How Do I Add A Logo To Facebook?

so you have your finished logo and you ’ re ready to promote it both on-line and offline. One of the best ways to promote your trade name ’ second logo is on social media channels .

Having a social media channel is one of the most cost-efficient and slowly ways to reach your target audience. however, if you don ’ t have your logo or brand name displayed on your social media channels, it can be challenging for your audience to recognize your occupation. If you are new to sociable media ( or presently don ’ t have any social media set up for your occupation ) our logo design caller highly recommends starting with a Facebook Business account. The social media giant presently has over 2.23 billion monthly active users and is presently the largest social network in the universe .

once you have set up your Facebook Business account, one of the first things you should do is add a logo to Facebook .

Adding A Business Logo To Facebook

Before we delve into the steps of adding the logo to your Facebook foliate, it ’ sulfur important to keep in mind the following information :

  • Use a square-shaped image that is no less than 170×170 pixels ( ideal would be 180×180 pixels ). An image of this size will display perfectly on both cellphones and desktops .
  • If your logo has a diaphanous background, Facebook will automatically default your profile picture ’ south background to the color white. This may be debatable for those who have a blank or light business motto or aspect of their logo .
  • Your effigy file must be smaller than 15 MB. If your image file size is larger than this, try saving it in a different file format or compressing the existing image. Keep in judgment that if you compress an image, you may notice a change in persona timbre .
  • Ensure your image is saved as a PNG or JPG charge, though it is recommended that profile pictures which include a logo be in PNG format for clarity. If you create a logo using Free Logo Services, your logo will be available in both formats, a well as GIF and EPS/vector files. Facebook besides accepts BMP, TIFF and PDF files .
  • Facebook will mechanically crop your Business Page ’ south profile movie into a circle for both ads and posts. ascribable to this slender revision, it ’ south authoritative to make certain that your logo has negative space around its margin. Your profile movie will remain square in other instances.

Steps To Add Your Logo To Facebook

  1. On your Facebook business page, hover over the camera icon which can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of the square box on the clear of the foliate. The words “ Change Picture ” will appear on brood .
  2. After clicking the television camera picture, the options “ Choose From Photos ”, “ Take Photo ”, “ Upload Photo ”, and “ Remove ” will appear. If you already have your logo uploaded on Facebook, then select “ Choose From Photos. ” The “ Take Photo ” option is more for mobile users who want to take a visualize of themselves and use it as a profile picture. The “ Remove ” option deletes the current profile effigy ( if applicable ) .
  3. In this example, we will assume you do not yet have your logo uploaded elsewhere on your page. Select “ Upload Photo ” and you will be directed to your calculator ’ south saved image files .
  4. Select your PNG or JPG logo from your pictures folder ( you may besides have saved your fresh logo to your desktop or downloads booklet ) .
  5. After double clicking the logo from your file, you will arrive at the “ Create Profile Picture ” window on Facebook. here you can adjust your profile photograph as you see fit. You can drag it into a hope place or soar in or out. Be certain to hit “ Save ” once you have finished editing your profile picture. alternately, if you like the way your logo sits within the preview square, merely choice “ Skip Cropping ” and your logo will display as your visibility mental picture as is .

After Facebook upload your fresh visibility picture, be sure to check that it looks the manner you want it to on both background and fluid devices. If you are unsated with its appearance, just blue-ribbon “ Remove ” ( see Step 2 ) and start over .

Importance of Adding a Logo to Social Media

aside from brand awareness, adding your commercial enterprise logo to your social media channels can help customers well identify your trade name from your diligence competitors. business owners who choose their logo as a profile visualize across all channels besides come off as more professional and organized. last, adding a logo to all channels ensures sword authenticity and consistency. If you are in the process of rebranding, make sure your new logo is rolled out across all social media platforms on the lapp day to avoid stigmatize confusion .

Our logo design march makes it easily for business owners to acquire the necessity file sizes and charge types for social media channels. With our release logo design software, you can besides edit your logo ’ second textbook or prototype color deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the background color to ensure it works for Facebook and other social media platforms .

Make a logo design for your social media channels in minutes !

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