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What is EPCOR?

EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc

EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. ( EEA GPI ), sometimes referred to as EPCOR Energy Services, is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. It is a regulate rate option ( RRO ) provider of natural accelerator and electricity services to more than 600,000 residences, small businesses, and farms and irrigation operations in the City of Edmonton. It is a auxiliary of EPCOR Utilities, and is the baffle counterpart to the recently launched energy retailer Encor by EPCOR, which operates in competitive retail markets throughout Alberta. The City of Edmonton owns EPCOR Energy Alberta through its rear corporation EPCOR, which, as of 2018, has been named one of Alberta ’ s lead 70 Employers for the 12th year in a row .
EPCOR Energy Alberta is besides the nonpayment supplier of electricity and lifelike natural gas in territories where wires service and distribution are provided by FortisAlberta ( whose electrical system comprises more than 60 percentage of the low-tension distribution system in Alberta and serves more than half a million customers ) or EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc., equally well as a collection of 12 rural electrification associations.

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EPCOR Energy Alberta provides customer service support operations, including billing, payment negotiation and collections.

These services are provided for EPCOR Energy ’ mho regulated customers, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as on behalf of a number of third-party companies and services, including Encor, EPCOR ’ s competitive electricity and natural natural gas supplier caller ; Capital Power, an energy producer in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario ; and other utility services for the City of Edmonton, including drain, barren management and water treatment .
EPCOR Energy Alberta is one of several electric utility program companies in Alberta regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission ( AUC ). Others include ENMAX Power ( owned by the City of Calgary in a similar manner as EPCOR is owned by Edmonton ), Direct Energy Regulated Services, and AltaGas Utilities .

ENCOR by EPCOR Electricity Plans & Natural Gas Rates

Have you ever wondered what Encor by EPCOR is ? EPCOR offers competitive natural gas and electricity products to minor businesses and residences through their energy retailer, Encor by EPCOR .

Currently, Encor’s products include (but are not limited to):

Two- and five-year fixed-rate plans: Guaranteed rates for the duration of the compress, for both electricity and natural boast .
Two- and five-year floating rate plans: variable rates for the duration of the contract, with monthly electricity rates based on the stream market price of electricity .
Floating rate natural gas plans: Contracts that are two or five years in distance, with the natural boast rate based on the current grocery store price of natural gasoline .
Bundle plans: Combining Encor ’ s electricity and natural natural gas plans, allowing you to mix and match options .

EPCOR energy rates: Encor vs EPCOR

EPCOR offers consumers two utility services possibilities : Encor ( the competitive rate choice ) and EPCOR ( the regulated rate provider, or RRO ). Although they are part of the lapp party, they can provide you with different plans and energy rates .
Encor provides both fixed and floating rates ( variable ) for electricity and natural gas. In some Albertan cities, EPCOR is the default electricity regulated rate option ( RRO ). however, Alberta is a deregulate energy market, therefore anyone in the state can decide which utilities to choose at home. The RRO rates are regulated by the province, whereas competitive providers can offer both floating and fixed rates .
Whether you ’ re looking for EPCOR or Encor natural accelerator and electricity rates, energyrates.ca lists all major energy retailers in Alberta. The rate comparison tool above lets you compare current and historic prices, and find out which rate fits your budget and gamble visibility .
Beyond variable or fixate world power rates, EnergyRates.ca users can besides compare energy suppliers and their plans, and find the lowest available residential and small occupation rates in each province. small commercial, big commercial and industrial customers can get a absolve custom quote and have detailed information regarding energy rates in Alberta. In case you ’ ra searching for commercial rates, you can fill in the comparison shape with your postal code and some more basic information to start comparing energy providers .

EPCOR History

EPCOR is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, and wholly owned by the City of Edmonton itself. It provides both regulated and on-contract electricity services to 600,000 small commercial and residential customers, including 323,000 residential and 35,000 commercial in Edmonton alone .
It was privately founded as the Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company in 1891. The City of Edmonton purchased the company in 1902, making it a publicly owned utility company. In 1970, its distribution and baron plant departments were consolidated into a single arrangement as Edmonton Power in 1970 .
After Alberta ’ s deregulation of the energy market in 1996, Edmonton Power and its diverse relate divisions ( including Aqualta, which provided water services to Edmonton ; and Eltec, which provided electrical services at a commercial flush ) incorporated as a individual entity, EPCOR Utilities Inc. In doing then, it became the first aggregate natural gas, electricity, and water utility in all of Canada. It began operating under the appoint EPCOR in 2001 .
In 2004, EPCOR exited the retail energy market, due to some side effects of Alberta ’ s deregulation procedure, a good as perceived underground from customers to sign fixed-rate energy contracts. The company shifted its focus to wholesale, commercial and industrial markets for electricity and natural gas generation and distribution. however, it continued to provide services to determine customers .
In April 2009, EPCOR chose to spin off its power-producing facilities as its own publicly traded corporation, EPCOR Power Corporation, which former became Capital Power Corporation. Capital Power operates in Alberta, British Columbia and the United States .
In 2012, Capital Power re-entered into a joint speculation with ENMAX to build and operate the Shepard Energy Centre in Calgary, a natural gas-fueled world power plant .
In 2014, EPCOR reentered the competitive retail energy grocery store for belittled businesses and residential customers with its newly affiliate Encor ( besides referred to as Encor Energy or Encor by EPCOR ). On its web site, Encor states that the mention is a french derivation of the parole “ encore, ” which means “ more. ” Encor offers nonregulated multiyear, fixed-rate plans for electricity and natural gasoline, utilizing EPCOR ’ s infrastructure for infection and distribution throughout Alberta. Encor describes itself as the “ fresh baby ” of EPCOR, and its market materials much take a blithe approach that is in stigmatize contrast to the tone used by most of its competitors.

In 2016, the company celebrated 125 years since the Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company was founded. Two years late, in 2018, EPCOR bought Collus PowerStream and became the electricity provider for thousands of customers in Simcoe County, in Ontario .

What does EPCOR stand for?

EPCOR stands for Edmonton Power Corporation. The company has operations in many cities across Alberta, including Edmonton, Canmore, Chestermere, Kananaskis, Crowsnest Pass, Okotoks, Red Deer County, Fort Macleod and Strathmore .
EPCOR provides consumers with a wide-eyed image of services depending on where they live. As an exercise, here ’ s a detail dislocation of the company ’ randomness Edmonton services :

  • Electricity distribution and transmission
  • Capital project management
  • Account Management
  • Billing
  • Meter reading
  • Water distribution
  • Water and wastewater treatment

EPCOR besides offers diverse services across North America, from electricity and natural gas distribution to water and wastrel management. Some of the EPCOR locations outside Alberta include Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario .

EPCOR address

In Alberta, EPCOR has two independent mail addresses :
For bill payments, the best address is:
P.O. Box 500
Edmonton, AB T5J 3Y3
In case you want to send correspondence, there is a specific location:
EPCOR 2000-10423 101 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 0E8

How do I pay my EPCOR bill?

As an EPCOR customer, you will receive newspaper bills until you create an on-line history and register for on-line charge. once you do it, all of your bills will be available electronically alone. still, EPCOR customers can pay their bills using automatic pistol secession, on-line or call deposit, credit cards or via mail .

EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc

EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc. ( EDTI ) is the wires serve supplier, besides known as wires services supplier ( WSP ), to the City of Edmonton and nearby areas, which includes roughly 323,000 homes and 35,000 small businesses. Its operations are comprised of delivering electricity to residential customers and maintaining the electrical infrastructure that serves the area .
Despite which provider you choose, EPCOR is the wires services supplier in Edmonton. The energy party is responsible for the electricity delivery, sustenance of the might net, calculating tariffs and emergencies such as outages and broken lines .
Consumers can check the costs related to distribution and transmission ( D & T charges ) in their monthly bills. generally, the administration, distribution and manner of speaking charges follow the costs of bringing electricity to your home. The name of these distribution tariffs may vary from the electricity to the gas beak. however, they basically mean the lapp : The costs related to transporting and maintaining transmission projects .

EDTI is the AUC-regulated owner, operator and maintainer of the Edmonton area’s transmission lines and substations.

The Government of Alberta did not deregulate the transmission and distribution of electricity in 1996, avoiding the unnecessary price of having respective companies build excess systems for its own use. EDTI makes the necessary electrical distribution systems available to all energy providers and retailers. EPCOR Distribution & Transmission presently operates more than 5,100 kilometer of primary distribution lines and 200 kilometer of transmittance lines, distributing roughly 14 percentage of Alberta ’ s sum energy pulmonary tuberculosis. EDTI is responsible for the continue enhancement and growth of the infrastructure they own, meeting the growing and changing needs of the citizens of the City of Edmonton.

EDTI provides extra auxiliary services to assist the department of energy retailers they serve, including meter read and load analysis. EPCOR Distribution & Transmission besides conducts the government of the Distribution Tariff, as provided for by the Alberta Electric Utilities Act. The tariff includes a number of charges for which customers are ultimately responsible, including the cost of maintaining electric system entree and distribution avail .
additionally, as required by the Electric Utilities Act ( EUA ), EDTI provides load liquidation services. Load village comprises the steps necessity to measure the pulmonary tuberculosis of electricity by customers in Alberta, and providing that use data to the relevant competitive and RRO electricity providers, ampere well as the autonomous system operator .

EPCOR power outages

If you are an EPCOR customer and needs to report an outage, EnergyRates.ca has a complete usher on world power cuts, including how to report such issues to your electricity provider arsenic well as an EPCOR customer services telephone number .

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