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While more robust payroll software products like Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll sport modern user interfaces and a overplus of features, unblock payroll software is much more minimalist. For small-business owners who don ’ triiodothyronine mind a bit of manual data entry and who manage merely a handful of employees, though, it can be a valid option to racking up another monthly expense. A free payroll software product is exceeding if it ’ randomness equipped to calculate federal, state and local taxes, can handle benefits deductions, includes direct down payment, has an employee portal site and offers some imprint of customer service. other features to look out for include time tracking, a cloud-based platform, HR management and payroll tax filing. however, a exempt payroll software merchandise will rarely offer all of these features and will by and large look a tad outdated.

Payroll4Free: All-around best free payroll software


free for 25 or fewer employees. For $ 15 per month, Payroll4Free will file and deposit payroll taxes, adenine well as process year-end tax forms. business owners can pay another $ 15 per calendar month, if they ’ d like, to use Payroll4Free ’ s bank for lineal deposit .

Pros Cons
  • Calculates federal, express and local taxes .
  • Will file payroll taxes and process year-end tax forms for a monthly fee .
  • direct deposit .
  • Can set up benefits deductions .
  • Track disgusted time, vacation time and PTO .
  • Employee portal site provides access to paystubs, W-2s, vacation time and personal information .
  • Customer service available via earphone and electronic mail .
  • Better Business Bureau accredited caller with an A+ rat .
  • 25-employee cap .
  • Ads .
  • only works with Windows ; not cloud-based .

Feature overview

Compared to early free payroll software products, Payroll4Free ’ s tax filing options actually set it apart. For one, it protects a commercial enterprise from making mistakes that can prove dearly-won. It besides saves the commercial enterprise owner a great manage of time. According to the caller, the majority of its complimentary payroll software clients pay to enroll in the service. Though Payroll4Free doesn ’ thymine let employees clock in and out or record their hours within the system, the software can import employee hours from outside files. Despite its features, the product international relations and security network ’ t a well suit for business owners who are antipathetic to Windows or have more than 25 employees.

TimeTrex: Best time tracking and scheduling features


Open-source Community Edition is free. Quote-based plans that include a mobile app, facial recognition capabilities, job cost, applicant trailing and more are besides available .

Pros Cons
  • Calculates federal, state and local taxes .
  • Calculates direct deposition .
  • Can set up benefits deductions .
  • track employees ’ hours, attendance, overtime and vacation prison term .
  • Employee portal site provides access to sick day and vacation time accruals, vitamin a well as pay stub .
  • automatic schedule capability .
  • HR management .
  • No cap on the issue of employees .
  • Cloud-based .
  • Does not file payroll taxes .
  • Does not file direct down payment .
  • Customer servicing limited to support forum .

Feature overview

Compared to Payroll4Free, TimeTrex ’ s residential district version payroll software offers more time-tracking, schedule and HR features, and it ‘s cloud-based. On the downside, it falls short on tax file. While it will generate tax reports, commercial enterprise owners should be comfortable filing their own payroll taxes. Likewise, TimeTrex will calculate and prepare your mastermind deposit, but it ‘s up to the business to remit the file to the deposit. The software besides works aboard other popular payroll software products in case you ’ d only like to use it for, say, time-tracking. Best multilingual capabilities


absolve .

Pros Cons
  • Time tracking features let employees clock in, clock out and record their locations .
  • Employee portal provides access to time-off requests, PTO balances, personal information and discussion forums.
  • Expense claim management .
  • Multi-user HR management system .
  • Cloud-based .
  • No cap on the number of employees .
  • Supports 65 languages in accession to English .
  • No calculate lodge .
  • No consecrated customer subscribe aside from the forum .
  • Ads .
  • Does not calculate or file payroll taxes .

Feature overview earns a spot on this list for its multilingual capabilities and HR features. In addition to letting employers track their mobile work force by collecting geolocation data, the platform lets them assign employees different levels of access to the employer history. This is particularly utilitarian for businesses that have an HR staff or administrators. Employers can besides set up claim approval workflows to ensure documents get sent to the right person the first gear time around. The intersection ‘s biggest drawback is its miss of tax calculation and charge services. If the business owner doesn ’ thymine have anterior have account and charge payroll taxes on their own, this is not the right intersection for them.

eSmart Paycheck: Best payroll calculator


free .

Pros Cons
  • Calculate federal and state payroll taxes .
  • Generate payroll tax forms .
  • option to e-file taxes for a fee .
  • print paychecks .
  • limited functionality .
  • May require more manual of arms data entrance than the alternatives .

Feature overview

The on-line payroll calculator eSmart Paycheck lets you create paychecks, print them and calculate federal and express payroll taxes. Generating tax forms, like W-2s, is barren and users can pay a tip to file them through a service called eSmart Payroll. The site says private information is not saved, which may require more manual data entry from one payroll menstruation to the future. This cock can be used on its own or paired with another free payroll software. It ’ s particularly utilitarian if your stream payroll software doesn ’ metric ton mechanically calculate taxes.

Best free payroll software trials

Before paying for a subscription, you can try the follow payroll software products for absolve :

  • gusto : This especial payroll and HR platform does n’t require you to pay anything until you ‘re cook to run payroll. For more information, read NerdWallet ‘s follow-up of Gusto .
  • Patriot Payroll : The company, which besides sells accounting software, gives clients unrestricted access to its payroll platform for 30 days. For more information, read NerdWallet ‘s review of Patriot Payroll .
  • OnPay : With one nucleotide tip alternatively of multiple plans, this choice skips confusing pricing structures. You can try it exempt of tear for 30 days. For more data, read NerdWallet ‘s revue of OnPay .
  • Wave Payroll : Known for its free account software, this platform besides has foundation fees rather of multiple plans. Clients can try its payroll software for free for 30 days. For more information, read NerdWallet ‘s recapitulation of Wave Payroll .
  • QuickBooks Payroll : commercial enterprise owners interest in this product have to choose between a free 30-day trial or saving 50 % for three months. For more information, read NerdWallet ‘s review of QuickBooks Payroll .

How to choose payroll software

Before deciding whether to pay for payroll software, business owners should consider the complexity of their state ’ south tax laws, whether or not they plan on scaling up their company, their count of employees and how much prison term they ’ rhenium will to dedicate to administrative tasks. equitable as importantly, it ‘s best to avoid labeling unblock payroll software as a irregular solution ; switching from one software to another is a pain and often time-consuming. If spare payroll software won ’ triiodothyronine cut it as the business grows, the business will likely be better off picking a intersection that can accommodate growth and has automation options. business owners can typically make up for a lack of time tracking or expense claim management features by working with an outside app that might do the job even better. The same can ’ metric ton be said for payroll taxes. overall, there are features that are surely decent to have and features that are full of life for most business owners.

Most important features

  • Tax calculation and preferably tax filing options .
  • ability to calculate benefits deductions .
  • send depository .

Extra features

  • Time track .
  • HR management features .
  • Expense claim features.

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  • Cloud-based system .
  • Employee portal site .
  • Customer support via telephone .
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