vs. segment a quick comparison

Marketing data integration tools compared: vs. segment

here we are taking a quick look on the customer data integration tools volt section

Both of them are quite widely used by marketers. But in a bit different setups and actually besides regions. We run into both of them at our clients, possibly sofar more as most of our clients are in Europe and Asia. But recently more and more besides . is the Stockholm based inauguration and is quite popular in Scandinavia and Europe. They just recently got fund to expand into US yoke. connects to your existing data platforms and transports data from one place to another. One distinctive consumption character is if you have different commercialize channels like Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, some Display and content campaigns running on outbrain and taboola, possibly besides criteo. then you can well use to connect to these different platforms to pull the datum into a database and visualize it in google data-studio as an model. besides has a data-mapper so you can edit the tags and matchings reasonably .


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Segment works a small spot differently as its more an API chopine. section does not indeed much associate into your existing analytics tools and pull the data from them. rather Segment is built on collecting data itself so it receives events itself and can easily be integrated into an existing application. segment caters a short moment more for the technical drug user as it requires setting up the event mail. But it besides provides more possibilities and flexibility to integrate into customs setups, applications and exploiter flows .


If you already are collecting data in multiple systems and you would good like to transport data from one place to another then is the best for you. typical practice cases are reporting and analyzing. On the early hand if you have a moment more technical resources at your hand and you want to start collecting custom event data then segment might be a better choice. segment might besides work well for you if want to trigger actions in real-time. Of run if you are largely working optimising customer journeys and marketing spend then provides this better as you can get all market data together and besides do attribution model and getting budget recommendations flush down to keyword level. All of these solutions work truly well and have many happy customers. Which one is the right depends a fiddling spot on your position and goals.

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