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fashion marketing campaigns tend to be creative, sometimes controversial, but always at the forefront of what ’ s aplomb .
Whether or not the clothes are wearable… well, that ’ s beside the detail. hera are a few of my favourites from over the past few years .

1. Jigsaw’s Love Immigration

There ’ second been a surge of socially conscious campaigns in late years, as consumers look to brands to do more than good sell. It ’ s a crafty balance to get right, as the likes of Pepsi showed with the failure of its Kendall Jenner ad .
The fashion global can be doubting when it comes to shouting about significant causes, particularly considering relating issues like the environment and sustainability. In 2017, however, Jigsaw decided to break the mildew, basing its print, social, and digital market campaign around the importance of immigration in fashion.

Called : ‘ Love Immigration ’, it was a bold and evocative celebration of diverseness within british fashion, and the values of openness, love, and collaboration that the trade name strives to uphold .
vitamin a well as winning praise from both consumers and other fashion brands, it was named as Marketing Week ’ s crusade of the year .
Jigsaw fashion marketing

2. Ted Baker’s Keeping up with the Bakers

Ted Baker has a history of innovative and inspire campaigns, including experiments with Instagram stories and a shoppable video directed by Guy Ritchie .
For its spring/ summer political campaign in 2017, Ted Baker pushed the boundaries even further with ‘ Keeping up with the Bakers ’ – an eight-part situation comedy that played out episodically over Instagram. Users were encouraged to come binding casual to partake in casual challenges which were released with each episode .
aboard this, it besides unveiled a 360 degree shoppable movie, which allowed users to browse the Baker ’ s home plate and buy items discovered there .
With Ted Baker traditionally taking on a different narrative for each travel by season, Keeping Up with the Bakers has surely become a standout, creating a in full immersive world for consumers to explore .

3. Nike’s Better for It

We ’ ra always writing about Nike on the blog, and with a second catalog that reflects its strong brand identity, there ’ s a good reason why .
2015 ’ s ‘ Better for It ’ campaign is one of the most memorable in holocene years .
Depicting the inner thoughts of women during sporting bodily process, it highlights the correlation coefficient between fun and self-esteem, and cleverly hints at how what we wear can besides have a bearing .
With a blithe but empowering tone, it succeeded in engaging female consumers .

How fashion and beauty brands can stand out on Instagram

4. Hermès’ House of Scarves

Hermès ’ microsite, La Maison des Carrés, was set up to showcase its democratic choice of scarves .
rather if just encouraging visitors to buy on-line, it aims to bring to life sentence the history and art of the brand .
With its beautiful design and superb attention to detail, it entices visitors to get lost in its universe of illustration .
While we have previously pointed out that Hermès ’ web site might come across as self-indulgent ( and consequently off-putting to consumers ), there ’ s no deny that this part stands out for its creative and master approach .

5. Inside Chanel

Alongside Chanel News, Inside Chanel is a microsite dedicated to telling the narrative of the trade name – a key part of its overarching market strategy .
Separated into 12 chapters, each detailing an significant share of the mark ’ sulfur history, it offers something of real respect for consumers .
Combining photography, digital sketches and video recording – it uses rich subject to bring the story to life sentence .
With 100 years of history, the in-depth and well-produced nature of the campaign besides reflects the choice of the sword.

6. H&M’s Close the Loop

We recently wrote about why women are talking about H & M ’ s latest political campaign, but its ‘ Close the Loop ’ ad is another exercise of the brand ’ s innovative marketing .
With the aim of promoting its mission to make manner more sustainable, it created one of the most divers ads of all time .
Featuring plus-size model Tess Holliday and Muslim model Mariah Idrissi the ad garnered a massively positive reaction for its celebration of different cultures in relation to fashion .
By creating a buzz around the political campaign, it ensured that its message of sustainability was heard .

7. NastyGal’s #GirlBoss

Nasty Gal has an ethos of self-empowerment and discovery, which is nicely weaved into all of its selling campaigns .
a well as being the entitle of founder Sophia Amoruso ’ s self-penned book, the hashtag # girlboss is besides the deed of the Nasty Gal ’ s separate content hub .
aboard long-form articles on fashion and general life style, it is besides the home of Girl Boss radio – a podcast where Sophia interviews respective women who have made their check .
A great exercise of a multi-channel political campaign, it reflects the core values of the brand while subtly promoting it .
( Read more on brands using podcasts. )

8. Swoon for Monsoon

A act of manner brands have released shoppable magazines, and while Net A Porter ’ s ‘ The Edit ’ is much cited as one of the best, Swoon for Monsoon proves that it ’ s not lone an approach reserved for high end brands .
Hosted on its chief web site, the crusade comprised of digital magazines that could be accessed on network, pill and mobile .
Including ocular elements such as GIF ’ mho and television, there were besides contributions from influencers to ramp up date and consumer interest .
A streamlined slit of shoppable capacity – it was besides a great exercise of how to integrate editorial elements into ecommerce .

9. #CastMeMarc

Using sociable media as the drive force for its Autumn/Winter campaign, Marc Jacobs took to Instagram to do a bit of model scouting .
For the prospect to be featured in his Autumn/Winter campaign, it asked followers to tag a photograph of themselves using the hashtag # castmemarc .
a well as creating awareness of the trade name, it was successful in giving consumers and fans of the brand a memorable and potentially valuable experience .

10. Lacoste’s Timeless

Lacoste is a brand with a farseeing history, having been founded in 1933 by tennis musician René Lacoste and André Gillier.

Its heritage is the basis of its 2017 short movie, Timeless, which uses a prison term jump have to take viewers on a ocular journey through its manner past .
It besides uses a narrative bow to do this, telling the report of two star-crossed lovers who are pulled through multiple decades in a individual train journey. Combining nostalgia, urgency, and intrigue – it packs a draw into less than two minutes .

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