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The Sasha Group is a digital marketing agency, consulting company, and educational training firm (creating content & media strategies for social media advertising) for small-medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. I spent all of my 20s focused on one thing : Giving back to my parents for giving so a lot to me. My parents “ put me on ” emotionally. They instilled enormous self-esteem in me. It ’ s no motion the reason why I ’ m able to deal with the coerce, try, duty, and chaos that comes with being a “ # 1″ at a big company.

so I spent a ten helping my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk, on growing our family ’ sulfur liquor storehouse to a $ 60 million clientele. I wanted to put my family on for putting me on. On that note… I ’ m so gallant and excited to announce our newest VaynerX ship’s company that comes from those same roots : The Sasha Group. The Sasha Group is an agency focused on helping small-medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups grow even faster. VaynerMedia has been getting so many inquiries and requests from smaller companies asking to work with us, and we ’ ve constantly turned them down. We ’ ve historically lone worked with Fortune 1000 clients. But now… we ’ ve taken a contribution of VaynerMentors, VaynerBeta, Vayner4Ds, and a big separate of our Chattanooga position to form what I believe will be the best firm offering education, trail, confer, and selling services for inauguration & SMBs in the earth .

How The Sasha Group is Different from other Digital Marketing Agencies

If you ’ re an entrepreneur running a belittled business, the entire Sasha Group team has been in your shoes before.

We ’ ve been helping smaller scale entrepreneurs grow for years. We have team members who helped a furniture company grow sales through brand, a smasher caller add another $ 100,000 / calendar month in gross, a supplement company unlock actual growth and scalability in occupation, and more. When I was building Wine Library ( my family business ), I was able to grow the business to $ 60 million in tax income laughably firm on the back of Google AdWords. I bought broad keywords like “ wine ” for pennies per click. today, Facebook and Instagram ads are where Google AdWords used to be in the early days. They ’ ra “ dump attention. ” And the fastest growing companies in the global today are companies that take advantage of dump attention the most. count at Wish, a denounce app started by engineers who worked at Google on the AdWords product. They ’ rhenium doing billions of dollars in sales, and they ’ re the entirely conceivable threat to Amazon today. They spent about 100 % of their money on Facebook and Instagram advertise. We see this with companies like MVMT Watches, FashionNova, and more — no matter what niche you ’ re in, using sociable media to drive sales and build up brand is something that will change your clientele in 2019 and beyond.

With the Sasha Group, you ’ ll be partnering with a team of people of understand what it takes to “ future proof ” your business and unlock explosive growth. Fill out the form on this web site to learn more .

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