7 Best Fast Business Loans for 2022

Matt has more than 10 years of fiscal experience and more than 20 years of journalism experience. He shares his expertness in Fit Small Business ’ finance and deposit contented. Fast business loans are short-run lend products from lenders and marketplaces that provide a quick on-line application process and fund in less than three days. We compared on-line lenders to compile the seven best fast business loans for 2022 :

  • Lendio: Best overall fast business loan website
  • Fundbox: Best for newer businesses
  • BlueVine: Best business line of credit
  • National Funding: Best for subprime credit borrowers
  • SBG Funding: Best for business owners with very low credit
  • Credibility Capital: Best for competitive interest rates
  • FundThrough: Best for invoice factoring
provider Funding Speed

Max Loan Amt Financing type april Minimum Credit Score
Lendio 24 hours $ 500,000 Varies Varies Varies
Fundbox 1 business day $ 150,000 Term loan or line of credit 10 % to 79 % 600
BlueVine same business day $ 250,000 Line of credit 15 % to 78 % 600
National Funding 24 hours $ 500,000 Term loan 10 % to 136 % 600
SBG Funding same business day LOC : $ 150,000 loan : $ 5 million Term loanword or course of credit 21 % and higher 500
Credibility Capital 1 clientele day $ 500,000 Term loanword 6.99 % to 25 % 650
FundThrough 24 hours Unlimited, based on invoice size Invoice factorization 15 % to 78 % 600

Lendio: Best Overall Fast Business Loan Website

Lendio logo.

application time 15 minutes
loan Amount Up to $ 500,000
refund Term astir to three years
refund schedule monthly
collateral Varies depending on loan type
personal guarantee Required
Funding rush 24 hours
Financing type Varies
Starting Interest rate 7.5 %
Estimated annual share rate Varies by lender
origin Fee Varies by lender
Minimum Credit Score Varies by lender
minimum Time in Business Varies, but normally at least six months
Minimum Annual Revenue Varies, but normally at least $ 50,000
PROS memorize
More than 75 lenders from which to choose Communication issues have been noted in reviews
Short application with fast funding Not sure who lender will be until after application is submitted

While While Lendio isn ’ t a lender itself, it ’ mho our top option for fast business loans because of its extensive lender network. With more than 75 lenders to choose from, not merely will you get funding quickly, but you can shop your lotion around for the best rates and terms. Visit the Lendio web site to get started. visit Lendio

Fundbox: Best for Newer Businesses

Fundbox logo.

application meter 10 minutes
lend Amount Up to $ 150,000
refund Term 12 or 24 weeks
refund schedule weekly
collateral Blanket Uniform Commercial Code ( UCC ) filing
personal guarantee Required
Funding accelerate One business day
Financing type Term loanword or line of credit
Starting Interest rate 4.66 %
Estimated APR 10 % to 79 %
origin Fee none
Minimum Credit Score 600
minimum Time in Business Six months
Minimum Annual Revenue $ 100,000
PROS victimize
Fast application process Interest rates can be high
Only have to be in business for six months Maximum repayment term 24 months

Fundbox is an excellent choice for condition loans or lines of recognition. It has a flimsy edge over BlueVine due to a lower interest rate and the lower minimum annual tax income required. It ’ s an excellent choice for newer businesses, with only six months in occupation required. Go to Fundbox ’ s web site to start the application action .

Visit Fundbox

BlueVine: Best Business Line of Credit

BlueVine Logo.

lotion time Two minutes
loanword Amount Up to $ 250,000
repayment Term Six or 12 months
repayment schedule weekly or monthly
collateral Blanket UCC file
personal undertake Required
Funding amphetamine same clientele day
Financing character Line of credit
Starting Interest rate 4.8 %
Estimated APR 15 % to 78 %
origin Fee none
Minimum Credit Score 600
minimum Time in Business

Six months
Minimum Annual Revenue $ 120,000
PROS victimize
Fast application process No longer offers invoice factoring product
Only need to be in business six months Minimum annual revenue is a little higher than others on this list

BlueVine is another great choice for fast commercial enterprise financing. Its argumentation of accredit merchandise is very good, with a depleted interest rate and short time-in-business requirement. You can connect your QuickBooks Online immediately with BlueVine to further speed up the application procedure. At barely 2 minutes, the application is the fastest on our list, with approvals within 5 minutes. Check out BlueVine ’ s web site to get the action started .
Visit BlueVine

National Funding: Best for Subprime Credit Borrowers

National Funding logo.

application time 30 minutes
lend Amount $ 5,000 to $ 500,000
repayment Term Four months to five years
repayment schedule daily, hebdomadally, and monthly
collateral not required
personal guarantee Required
Funding accelerate 24 hours
Financing type Term lend
Starting Interest rate 5 %
Estimated APR 10 % to 136 %
origin Fee 2 %
Minimum Credit Score 600
minimum Time in Business Six months
Minimum Annual Revenue $ 150,000
PROS convict
Fast application process APR can be high for lower-credit borrowers
Higher loan amounts available Higher minimum annual revenue required

For business owners with credit scores vitamin a low as 600 who want a fast business loan, National Funding is a solid choice. not merely can you get approved and funded promptly, but there are advantages to paying the lend off early. If you pay off a working capital loanword within the first 100 days, you ’ ll receive a 7 % rebate on the sum leftover balance. Visit National Funding ’ s web site to start the application serve .
Visit National Funding

SBG Funding: Best for Business Owners With Very Low Credit

SBG Funding logo

application meter 15 minutes
loanword Amount Line of credit rating up to $ 150,000 small occupation loan up to $ 5 million
refund Term Six months to five years
repayment agenda Varies
collateral Blanket UCC file
personal guarantee Required
Funding speed same business day
Financing type Term loan or line of credit
Starting Interest rate 21 %
Estimated APR 21 % and higher
initiation Fee Varies based on loan come
Minimum Credit Score 500
minimal Time in Business Six months
Minimum Annual Revenue $ 120,000
PROS convict
Very large loan amounts available Very high interest rates
Very low minimum credit score Origination fees can be very high

If a business owner has a credit score that ’ s excessively low to qualify for National Funding ’ mho lend offerings, SBG Funding is an ideal option. SBG Funding requires a accredit score of equitable 500, which is the lowest on this tilt. You can get a term lend or a argumentation of credit through SBG. Watch out for very high interest rates, which are to be expected from a lender that offers loans to first gear credit rating borrowers. The application takes less than 15 minutes, with fund on the same business day. Go to SBG Funding ’ s web site for more information .
Visit SBG Funding

Credibility Capital: Best for Competitive Interest Rates

Credibility Capital logo

application time Five minutes
loan Amount $ 50,000 to $ 500,000
repayment Term One to five years
refund schedule monthly
collateral Blanket UCC file
personal guarantee Required
Funding amphetamine One clientele day
Financing type Term loanword
Starting Interest rate 6.99 %
Estimated APR 6.99 % to 25 %
initiation Fee 4 % to 6 %
Minimum Credit Score 650
minimum Time in Business Two years
Minimum Annual Revenue $ 250,000
PROS memorize
Very fast application time Longer time in business required (2 years)
Lower starting interest rate Higher minimum annual revenue than competitors

Credibility Capital has some of the best sake rates on this number, with minimum rates starting at 6.99 %. however, it does have some of the highest qualifications on this number. You must have a credit score of at least 650, be in business for at least two years, and have a minimal annual gross of at least $ 250,000. If you have those qualifications, you can apply in less than 5 minutes, with fund in one business day. Go to Credibility Capital ’ s web site to apply .
Visit Credibility Capital

FundThrough: Best for Invoice Factoring

FundThrough Logo.

application time 30 minutes
utmost fund Unlimited, based on invoice size
deduction rate 0.25 % to 1.35 % weekly
Estimated APR 15 % to 78 %
boost rate up to 100 %, minus an upfront tip
Funding amphetamine Within 24 hours
Funding character Invoice factorization
Maintenance fee categoric tip upfront
Minimum recognition score 600
minimum time in commercial enterprise Six months
Minimum annual tax income $ 120,000
PROS bunco
Integration with Quickbooks makes application process easy Potentially high APR
Integration with Quickbooks makes application process easy Weekly repayment may be hard on cash flow

At the end of 2021, BlueVine turned over its invoice factorization commercial enterprise to FundThrough. FundThrough was already the top invoice factoring party, with two products. Its express factor program is well for invoices of $ 15,000 or less, while its speed program doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a stated utmost fund limit. As with BlueVine, you can connect your QuickBooks Online directly to FundThrough to speed up the application work with support within 24 hours. Check out FundThrough ’ s web site to start the application process .
Visit FundThrough

Types of Fast Business Loans

There are several types of fast business loans available from each of the lenders above. While they serve different purposes, the steps to getting each of them are alike.

The three types of fast clientele loans available include short-run business loans, business lines of credit, and bill factor :

  • Short-term business loan: You receive a lump sum of funding, repaid over a fixed period of time. This works best for financing equipment or renovations.
  • Business line of credit: This is a revolving credit line for ongoing (usually smaller) expenses. A line of credit helps with cash flow management.
  • Invoice factoring: This allows you to get paid for outstanding invoices and helps with cash flow while you wait for invoices to get settled.

How We Evaluated the Best Fast Business Loans

When comparing fast commercial enterprise loans, we made certain that all listed providers had fast application times and fund within three business days. We besides compared interest rates, terms, fees, and compulsory qualifications such as credit scores, annual tax income, and necessitate time in business .

Bottom Line

Businesses that need fast funding have many providers they can turn to for loans or lines of credit cursorily. We have listed the seven best providers that give clientele owners the focal ratio of application and fund they ’ ra looking for while besides giving them estimable interest rates and easy-to-meet qualifications. While Lendio was our overall best choice, any of the providers on our list can help your business have working capital quickly .

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