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The british car manufacturer Land Rover targeted the premium compact SUV segment in the late 1980 ‘s and grab this segment after the insertion of a compact crossover SUV Land Rover Freelander in 1997. The beginning generation Land Rover Freelander came off with four-wheel drive and transversely mounted front locomotive. There were 5-door wagon, 3-door paperback book, hardbacked, and van-like versions. Unlike other larger Land Rover models, the Freelander had neither locking differential gear nor low-range gear choice. however, it was the first base Land Rover to have Hill Descent Control arrangement. The ABS and Traction Control system assisted in the off-road drive. The rivals of this vehicle were the smaller Ford Escape and Honda CR-V .
An promote and improved interpretation of the Land Rover Freelander was introduced in 2004. The vehicle received new department of the interior, plus there were some changes in outside parts including regenerate front and rear. The 3-door and 5-door models came in E, S, SE, Sport, and Sport Premium trims. The HSE trim was available merely in a 5-door version. The locomotive choices included 2.0L I4 diesel locomotive and 2.5L Rover V6 locomotive producing 175 horsepower. The criterion 5-speed Tiptronic automatic pistol transmittance was mated to the V6 locomotive. The hill descent restraint and the traction control condition were offered angstrom well. Taking into account the MG Rover engines product end, after 2005 the Land Rover discontinued the Freelander in the United States.

The british off-road fomite, marketed as Land Rover Freelander 2 in Europe, came completely new in the irregular generation that debuted at the british International Motor Show in 2006. And in 2007 it came back to the north american market under Land Rover LR2 name. wholly re-engineered, immediately the Land Rover Freelander is built on the Ford EUCD platform. Unlike the traditional sport utility vehicles based on body-on-frame construction, the modern Freelander has a uni-body structure. The office comes from a transversely mount 3.2L inline 6-cylinder engine producing 230 horsepower that is mated to a six-speed automatic transmittance. In decree to improve both on-road and off-road performance, the Freelander is equipped with the following advanced technologies : terrain reception system, gradient liberation control and a full-time healthy 4×4 arrangement.

One of the beginning in a long lineage of compress SUVs to make it across the ocean into North America, the Land Rover Freelander has been a pioneer example of the class that is now considered to be among the most popular. When it comes to off-road adventures that require entire attention, drivers want a smooth handle machine that handles the ride with efficiency and facilitate. That ‘s what has made the Freelander so limited. dynamite operation due to solid Land Rover parts coupled with antique english stylus make the Freelander an absolute automotive treasure. still a viable presence on the road to this day, drivers of the Land Rover Freelander tend to add on their own custom accessories and parts to further the bequest.

You no long have to bother searching for Land Rover Freelander Accessories and Parts of the highest quality : we have them all right here ! We stock our choice with nothing but the finest state Rover Freelander accessories and parts for you to choose from to throw some add lavishness onto your SUV. From inside consolation to exterior elegance, our line of Land Rover Freelander Accessories has what you need, including forest dart kits, spoilers, floor mats, grille guards, and more. The highest quality, the best value – why confidence anywhere else ?

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