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Create Facebook Ads – Image, Title and Ad Text

When you create an ad on Facebook, which are the most important features ? here we go through the three elements an ad consists of – double, title and body textbook – and provide a best rehearse for Facebook ad universe .

Image – What’s Most Important

When you talk to advertisers about what ’ s most important when creating Facebook ads everybody says the lapp thing. The effigy is what make or break an ad. It ’ s what draws the eye to the ad, and without a great attention grabber, you will have a hard time attracting clicks .
so when you create and design ads for Facebook, make sure you put campaign into choosing images. This will have a huge impact on the end leave. In many cases it decides whether or not the ad become successful at all .

Facebook Ad Images – Size and Color

First of all there are some technical specifications you need to have in mind.

The utmost size for images changes depending on the ad type you ‘re creating .
You can find these sizes by visiting Facebook ‘s ad template
We can say whatever we want about these rules, but if we don ’ thyroxine follow them and choose an effigy that doesn ’ thymine follow these standards, the software will resize the double and chances are it will come out strange .
besides, if you have text in the prototype, make certain it ’ mho clear in the minor format .

Stay Away from Blue and White

One thing you have to take into consideration when you create Facebook ads is the colors of the prototype. This is true whatever type of ad you ’ re make and whatever merchandise you ’ ra advertise .
Since everything on Facebook is white and blue, an ad with a white and blue image is a catastrophe. It will just blend into the background. alternatively you should go for colors that stand out – bright red and green have proven to be good care grabbers .
If you want to use your caller ’ s logo in the ad, and it ’ s white and blue, consider putting a border around it or change the colors. If you ’ re not allowed to change the design of the logo, you probably have to use another image, unfortunately .
When designing Facebook ads, the colors are equitable excessively significant .

What’s a Good Facebook Ad Image?

What picture you should choose depends a set on what you are advertising – what your product is and what your intentions are .
There are, however, some park images used when creating ads. These have different characteristics .
Logos: For a long-familiar brand a logo can work very well. If Facebook users see son from, say, Apple, Coca Cola or Nike in the ad field they instantaneously understand what the ad is about and their care is drawn there automatically .
If the logo doesn ’ t say anything to the drug user, on the early hand, people won ’ metric ton snap. Why should they when they don ’ thymine know what the ad is about ?
It doesn ’ t count how well designed the logo is when it doesn ’ t contain any information. so for most advertisers the logo is not the best choice .
People: When you log on to your Facebook page and expression at the ads, you ’ ll see that a majority of them have pictures of people. The reason is childlike. Pictures of people give your ad “ personality, ” which attracts clicks .

A bunch of advertisers say that you should use images of women when ad for men and frailty versa, but it ’ s not that childlike. Again, think about what you ’ ra advertising – your product – and what signals you want to send. It might work with a beamish, attractive charwoman but a serious old man could besides win over the visitor if it represents your brand .
When you create Facebook ads, besides try to stay aside from besides generic, broth photograph people. They look talk through one’s hat and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate attract as much attention as “ very ” people .
Think about it, Facebook is a social network where you connect with friends. A stock-photo character looks nothing like your friends, right ?
Products: If you ’ rhenium ad to sell one specific item, say, mobile phones. normally a photograph of the earphone works good.

Of course, you might get more clicks with another prototype, something more spectacular, but the number of clicks is not all you should measure. If your goal is to convert the people clicking and actually sell phones, the choice of the clicks on the ad is broadly higher if visitors click for the right reasons .

Create a Capturing Ad Title

The second most important divisor you have to consider when you try to create effective Facebook ads is the championship .
With 25 characters you have to explain why people should click on your ad and possibly more importantly, why they should follow your education when they reach their destination whether it ’ s liking your sports fan page or making a purchase in your network shop .
But how do you create a good Facebook style ?

Create a Clear Call to Action

The best ads are much clickable even without the soundbox textbook. The trope and the claim should together explain what the ad is about and give the visitor a reason to click through .
consequently you should try to include your offer in the entitle. Make it a clear call to legal action .
Do you run a 70 % sale, write that ; do you sell phones for $ 20, write that ; do you offer free downloads for your world wide web application, write that .

Using Brand Name in the Title

If you look at Facebook ’ s own guidelines for ad, they suggest you should use your company name in the deed – particularly if your goal is stigmatize recognition .
But just as an unrecognized logo doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate add any real number value to your ad, a brand name that very few know about doesn ’ t make it stand out .
again, if your brand is impregnable, take advantage of that. If not, try another message .
finally, make sure you capitalize correctly. Don ’ t have all letters in upper or lower case, it merely means you either scream or whisper. Follow these guidelines and you ’ ll get it right .

Facebook Ad Body Text

We won ’ t say that the torso text is not authoritative. In some cases you need the 90-character objet d’art of text to explain why a Facebook exploiter should click your ad. Use that space wisely and try to include any lend value of your intersection .
This could besides be the place where you give an insertion of who you are, what the brand name is, where you ’ re located and so on .
however, if you don ’ t feel you don ’ t have to use all 90 characters to get your message through, then don ’ thymine. Some advertisers constantly try to fill the field but if your fib is perfect after 60, period there .

Be Informative, Don’t Brag or Lie

One matter Facebook says in their ad guidelines is to “ keep it bare ” and this actually applies to the body textbook of an ad .
Be enlightening, explain what ’ s good about your product and why people should click and don ’ thymine write empty phrases about you being “ world leaders ” and “ a great company. ” The world wide web community is getting immune to these clichés – particularly when we hear them from the company itself .
You should besides stick to the truth, which is true in every separate of the ad. You might get a set of clicks if you bend the accuracy a little, but you ’ ll have a hard time turning clicks into likes or sales when the landing page can ’ triiodothyronine live up to the visitors ’ expectations.

All in all, explain the benefits of your products, tell your unique selling compass point, don ’ t brag and try not to sound like everybody else .
And if you can incorporate some emotion in your ad, you might be creating a winner .

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