Soft Play – Ottawa Ontario – Flying Squirrel

1. Flying Squirrel Socks or early Park Socks Allowed. Shoes, sneakers, and sandals are allowed on the pink and black floor. All other padded flooring areas, socks are required. If you forget socks, we have socks you can purchase. Pantyhose & baby booties are not acceptable as socks ; please bring merely Flying Squirrel or early Recreational Park Socks.

2. Parents you are responsible for your children at all times. No exceptions and regardless to the fact that Flying Squirrel has staff monitoring the playground and ropes path.

3. All parents and children participating must sign a indebtedness release before entry to the resort area and ropes path.

4. Children 12 years of old age or younger merely. Toddlers 1-3 years of old age must use the Toddler Only Zone. If you have any older children attending your group they WILL be permitted into the facility HOWEVER they will be treated as an adult in the resort area and ropes area.

5. If your child has a specific allergy to certain materials or food please let a staff member know before entry. If they have a particular checkup condition again please let a staff member know before submission. Your child ‘s safety is our # 1 priority. You understand as a patron you and your child record at your own risk. Flying Squirrel can not control what another child brings into our facility that your child may be allergic to.

6. Adults are not allowed to enter the playground and ropes course sphere without a child or entirely under the mastermind supervision of a Flying Squirrel staff member. Adults without children are not allowed to take pictures.

7. In the toddler play area, parents are required to accompany their toddler children in the free rein area at all times. Parents are required to wear Flying Squirrel Socks or other recreational park socks. A parent watchband is required to be in the toddler play area.

8. Items like jewelry, watches and free dress should be removed from every adult and child prior to entering in the looseness area. Remember we do n’t want anything getting caught, damaged or broken.

9. Please understand Flying Squirrel is NOT responsible for any lose, damaged or disregarded items.

10. Any crude, approximate play or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated by any child or adult. In the event a child or adult violates this policy they will be asked to leave, with NO refund. Using inappropriate language will result in your removal adenine well. Patrons are required to follow the requests of Flying Squirrel staff members immediately and at all times.

11. If you booked an Urban Playground birthday party at Flying Squirrel and have relatives and guests with older children – these rules distillery apply. Any guests of your birthday party that do not abide by these rules will be immediately removed from the facility. The safety of our children/guests is our number one concern.

12. We besides have a toddler zone that is for children 3 years of long time or less.



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