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One of the best do markets in the eCommerce industry is the fashion market – hands down. The best way to leverage your achiever is by using one of the most successful on-line ad platforms – Google Ads. With approximately 5.4 billion Google searches a day, Google Ads provides the unique opportunity to get your fashion post ’ s ads noticed by more people than ever before. According to Google ’ mho Economic Impact Report, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, you’ll see an average profit of $8. That ’ mho reasonably impressive. With such a successful eCommerce fashion market, there ’ s tons of rival. It ’ sulfur crucial to make sure your brand gets noticed in order to see conversions.

As a Google Ads agency, we here at K6 know Google Ads like the back of our hands. In this article, we’ll let you in on our top 7 great tips (with examples) to help step up your Google Ads game for your fashion brand. We ’ ll besides give you a agile summation of how to use Google Ads. Let ’ s prima donna in !

How K6 Can Help

As an know PPC agency, we know a thing or two about Google Ads. We can help you reach new heights by stepping up your Google Ads crippled in merely a few short weeks. You ’ ll see more conversions and more traffic to your fashion brand ’ s website than you ever thought possible. You give us a budget, tell us what kind of results you ’ d like to see, and we take care of the rest. By the way, we can besides help with other types of ads. Check out our article on the Top Converting Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands and reach out to our Facebook Ads Agency for more ! additionally, if you ’ re precisely setting up your fashion stigmatize and are looking to get the most out of eCommerce advertising, we ’ ve compiled the ultimate lead to help you .

Google Ads: The Basics

If you want a more in-depth scout on how to use Google Ads in general, check out our article The Ultimate Beginner ’ s Guide to Google Ads. If you just need a agile refresher or want to know the basics, keep interpretation. Before we get into Google Ads tips, we should cover a few of the basics for those who are new to Google Ads. first, you ’ ll need to make certain that your fashion sword ’ s web site is quick to be promoted. here are a few key questions to ask yourself about your web site, according to Google .

  • Is your website’s headline noticeable and clear?
  • Can your website keep up with the fast speeds necessary for mobile browsing?
  • Did you make the benefits of using your services or purchasing your products clear to the customer?
  • Have you used images or video to elevate your website?
  • Do you have a clear call-to-action?
  • Can customers easily find your contact information?
  • Have you made the most important information (the stuff you absolutely want the customer to see first) easy to find?
  • Do you have an online presence for your brand beyond the website (social media, Google My Business listing, etc.)?

Make sure you ’ ve considered all of these questions before you begin your Google Ads travel, because advertising your web site doesn ’ triiodothyronine entail anything if your web site doesn ’ t keep customers online .

Choose Your Keywords

If you want to use Google Ads, it ’ mho crucial to understand where your ads will be and what types of ads you can create. There are two places that your ads will chiefly be seen :

  1. In a Google Search for any topic or term that relates to your brand
  2. On websites that feature content that is related to your brand

So it ’ s important to truly nail down the essence of your brand and understand what topics and terms you ’ d like your brand ’ s ads to appear for. This is where you ’ ll need to figure out some capital keywords for your ads. Think about a electric potential customer making a Google search. If you want them to stumble upon your sword ’ sulfur ad, what words do you think they ’ re searching ? Make a list and narrow down your best ones. You can besides do some quick research by using Google ’ sulfur keyword planner to see how successful sealed keywords are .Google Ads Fashion BrandsThis search for ‘high wasted jeans’ yields these ads because they’re related to the search query. If you’re selling high waisted jeans, try using it as a keyword.

Enter the Ad Auction

once you ’ ve got your keywords down and your ads finished, your ads will enter Google ’ randomness ad auctions. This happens every prison term person does a Google search or visits a web site that shows Google Ads. This is quite complex summons, so we ’ ll give you a quick summation of what happens. Google uses Ad Rank to calculate and assign a seduce to each Google Ad. These scores determine your ad position and eligibility to show the ad. It ’ s all based off of an – frequently unpredictable – algorithm, but it generally shows the top seduce ad first, the second base highest next, and sol on… According to Google, there are 5 major factors that play into Ad Rank :

  1. Bid: You’ll have to set a bid when creating your ads. This tells Google Ads how much you want to pay per click. Usually, you’ll pay less than your maximum amount set, but you can never know for sure.
  2. Quality of ads/landing page: This is why it’s so important to make sure your website is up to par before launching Google Ads. Google will have a look at not only the quality of your ads, but also the quality of your website’s landing page.
  3. Ad Rank thresholds: Google Ads sets up minimum thresholds that ads need to meet in order to be shown. This is for quality purposes.
  4. Context of the search: When the search is being done, Google Ads looks into the context of the search. In other words, geographical location, time, device used, other ads/search results, and much more.
  5. Impact of ad extensions: Google Ads will also estimate how using ad extensions and different ads formats will improve your ad. Ad extensions give you the option to add more information to your ads, such as phone numbers, links, and more.

Google Ads Tips For Fashion Brands

Fashion brands have been seeing increasing success advertising on Google Ads. There are six types of ad campaigns that you can run :

  1. Search Network (Display Select)
  2. Search Network only
  3. Display Network only
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app

As a fashion brand, you ’ re better off going with Shopping, Search, Display, and Video ads. Keep read and we ’ ll go over 7 of our best tip for using Google Ads campaigns for your fashion stigmatize .

1. Use Google Shopping

Without a doubt, this ad format lends itself to the fashion industry highly well. Google Shopping Ads ( besides known as product Listing Ads -PLAs ) have existed in some shape or form since 2002 and introduced as an integrate feature on Google searches in 2019 .Google Ad fashion brand example Sosken Studios, Banana Republic, Burberry, and Old Navy ads appear in this Google Search for ‘wool coat’. Google Shopping is a tab accessible through standard Google search results. In addition to your Google Shopping ads appearing on the Google Shopping tab, they ’ ll besides frequently appear in the initial Google search results equally good. This normally happens when the search question is for a product of some sort, so it works identical well with fashion brands. Setting up a Google Shopping ad crusade is a great direction to showcase your products. The ad content looks native to the platform and blends into the search results. additionally, customers are targeted based on their purpose more than the keywords they use. Google will decide the intent of each search and match relevant ads to that intent. So a customer who may not have hear of your brand will be more likely to see it if you ’ ra selling the type of merchandise that they intend to buy. And, these customers are often a lot more drive to make purchases while searching Google Shopping. With a Google Shopping ad, customers can see a high-quality image of your intersection, along with a price. And, the best depart, Google Ads are featured at the exceed of the page, before the search results. You ’ rhenium certain to be noticed .

Set Up Google Shopping Ads

Setting up Google Shopping for your manner trade name is a bit unlike than other Google ads. You ’ ll need a Google Merchant Center bill to begin. Next, you ’ ll upload your product run ( this can come straight from Excel if you ’ d like ) with all the information you need to add about brands, pricing, size, color, and more. After you ’ ve done this, you ’ ll be able to link your Google Merchant Center report to your Google Ads bill. And it ’ mho that easy ! You can besides use ad extensions as you would in search ads. For manner brands in particular, product rat extensions, local inventory extensions, and Google Merchant promotions are the best choices .

2. Use Video to Grow Interest

Video is a big means to grab users ’ attention. In fact, over half of on-line shoppers say that videos help them decide on purchasing a merchandise, according to a study by Google and Ipsos. Create a bang-up television ad showcasing your dress and fashion products from every angle. To set up your video crusade, choose Product and Brand Consideration as a crusade finish and then select Video for your political campaign type. This way, your ad will be geared towards your crusade goal and you ’ ll see more success with it. additionally, you ’ ll need to create a great television for your ad. Google Ads recommends you use a video that is no longer than 20 seconds. This is because consideration tends to drop off on videos longer than that.

If you have more than one video recording you ’ d like to use, you can combine ad formats using video recording sequence. You ’ ll be able to reach customers more than once during their travel to purchasing your products. Video ad sequences showed much higher ad remember and purchase captive than 30-second individual video recording ads did, according to Ipsos. It ’ s about like telling prospective customers a report through your ad television, all shown to them at different points of the leverage travel, finally culminating in a purchase ( hopefully ! ) .

How to Create a Video Ad Sequence

When you create a video ad succession campaign, you can select either Product and post circumstance or Brand awareness and scope as your goal. You can besides choose to go without a finish if you want. Select Video as your campaign type and Ad sequence as your campaign subtitle. After choosing your crusade identify and bid scheme, you ’ ll be able to enter more details about your video recording ad sequence campaign. There are several templates to choose from :

  • Introduce & reinforce features a long video to introduce your brand first, and then a shorter video to reinforce your brand to users. The longer video is upwards of 30 seconds and the shorter video is less than 30 seconds.
  • Prompt & inspire does the opposite, starting with a shorter video to prompt interest and a longer video to follow that aims to inspire the user to check out your brand.
  • Attract & direct works to show users a short video, a long video, and finally another short video.
  • Engage and differentiate shows 4 short ads.

Remember, shorter videos get more attention. So we recommend using the engage and differentiate template for manner brands. That manner, you can include some variety show while placid engaging with your mean audience .

3. Make the Most of Search Ads

Let ’ s startle with an example. Say you ’ re a fashion brand betray tops and blouses. If a customer is looking to find a silk blouse, they ’ ll enter the keyword silk blouse in the Google search prevention. If you ’ re using Google search ads, your ad might appear as the first leave ! This is a capital opportunity to introduce this customer to your trade name .google ad fashion brand exampleLily Silk’s Google search ad does a great job of enticing customers to check out their website. The imitate you choose for your search ad is critically crucial. In a standard ad, you ’ ll get one trace of copy and your link, therefore make it count. The ad in the effigy above does a big job of utilizing every news possible to convince customers to check out their web site. here are a few things they ’ ve done well here :

  • Including a promotion: They’ve included a promo code directly in the ad, showcasing their 30% promotion which will grab users’ attention immediately.
  • 100% Pure: Customers searching for silk will be happy to find a result that promises 100% pure silk.
  • Keywords: They’ve also loaded the copy with keywords, but in a way that doesn’t go overboard to turn it into keyword soup. Be careful to make sure your copy makes sense while still including the most important keywords.

4. Ad Extensions Make a Difference

Google Ad extensions can make or break your Google Ads scheme. There are a few different extensions to choose from, such as structured snippets, call and message, message extensions ( mobile merely ), callout extensions, price extensions, promotion extensions, and more ! For more about Google Ads extensions, check out their extension usher. It ’ sulfur besides important to note that extensions won ’ t appear every meter your ad does. This is because Google will decide what to show and when during the bid work and depending on your Google Ads Quality Score. Regardless, it ’ s a bang-up option to have, so they ’ re decidedly deserving setting up .google ads fashion brand exampleSSENSE makes use of extensions to show off their 4.6/5 star rating, in hopes of convincing new customers to check out their website. Choosing an ad extension can give potential customers that extra crusade that they may need to take the jump and check out your brand. peculiarly good extensions for fashion brands are the price extensions and promotion extensions, as price is much a actually important factor in a buyer ’ randomness decision making process .

5. Negative Keywords Are a Good Thing

veto keywords are about angstrom significant as relevant keywords ! Google Ads allows you to enter keywords that you do not want your ads to rank for. For exemplar, if you ’ rhenium selling high-end scarves and hats, you could add cheap, loose, or acrylic scarf to your list of negative keywords. additionally, you can do this with brands that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want your ads to come up for. You can take the time to go through your products and decide on a list of negative keywords you ’ d like to enter into your ad campaign, or you can consult a damaging keyword tool, such as Wordstream ‘ south cock. once you have your negative keywords, suction stop on your campaigns, go to Ad Groups, and choice Keywords. here, you can add branded and non-branded keywords. You ’ ll have the option to set negative keywords for one ad specifically, an ad group, a political campaign, or your integral report .

6. Google Display Remarketing Campaigns

Google Display Network is a very effective way to reach lots of people. More than 90 % of internet users and two million websites see Google Ads. If you have a smaller brand or are merely starting out, you might be wary of spending lots on Google display ads. In reality, you in truth don ’ t have to spend that much more on them. And, click through rates for Google display ads, on average, are only 0.35 %. Compared to 1.19 % for search ads, that ’ s not badly at all ! You ’ ll have tons of exempt impressions and you ’ ll actually be able to save money by not having to advertise elsewhere. Most visitors who see your ads are not going to purchase the first prison term they see them. Remarketing ensures that the money you ’ ve spend on your ads was not spent in conceited. When you run a Google Display remarketing campaign, you can retarget customers who have seen your ads. This means, they ’ re more probably to make a buy from you each prison term they see your ad .

Google Display Ads appear on non-Google websites across the internet. Think about it, how much does this happen to you ? You think about buying a new pair of shoes… you see an ad for a dainty pair… you move on… you see it again… you think about it… you see it again and think Okay, o ! I ’ ll buy them !. It truly works .

Setting Up Your Display Remarketing Ads

Click on Campaign and select your campaign goal. here, you ’ ll be able to choose your campaign type – peck Display. Next, set your crusade name, location, terminology, bidding scheme, and your budget. You can besides manage extra settings, such as ad scheduling, device target, and content exclusion. From here, you can click the Remarketing tab key and check the hearing you want to target. You ’ re quick to go !

7. Place Your Bids on Your Brand

Keywords that include your brand name are among the least expensive keywords to bid on. You ’ re most likely going to be one of the only ones bidding on it. What ’ s more – a stigmatize search means that a customer is searching with a high intent to buy from you .google ads fashion brand exampleCustomers searching for ‘topshop cardigan’ are much more likely to click on the Topshop ads, as they’re searching specifically for the fashion brand. The first three ads in the above prototype show Topshop ads, with Topshop as a keyword. The fourth ad consequence is for an Old Navy cardigan. While this is close and is a broad match, customers who search for topshop cardigan probably know precisely what they ’ re looking to buy – a Topshop cardigan. If you bid high gear on your own fashion stigmatize ’ second name, you can help ensure you ’ ll arrest at the top of the search results .

Next Steps

then there you have it, 7 top tips to badly step up your Google Ads game.

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate miss out on your opportunity to see some harebrained emergence for your fashion brand. Google Ads is one of the best platforms to advertise on, and for dear argue. Our Google Ads Agency is constantly happy to help you out with your Google Ads campaigns ! We ’ ll help you get your fashion mark on track for success. And, if you want to know more about other kinds of ads we can help with, see how Google Ads stack up against Facebook Ads in this article .

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