“Fat Trophy Wife” Claims She Was Kicked Off Alaska Airlines For Wearing Crop Top… – Live and Let’s Fly

A woman who proudly calls herself “ Fat Trophy Wife ” claims she was harassed by an Alaska Airlines flight attendant over her option to wear a craw top before being thrown off the flight, tied after she covered up her middle .

“Fat Trophy Wife” Thrown Off Alaska Airlines Flight For Wearing Crop Top

She was traveling to Fairbanks and chose to wear what appeared to be bicycling shorts and a crop circus tent on the flight. Her “ individual parts ” were in full covered. She claims that escape attendants approached her multiple times and berated her for her choice of wardrobe. furthermore, she claims that when asked to cover up her exposed diaphragm, she pulled down her shirt immediately .
however, she was removed from the flight by police, so I have to imagine that things got tense onboard.

In a video posted on TikTok, she is seen being escorted off the flight and by and by sitting down with police officers to discuss what happened .

She whines that she is being detained, despite very intelligibly being told by the policeman that she is there on a voluntary basis and they just trying to help mediate.

“ I was harassed about my outfit…They asked me to put my shirt on, I put my shirt back on, and then they approached me again, saying that I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tire this, my digest is showing and it ’ south inappropriate. And I said ‘ I ’ thousand covered up, I ’ thousand fine. ‘ ”

Before we say that Alaska Airlines targets passengers of size, it ’ sulfur worth noting that a tight-fitting girl was besides shamed by a flight attendant on Alaska Airlines over a snip top just one calendar month ago. While she complied and wasn ’ metric ton thrown murder, the two incidents unfolded in a very exchangeable fashion .
personally, I don ’ triiodothyronine want to see anyone ’ s stomach when I ’ meter on an airplane. In this sheath, the identical diagnose “ Fat Trophy Wife ” and the way she chooses to dress is all about bringing attention to her. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find that empowering, but pathetic. At the lapp time, I respect her assurance and I don ’ thyroxine find her wardrobe choice offense enough to remove her .
Alaska Airlines apologized to the scraggy female child a calendar month ago…we ’ ll see if they apologize hera .


sometimes I wonder if people like this lack to be thrown off a flight for the attention it will bring. In any case, I ’ thousand not convert she was fat-shamed a much as Alaska Airlines seems uncomfortable with crop tops no matter the passenger size.

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