The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size & Best Practices (2022 Update)

Facebook cover photos are a perfect example of how social media market is different than fair regular social media custom. A capital personal cover photograph can be anything that we think looks great on profile ; our business cover photos need to do much more. A Page ’ s Facebook cover photograph needs to be branded and represent our commercial enterprise. It besides must be high-quality and absolutely optimized for expose ; this means knowing the perfect Facebook screen photograph size. This post is going to take a look at the perfective Facebook binding photograph size and best cover photograph practices to help your images represent your business precisely how you want .Bonus: We’ve integrated Facebook’s cover photo dimensions and safe zones into our graphic design tool. It will look perfect on mobile and desktop! Create a Facebook cover photo for free! We ’ ve integrated Facebook ’ s cover photograph dimensions and safe zones into our graphic blueprint cock. It will look perfect on mobile and background !

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

According to Facebook, your cover photograph displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. This is a great starting orient, but of path it ’ second never quite that bare. It ’ second catchy because your Facebook brood displays differently on mobile and background devices. therefore, we recommend using the dimensions 820px by 360px and to keep all text and graphics in the in-between dependable zone as per the specifications below : Facebook cover photo dimensions and safe zones

Cover Photos on Desktop vs. Mobile

When designing your Facebook cover photograph, you need to be careful because the cover image is displayed differently on fluid and background. Although, designing with safe zones in judgment will get you a Facebook cover photograph that will display properly on both devices. Snappa facebook cover on mobile fortunately, Facebook doesn ’ thymine stretch and distort an visualize to fit a certain dimension ; it crops it automatically alternatively. On a fluid device, your Facebook cover photograph will crop out the sides, while showing more of the blanket photograph ’ s altitude. facebook cover photo on desktop alternatively on a background device, Facebook displays more of your shroud photograph ’ s width while cropping the clear and bottom. With all that being said, we recommend using the Facebook cover photograph size of 820 pixels by 360 pixels and designing within the safe zones. This will ensure that none of the critical components of your cover photograph are getting cut off on mobile devices or on desktop .

How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo with Snappa

If you ’ re ready to create a Facebook cover photograph, our herculean and easy-to-use graphics builder has made this action fabulously simpleton. hera ’ s a bit-by-bit video recording showing you how to create a Facebook cover photograph with the right size using Snappa. hera are some screenshots to help walk you through the hale process. You can choose the Facebook cover photograph pre-set for an automatic perfect cover photograph size. Facebook cover image preset once you ’ ve selected this choice, you can choose from one of our pre-made Facebook Cover templates ( which is amply customizable ) or create a breed photograph from scrape. Facebook cover photo templates flush if you use a template, you can upload your own image or choose from our library of images. Add textbook, graphics, shapes, and effects to any part of the image. All of these add-ons can be dragged and dropped easily ; you can define the opacity of each, and choose what level you want them to show up in. Facebook cover graphic You ’ ll notice that we besides include an overlie showing the mobile and desktop only zones of your Facebook cover charge so you ’ ll never have to worry about text and graphics getting cut off .

What Should My Facebook Cover Photo Be?

away from choosing something that is both high quality and relevant to our occupation, it can be unmanageable to know precisely what your cover photograph should feature. That depends wholly on you, your occupation, and what you believe your prey audience will be most receptive to. Some great ideas for manipulation cases of overlay photos include :

  • Use your cover photo drive sales or lead generation. I believe very strongly that the “social” should come before “marketing” in social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room to promote your business. A cover photo designed to drive sales or leads, combined with a relevant CTA Page button, can get you more results without a lot of extra work on your part.
    Title Boxing Club Oviedo Facebook cover
  • Feature UGC. User generated content is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal; using this authentic type of content in your cover photo can go a long way in rapport and loyalty building.
  • Advertise upcoming events. If you have a free webinar, a conference, or even a social contest that’s coming up soon, don’t be afraid to feature it in your Facebook cover photo. It’s an effective way to let new users know about it right away
    Social Media Examiner Facebook cover
  • Demonstrate product features & benefits. This can tie into sales, but showcasing product benefits can also immediately set you apart from the competition.
    Snappa facebook cover photo
  • Show off your store. If you happen to have a storefront or an office space where you’re located, it can make a gorgeous photo and increase foot traffic.
  • Feature team members & employees. Employee generated content (EGC) can be just as valuable as UGC, and featuring real employees in your cover photo can humanize your business and show the real people behind it.

creative Facebook Cover Photo Ideas

If you ’ rhenium looking for some inspiration, look no further than these 6 creative cover photograph examples we ’ ve designed for small and on-line businesses.

Adding Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Keep your blanket photograph playful and fun by adding some hand-drawn illustrations to your standard. Illustrations are a great way to add some spiciness to your images without taking away from the core message. If you have a binding photograph designed and you ’ re wondering what more you can do – try adding some illustrations in from our library. Creative Facebook Cover Image

Using Shapes & Outlines

Make your Facebook visuals stand out by adding shapes to your designs. There are dateless ways that you can incorporate shapes into your Facebook blanket images and you can use different color variations and outlines to make your standard pop music ! Shapes in Facebook Cover Photo Example

Using Lifestyle Image & Removing Text

Less is more when it comes to designing a hard Facebook banner effigy. A dear direction to showcase your commercial enterprise is to incorporate a dim-witted life style photograph that is relevant to your stigmatize and to remove text. Text international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate needed in your cover photos and if it doesn ’ t add any respect – removing it will keep the picture minimal. Lifestyle Facebook Cover Photo Example

Adding Contrast to Text & Photo

Having a busy Facebook background image can take away from your banner textbook. To help your text stand out, add some contrast by darkening the background and bolding your headings. Doing therefore allows for followers to easily read the text without distraction. Fitness Cover Photo for Facebook

Adding Playful Icons

Catch visitor care by using relevant icons in your Facebook binding photograph. You can add icons around your text or if you go with the more minimal approach, you can entirely use icons in your design. Be creative and a good topple is to match your Facebook backdrop with your picture colors. Facebook Cover Photo Example with Icons

Following a Color Palette

Create an aesthetic Facebook cover photograph by following a cohesive color palette. Use our color palette divine guidance lead as a way to find a color jazz band that suits your brand. Being consistent and sticking with a few colors will importantly improve your design and help your banner image look master ! Colorful Fashion Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes to Avoid

While you can choose any number of images for your page ’ randomness cover photograph, there are a few practices you should stay away from. Certain mistakes will detract from your page, and may even detract from how new users perceive your business. Some big Facebook cover photograph mistakes businesses should avoid include :

  • Using the same cover photo. Facebook header images differ in sizing across Facebook events and Facebook groups. Use the proper dimensions to optimize your pages.
  • Having too much text. Some text is great, especially if it’s being used for branding. Some photos, though, only have text overlay against a solid backdrop. This is typically not a good move, even if you’re focusing on an insanely motivational quote; instead, your cover photo should actually be an image that’s able to speak (mostly) for itself.
  • Too much clutter. We’ve all seen pictures on social media that have so much going on that looking at them too long might give us a headache. There’s lots of colors and focal points and things to look at. While this might sound appealing at first (it will definitely draw the eye, at least), it’s just difficult to focus on and can even look sloppy.
  • Not taking the current Page format into consideration. Remember when profile pictures showed up in the bottom corner of the cover photo, and sometimes important parts of the image were cut out? Facebook changes it’s formatting fairly often; every time they do, check your photo on mobile and desktop to make sure nothing is getting cut off. To stay up-to-date with changes, check out our post on new Facebook page layout updates!
  • Choosing something generic. You want your cover photo to jump out at users; that’s partially what it’s there for. Choosing a generic image that could be about your business somehow won’t have the impact that you’re looking for.
  • Not adding branding. When possible, adding subtle branding like your logo to the image can make a big difference with brand recognition.

Where to Find Great Cover Photos

Some amaze brood photos will barely be made from graphics, like Buffer ’ second and Drip ’ s. Others will utilize actual photograph. Whichever you choose, there are batch of resources you can pull images from if you don ’ t have a high-quality persona that you ’ ve taken yourself.

These include :

  • Free stock photo sites like StockSnap, Pexels and Unsplash, which offer free stock photos available for commercial use.
  • User generated content, which is free and often available in abundance. Some UGC is extremely high quality, and many users would be honored if you used it as part of your cover photo.

Final Thoughts

The perfect Facebook cover photograph size goes a long way in helping you make a bang-up beginning impression with modern users. Your effigy front good when displayed on both mobile and background, without bizarre crop or the image showing up off-center. Combining the perfect cover photograph size with Facebook covering photograph best practices can help you build the social presence and reputation that you want to create for your clientele. What do you think ? What does your arrant Facebook cover photograph look like ? How do you use your cover photograph to represent your commercial enterprise ? Let us know in the comments below !

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