We may besides share your information in answer to any legal action that MyZone Tickets or any of our collaborator businesses/third parties may be engaged in. This includes a reaction to a subpoena, guarantee, court order, legal action or a request for cooperation from government or law enforcement, or for our own fraud security. We may besides disclose information in the consequence of a large corporate transaction, such as a fusion, sale, or bankruptcy involving MyZone Tickets .

C. Sharing Information with Event Organizers

MyZone Tickets is a 3rd party ticket seller. By agreeing to share your information with Event Organizers at the fourth dimension of buy, your information may be shared with the Event Organizer you purchased tickets from for market purposes or data about future events. If at anytime you wish to be removed from the Event Organizer ‘s mailing list please contact them immediately or unsubscribe from their list within their electronic mail if applicable. To change your communication preferences on MyZone Tickets please touch ticketingsupport @ and a customer support example will assist you with the march .

Protecting Your Information

We have both electronic and personnel security measures in identify to ensure that your information is protected, and to prevent deceitful consumption of your information. Personnel access to your information is limited, and the appropriate information memory security system measures as required by law have been implemented. All sensitive information gathered on the locate is protected with SSL encoding. MyZone Tickets is overt to the public and does not monitor the age of users. In collecting personal information, we do not intentionally gather information from children under the long time of 13 .

Your Options

By visiting MyZone Tickets or related websites, you are acknowledging and consenting to our information collection, repositing, and sharing practices detailed in this privacy policy. You may elect not to provide data when prompted, but doing thus may affect the functionality of certain functions of the site/s. You may besides adjust the security settings on your browser to block cookies and early web technologies. This may besides impair certain functions and services we provide. If you have an explanation with us as a customer, client, or member of a social network, you may access, change or update your information by logging into your report or by contacting us through our help system at You may choose to close your bill by contacting us through the help system. however after closing the bill you may no longer have access to that history ’ south information, and we may retain information from the master report. We may retain this information for the accuracy of our recordkeeping, account, and to assist with fraud protection, tip collection, the enforcement of our terms and conditions, and any other legal action that may be permitted by law. You may opt out of our e-mail newsletters by clicking the “ Unsubscribe ” button at the bottom of the newsletter. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy instruction and early places we deem appropriate so that you are mindful of what data we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by electronic mail, or by means of a notification on our home page.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, please reach 

Terms of buy

MyZone Tickets is a third base party ticketing servicing. We do not operate these events and can not control unanticipated circumstances which may occur at an consequence. Please read the follow terms and conditions carefully as this is a binding narrow between yourself and MyZone Tickets. By marking the Terms of Purchase agreement and by completing your transaction you are agreeing to the terms of leverage. Please contact the producer of the event for their own terms of buy and refund policies .     

1 ( A ). refund policy

All sales are final. There are no refunds, no cancellations, no credits, no exchanges, and no transfers after the order has been made. unanticipated circumstances beyond MyZone Tickets control condition will not be grounds for a refund, including but not limited to the following : local or national weather conditions and natural disasters, waiting in lines, syndicate and medical emergencies . 
Promoters, Venue owners, Security and Event Staff have the right to refuse entrance to any tag holder, without a refund, for any cause at their discretion, including but not express to : disorderly behavior, drunkenness, venue capacity, breach of security restrictions. Ticket holders are aware that the Venue and Talent are subject to change. Ticket holders are aware that amenities promised by promoters are not guaranteed by MyZone Tickets and are not grounds for a refund, including but not limited to VIP amenities, drink specials, gifts, express entrance, limited areas, celebrity guests . 

1 ( B ). policy for rescheduled or cancel events due to COVID-19

ascribable to the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, some events may be unexpectedly postponed or canceled due to circumstances beyond the see of MyZone Tickets, Event Staff, Promoters, Venue owners, and Security. Please review our update policies for delete Events ( 2. ) and Postponed Events ( 3. ) .

2. Canceled Events

If the consequence is canceled you will receive a refund for the font value of the slate ; overhaul, transport, and other fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If the service fee is not listed, it may be embedded into the price of the ticket. To inquire about the sum of an embed military service fee, please contact customer accompaniment by emailing ticketingsupport @ Tickets purchased at a retail wall socket must be refunded at the retail mercantile establishment.

3. Postponed Events

unanticipated circumstances, beyond the command of MyZone Tickets, Event Staff, Promoters and Venues, will not be grounds for a refund, including but not express to : local or national weather conditions and natural disasters, waiting in lines, class and medical emergencies. This besides includes delay due to the request of local anesthetic health authorities regarding COVID-19 .
If the event is postponed, your ticket will be honoured at a late date, to be determined by the event Staff. Customers will be contacted with instructions on how to update their tickets. Unless otherwise stated, there are no refunds for postpone events . 
If for any reason the postponed event does not proceed at the future date, customers will be notified of how to request a refund for the face value of the tag ; serve, embark, and early fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Tickets purchased at a retail exit or anywhere early than must be refunded at the original degree of leverage.

4. Customer Inquiries

All customer subscribe is handled by the MyZone Tickets online message system, in which case all customer accompaniment and refunds are handled by the event producer. Please contact customer support at ticketingsupport @ .

5. Will Call

Every effort is being made to remain 100 % contactless due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please request your tag electronically when possible . 
Will call tickets must be picked up at the venue unless differently noted. Tickets left at will call will not be refunded. Will call originate and end times are national to change and are not grounds for a refund. You must present the master credit card used to purchase the ticket, a valid picture ID, and your “ e-ticket ” acknowledge. If you are unable to pick up your order because you do not have the aforesaid items in your monomania at the time and station of pickup, you will not receive a refund for this leverage.

6. E-Ticket / Print @ Home Tickets

E-Ticket / Print @ Home Tickets must be presented at the event. Upon buy, you will be emailed a PDF of your tag ( mho ) with a alone QR code. You can present the PDF directly from your mobile device at the event or print the PDF and present the print slate at the event .


7. ship and Handling

The ship and handling tip is non-refundable. carry tickets require a touch upon delivery and can not be shipped to PO Box Addresses. All other ship methods do not require a signature. Allow approximately 5 business days for delivery. Tickets will be delivered to the placard savoir-faire of the credit wag. If you enter an undeliverable address or if the tickets are returned unclaimed you will not receive a refund. International ship is not available.

8. release of Liability

MyZone Tickets is not affiliated with the events or consequence sponsors and MyZone Tickets will not cover losses or damages arising from your voluntary engagement in the events, including claims for personal injury, or damage to personal place, or any early claims for negligence on the part of the events or event sponsors. By purchasing the tickets through MyZone Tickets, you hereby release and forever dismissal MyZone Tickets, and its officers and agents, from any liability or claims for damages that may arise as a result of your attendance and participation at the events. It is hereby understand that the purchase of tickets by you and your engagement in the events shall not be construed as an assumption on the part of MyZone Tickets of province, liability, or master of the events.

9. publicity

You understand that by attending the event you may be photographed and/or recorded as separate of the consequence ’ s publicity materials and/or by a recognized media wall socket. You grant permission for your likeness and/or voice to be included therein without compensation, citation or consideration, in any publicity materials .

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