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What is Excel Test Zone?

Excel Test Zone ( ETZ ) is Australia ’ s No. 1 on-line test exercise site—now well accessible across all digital devices through the Excel Test Zone app !
We have been helping students in Years 3 to 9 train for NAPLAN Tests, Selective School Tests, Opportunity Class Tests and Scholarship Tests since 2009. Online test commit will help your child memorize to manage their time, stay steady and build their confidence before the veridical tests .
Excel Test Zone Test Packs are besides used for general drill throughout the year to improve in key subjects !
Each of our test Packs contains hundreds of tests prepared by a team of modify test homework experts, with thousands of engaging exercise questions. Within each Test Pack, there are detailed explanations for each doubt, allowing students to learn as they go.

Main Benefits and Features :

  • 365 day-access for homework or study revision
  • An easy platform where children can practise tests on their own
  • detail explanations and worked solutions for all questions
  • Simple dashboard for parents to track their child ’ sulfur advance
  • A convenient way to track students ‘ performance and assess their position against the National Average
  • Students gain confidence by improving their literacy, Numeracy and Writing Skills
  • clamant results and automated reports

Excel Test Zone is designed by the lapp have educators behind Excel Workbooks and Study Guides, which have helped students excel in their studies for over 30 years ! popular series include Excel Basic Skills, Excel Essential Skills, Excel HSC Study Guides, Excel NAPLAN*-style Tests and much more. Click here to view our range.

Are the Test Packs helpful throughout the whole school year?

Yes, the screen Packs include drill in key subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy, creating a perfect creature for general practice throughout the class to improve in fundamental subjects and prepare for other school tests or quizzes. Try implementing practice tests during your child ’ second weekly homework or study routine, as they can redo tests as many times as they like !


Excel Test Zone

questions the lapp as in the Excel Test Workbooks ?

They are completely different questions. As Excel Test Zone is designed to be used in conjunction with the Excel Test Workbooks, all questions have been written to match the formats used in the real Tests .

Where can I find more detailed information about the NAPLAN, Opportunity Class Placement, Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests?

Please chink here for more data about the NAPLAN, Opportunity Class Placement, Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests .

What does ‘Rank’ mean within the test reports?

Excel Test Zone is not only designed to prepare students for tests but besides to give them the opportunity to see how their results compare to other students Australia-wide as they complete each test .



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