5 “Best” WordPress Hosting UK Options Compared for 2022

🇬🇧 Best WordPress hosting UK

hera are the hosts that we ’ ve decided to feature in this comparison of the best WordPress host options in the united kingdom :
The number is inadequate, that ’ s correct, but that ’ sulfur for a good reason. We ’ ve alone decided to feature the companies that check out on the items mentioned in the list above – the things to look for in a WordPress host for the UK grocery store .
besides, we ’ ve taken into report the results of the survey we did. In it, we asked our users about who was hosting their sites and how happy they were with the overhaul. We ’ ve filtered out the results of that view to focus only on UK-based users. The companies featured here came up more than once in that review .

  • From: £2.13 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.1

Bluehost is the anchor of the WordPress hosting market and another company that is officially recommended by WordPress.org .
Though they did have some rocky periods in the past, they ’ ve made huge improvements over the last match of years, and are now offering one of the easiest to use interfaces out there in the WordPress hosting market overall .
Each WordPress host design comes with WordPress preinstalled, automatic pistol updates, a free domain identify for the beginning year, 24/7 accompaniment ( via telephone and chew the fat ), and even staging ( for WordPress development ). Bluehost besides has a datum center in London .
👉 Go to Bluehost

  • From: £5.99 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: 10,000 visits monthly
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: not included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.9

SiteGround is a company that has taken the WordPress hosting market by the storm from the UK to Canada and Singapore. They ’ re the no.1 usual distrust on every WordPress hosting rate, and for a couple of very beneficial reasons :
inaugural, they ’ re one of merely three hosting firms recommended by WordPress.org. Second, they get very estimable ratings from users and offer great performance. They besides give you 24/7 support via telephone, chat, and on-line tickets .
During setup, you get to select your waiter placement to be in London, which is credibly the best choice for UK-based websites .
The only downside is that SiteGround doesn ’ t include a newfangled domain name unblock of accusation. If you want to register a .co.uk sphere during apparatus, that ’ second going to be £14.95 / year .
👉 Go to SiteGround

  • From: £5.49 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 5
  • Domain name: 2 free domain names included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.3

123 Reg is the most popular knowledge domain name registrar ( more than 3.5 million domains registered ) and web host in the UK ( over 1 million UK websites hosted ). Established in the class 2000, the company has been making its mark and expanding their infrastructure constantly – now boasting about their latest hardware with cargo balance and a “ rock ‘n’ roll solid ” network .
When it comes to their WordPress offer, we have to admit that parts of it are in truth impressive. Chiefly, the fact that you can host up to five websites and get not one but two free knowledge domain names for the first year !
The support options are besides good – you get faq to answer most of your questions, a UK-based earphone number you can call 24/7, plus an on-line ticket organization. naturally, being the chief host in the UK, 123 Reg has data centers in the country .
👉 Go to 123 Reg

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You may also be interested in:

  • From: £1 / month *
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.8

*This is a promo price. As function of the put up, you get £1 / missouri. for the first base six months and then £8 / molybdenum. after that .
1 & 1 IONOS is another very popular host in the UK, and it ’ s not hard to see why. Being able to pay angstrom low as £1 / molybdenum. for the first six months plus a rid domain name is something not seen anywhere else ! This gives you more than enough time to test out your web site idea in the wild .
besides, this is said to be a do WordPress host plan, which means that you don ’ t have to perturb yourself with any of the technical setup. With 1 & 1 being a UK company, you get a datum center in the UK deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. As for the customer support options, you get on-line support, a help oneself center, and a UK-based phone number to call .
additionally, the interface is besides very user-friendly and makes configuring everything truly slowly. For exemplify, there ’ s a WordPress adjunct that guides you through everything footprint by step. It asks about the function of your locate and suggests some themes and plugins that could be beneficial .
👉 Go to 1&1 IONOS

  • From: £2.97 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: 25,000 visits monthly
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: no
  • UK survey user rating: 3.8

GoDaddy is the truthful giant of the hosting market – not just for WordPress, but overall ! While the company hasn ’ triiodothyronine always had the best press over the years, they ’ ve been engaging with WordPress users quite heavily recently – with a strong presence at WordPress conferences and in the community .
Their new hosting platform was built specifically for WordPress with the goal to optimize for travel rapidly, dependability, and security system. The only downside is that GoDaddy presently doesn ’ t have a data center in the UK. The nearest one is in Amsterdam, Netherlands .
There ’ mho besides 24/7 support and call documentation with a UK number – and they tend to be truly helpful ( tested ). besides, they have top-of-the-line tools for backing up and restoring your site in sheath of trouble ( besides tested ) .
👉 Go to GoDaddy

🧐 What to look for when thinking best WordPress hosting UK?

There ’ s a handful of things you have to keep in take care when picking a WordPress host for a web site serve UK readers :

🌐 Not all hosts are viable
The sole fact that your audience is in the UK means that you should find a quality server / data center that’s also in the UK. Simple!
And yes, while you can always help yourself to some quality CDN, it’ll only take you so far. CDNs are great if you want to serve diverse audiences across the globe or the continent, but if you want to serve an audience in a single country, you’re still (usually) going to be better off with a host that has servers in that country. Location, location, location!
💰 UK pricing
I’m going to assume you’re building the site for a business purpose. Therefore, two likely scenarios:
(a) If your business is based outside of the UK, ignore this point. (b) If you’re based in the UK, it’s always better to be billed according to UK rules, laws and regulations.
It’s always going to be easier for you, tax-wise, if your hosting provider can issue you a local invoice, in local currency (GBP, in this case).
Granted, paying for hosting in a foreign currency is not game-ending, just a bump, but depending on your business legislation, it can be a significant one. Especially with Brexit out there looming in the dark.
Of course, the price itself is a factor as well. You probably don’t want to overpay for a host that you could get a lot cheaper in the US.
And, as much as I’d love to promote managed WordPress hosting solutions to you and say how superior those are, I know that most users want to pay ~£5 a month or less, and that’s okay.
⏰ Support in the local timezone
Timezone differences can sometimes be inconvenient. For instance, consider the following:
If you’re in the UK and your host is based in the US, this means that you might not be able to get support for the first half of your workday. If you’re with a host like Flywheel, for example – their phone support hours are 9 am – 6 pm EST, which is late afternoon in the UK, basically after working hours.
Ideally, you want phone and chat support, and you want to be able to contact that support during standard work hours.
👱 UK-based user reviews
Again, the issue of location. This time, this is about user reviews and ratings. Basically, the problem is that while a certain host might have good reviews overall, when you start looking into just the portion of the reviews coming from UK-based customers, you might discover a different story. Always look for local user reviews.
🚦 Bandwidth / traffic allowed
Many shared hosts will tell you that they’re not limiting your traffic / bandwidth in any way.
This is partly true. On the one hand, yes, as long as your usage is “normal,” you won’t experience any problems. But if some of your content goes viral or you get a spike in traffic for whatever reason, your site might still go down.
It’s therefore better to get specific estimates or limits from your host as to what volume of traffic your setup can handle.
Being able to receive 5,000-10,000 visitors in a month is a good starting point for new sites.
💯 Number of websites allowed
This seems simple, but it’s not actually something that people pay a lot of attention to when picking their WordPress host.
As you’re comparing your options in the WordPress hosting UK market, you’ll find out that some of the firms will allow you to have 2-5 sites, while others will allow only one site. All for roughly the same price.
Make sure you get what you need.
📛 Free domain name
Some hosts give you a domain name free of charge for the first year. This is a good bonus and a nice way to save £15.
🕶️ WordPress preinstalled
The cheapest shared hosts will give you access to cPanel and some script installers there. While it’s not particularly difficult to install WordPress through that, you might like a more user-friendly solution – a host that pre-installs WordPress for you, so that you just walk into a fresh, blank instance of WordPress.

Taking the above into report, let ’ s now get to the kernel 🍖 and potatoes 🥔. here ’ s a drumhead of what the WordPress hosting UK market has to offer :

🏆 Which of these top UK WordPress hosting options to choose?

As with most things, there ’ s no clear up achiever here. All these platforms have gathered a ample customer establish that ’ s glad with their services. We do realize that you might have your favorites good glancing over this tilt but that ’ s all right .
hera ’ s a shuttlecock ’ s eye opinion on the comparison between these top five WordPress hosts in the united kingdom :

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