Applying for a FairPlay voucher

Kids need to be active. Participating in sport or other physical bodily process can be bang-up for them, but sometimes the costs can get in the way. For families truly needing some help oneself with membership or engagement fees, there are ‘ FairPlay Vouchers ’ available each year.

You can apply for a voucher if you have a Department of Human Services Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card or if you receive a connection to a voucher from a register referral agent. Queensland children aged 5 to 17 are eligible for one coupon per calendar year which can be used at a FairPlay Activity Provider. To help you find a provider you can search based on activity and localization on our activeness Provider directory. The coupon covers the first $ 150 of membership, adjustment or engagement fees. Check if your bodily process Provider has other costs you ’ ll indigence to cover, like uniforms or equipment, as you ’ ll need to know you can afford them. To apply you ’ ll need a calculator or laptop with internet access ( tablets and phones don ’ metric ton constantly function ) and have created a QGrants account. Let ’ s create a QGrants account. You ’ ll need an electronic mail address and the instructions on our ‘ Applying for a FairPlay coupon ’ foliate. Begin by entering first list, surname and e-mail address. then, create a password. Click to confirm you ’ re not a automaton. once you click register you will receive an e-mail to your name electronic mail address. You need to open this electronic mail and click the activation connection to finalise the process. If the electronic mail international relations and security network ’ thymine in your inbox, be sure to check your junk mail. now you are registered, you are ready to apply for your voucher when the adjacent round opens. Check our web site for dates

here ’ s how you apply. When the round is assailable go to the ‘ Applying for a FairPlay coupon ’ foliate to get the direct connect. Log in with your electronic mail address and password. After logging in, click ‘ Applications ’, then ‘ New Applications ’ then find the current grant round in the list provided. Complete all details on each page before clicking next. type in and verify your details. Click Yes to add the Department of Human Services Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card details. If you have a connect from a referral agent suction stop No to add the referral agent details. Complete the child ’ south details. And fill in the questionnaire. Agree to the terms and conditions of the plan, check the details are correct and snap present. If you are successful the voucher will appear on your blind – it can take a moment, thus give the web site a minute to respond. You can besides check your e-mail for a copy of the coupon. You can present the coupon to your Activity provider when you ’ re signing up, either printed out or by emailing it. Make certain this is before the death date ! If you lose the coupon or the e-mail barely log binding in to your history to get another copy. once you have given it to the Activity Provider it ’ s up to them to redeem it.

If you need help, visit our web site at, or if you ’ re distillery not indisputable, e-mail fairplayvouchers @ or call 13 QGOV ( that ’ s 13 74 68 ). good luck, and have fun being active ! Authorised by the Queensland Government, Willian Street, Brisbane .



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