6 Best Business Email Providers for Small Businesses in 2022

Roberta is a staff writer for Fit Small Business. With more than 5 years of feel in the writing diligence, she now focuses on creating contented about business websites for the Sales and Marketing group. Elizabeth Kraus has more than a decade of first-hand have construct and growing a boutique digital market agency and double that in belittled and mid-size occupation market management. She provides expert answers to marketing questions related to post, content market, web development, electronic mail, social media, and SEO. Getting a professional e-mail address with your knowledge domain name ( e.g., name @ yourdomaincom ) is cheaper and easier than ever. There are many business electronic mail services that let you do sol, but the best clientele e-mail providers have low-cost prices, good memory capacities, progress security features, and extras like television conferencing, productiveness and collaboration tools, and detached domain names .
Based on our comparison, hera are the best business electronic mail providers for small businesses :

  • Google Workspace: Overall best business email provider and ideal for collaborative teams
  • IONOS: Best provider for those wanting cheap business email plans that include a free domain
  • Microsoft 365: Best for those who frequently send and store large attachments
  • Bluehost: Great for new businesses wanting to bundle business email with web hosting and a free domain and SSL certificate
  • Zoho Mail: Best basic free email services for small businesses on a budget
  • Amazon WorkMail: Top professional email provider for businesses in niche industries

Best Business Email Providers at a Glance

commercial enterprise electronic mail provider Starting Price ( Monthly ) free plan or trial Base Storage Limit free world Key Features
Google Workspace logo that links to the Google Workspace homepage in a new tab. $ 6 14-day rid test 30GB
  • Gmail for business email plus productivity and collaboration apps (e.g., Docs, Sheets, Calendar)
  • Video conferencing from 100-500 participants
  • Phishing and spam protection to stop over 99.9% of attacks
Visit Google Workspace
IONOS logo that links to the IONOS homepage in a new tab. $ 1 30-day free trial 2GB
  • Free domain name included
  • Solid security features and storage is scalable
  • Additional plans for those wanting email and productivity tools through Google or Microsoft
Microsoft 365 logo that links to the Microsoft 365 homepage in a new tab. $ 6 1-month free test 1TB
  • Comes with a suite of productivity and collaboration tools (e.g., Word, Excel, Teams)
  • Video conferencing up to 300 attendees on the cheapest plan
  • Most storage of any entry-tier plan
Visit Microsoft 365
Bluehost logo that links to the Bluehost homepage in a new tab. $ 2.95 30-day barren trial 100MB
  • Business email bundled with shared WordPress hosting plans
  • Plans also include a free domain name
  • Unlimited email storage and email addresses on upper-tier plans
Visit Bluehost
Zoho Mail logo that links to the Zoho Mail homepage in a new tab. $ 1 free plan and 15-day detached test 5GB
  • Basic free forever plan available for up to 5 users
  • Productivity tools can be purchased for an additional fee
  • Workplace email plans come with productivity and collaboration tools
Visit Zoho Mail
AmazonWorkMail logo that links to the AmazonWorkMail homepage in a new tab. $ 4 30-day exempt test 50GB
  • A la carte plans (i.e., pay only for the features you choose)
  • Over 100 different services available for purchase
  • Highly advanced data security and automatic vulnerability management
Visit Amazon WorkMail

Can ’ t decide ? Go with our crown recommendation for business electronic mail services, Google Workspace. It ’ s the best e-mail military service provider for humble businesses and since there are no long-run contracts, trying it is risk-free .
Try Google Workspace
Let ’ s honkytonk into each of the best e-mail services for businesses :

Google Workspace: Best Business Email Provider Overall

Google Workspace

Google Workspace logo

What We Like

  • Month-to-month plans that can be canceled anytime
  • Very easy to set up and use with a beginner-friendly admin console
  • Industry-leading security features and controls
  • Business productivity and collaboration tools included
  • Tons of apps and integrations available
  • High storage limits on all plans

What ‘s Missing

  • No unlimited storage on any plan, unlike Bluehost
  • Domain must be purchased separately, unlike Bluehost or IONOS
  • 25MB max attachment limit; Microsoft 365 allows up to 150MB and Zoho Mail allows up to 1GB

Best For

  • Teams that work collaboratively
  • Small businesses wanting to use Gmail for business email
  • Businesses that need ultra-reliable business email and productivity tools in-one
  • Beginners who need a business email up quickly

Starting price: $ 6 per calendar month

Visit Google Workspace
Google Workspace ( once G Suite ) is the supercharge translation of Gmail for business use. It includes professional e-mail using your world name and comes packed with modern productivity and collaboration tools. For example, you get software from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to advanced admin restraint and hundreds of the best third-party electronic mail apps and tools for merely $ 6 per exploiter, per month .
matter to in learning more about how Gmail compares to Outlook when it comes to occupation e-mail services ? Check out our neck and neck comparison on Gmail volt Outlook .

Google Workspace Pricing & Plan Features

business starter Business Standard business Plus
Price per User/Month $ 6 $ 12 $ 18
storage per User 30GB 2TB 5TB
attachment Limit ( Sending ) 25MB 25MB 25MB
attachment Limit ( Receiving ) 50MB 50MB 50MB
e-mail Filters
Productivity & Collaboration Tools ( Docs, Calendar, Sheets, etc. )
Video Meetings Participant Limit 100 150 500
Third-party Integrations
Security Features & Controls criterion standard bounty
Admin Console

Google Workspace has a short ton of amaze features that make it one of the best electronic mail providers, which means all of its features are reasonably solid. however, here are some features to take eminence of :

  • Top-notch collaboration and productivity tools: Aside from the ubiquitous Gmail, Google Workspace comes with a variety of advanced tools like Docs, Sheets, a shared calendar, and video conferencing. It’s an excellent choice for teams that need to collaborate on tasks.
  • Inclusive features: Google Workspace is one of the easiest business email service providers to use, as its plans come with everything you need to set up your professional email along with the extra features we mentioned above. It’s perfect for beginners who need advanced productivity features, unlike Amazon WorkMail, which is more complicated to navigate.
  • High storage limits: Gmail’s starting plan has 30GB per user, which is already more than enough storage for the average person. You can easily upgrade to 2TB to 5TB per user by purchasing their more premium plans. This makes Gmail one of the top providers in terms of storage.

Our Expert Opinion

Google Workspace ’ s plans that include Gmail for business e-mail start at $ 6 a month. These feature-rich plans are very low-cost, particularly as they besides come with industry-leading collaboration and productiveness apps. Shared doctor, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, and video conferencing make it the best e-mail supplier for just about any little business, particularly for collaborative teams .
Visit Google Workspace

IONOS: Best Cheap Business Email Provider


IONOS logo

What We Like

  • Very affordable—from $1 per month
  • Monthly plans available
  • All plans come with a free domain name
  • Advanced security features like SSL/TLS data encryption and anti-spam filters
  • Specialized plan options for those wanting Microsoft Outlook business email or Gmail business email, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace collaboration tools

What ‘s Missing

  • Comparatively low storage on its base plan at just 2GB (e.g., Zoho offers 5GB on its free plan)
  • Only basic email tools offered compared to niche tools you’ll find in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Amazon WorkMail

Best For

  • Any startup or small business looking for an easy way to get a domain name and set up business email
  • Freelancers wanting a custom email address
  • Small businesses on a budget
  • Businesses concerned with data security

Starting price: $ 1 per month

IONOS is a top web hosting company that besides offers agio business electronic mail for arsenic low as $ 1 per month. Although its features are basic, the price is hard to beat. You can use IONOS ’ web-based mail interface or easily connect your electronic mail address to your darling electronic mail node ( for example, Outlook or Gmail ) .
On the cheapest plan, you get 2GB of memory, anti-spam filters, SSL/TLS certificates, a 70MB soap attachment limit, and a release knowledge domain name ( $ 12 to $ 15 per class rate ). On the premium design, which is distillery identical low-cost at merely $ 5 per calendar month, you get all that plus basic collaboration tools like a shared calendar and advanced antivirus protection .

IONOS Pricing & Plan Features

Mail Basic 1 Mail Basic 1+ chain mail business
price ( Monthly ) $ 1 $ 4 $ 5
Users 1 1 1-10*
repositing 2GB 12GB 50GB/user
attachment Limit ( Sending ) 70MB 70MB 70MB
attachment Limit ( Receiving ) 100MB 100MB 100MB
free knowledge domain
SSL/TLS Certificate
electronic mail Filters
collaboration Tools ( Calendar, Contacts & Tasks )
Antivirus standard standard premium

*Extra users come with extra fees
IONOS goes on our top list for best business electronic mail services, which means all of its features are pretty solid, specifically the follow :

  • Affordability: IONOS’ plans are extremely cheap, starting at just $1 per month. The only other business email service that’s this cheap is Zoho Mail. But Zoho doesn’t come with the other nifty features that IONOS brings, like a free domain name and great security.
  • High attachment limits: Though not as high as Zoho Mail or Microsoft 365, IONOS’ attachment limits are respectable and definitely more than enough for the average user.
  • Security features: By upgrading to the $5 per month plan, you get IONOS’ premium antivirus on top of data encryption and filters—an extremely affordable solution for businesses dealing with sensitive content.

Our Expert Opinion

Although you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the most advance features on IONOS ( for case, it lacks collaboration features like video conferencing ), at $ 1 to $ 5 per month for its premium plans, you ’ d be distressed to find a better ( or cheaper ) basic clientele electronic mail supplier. It has everything you need to get started, includes boost anti-virus and anti-spam protection, and even throws in capital extras like a free world identify .

Microsoft 365: Best Business Email Service for Large File & Storage Needs

Microsoft 365

What We Like

  • Competitively priced from $6/month
  • Packed with 1TB of cloud storage, even on the cheapest plan
  • High attachment limits at 150MB
  • Includes the Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration suite
  • Highest video conferencing participant limit of entry-tier plans
  • Plans comparable to Google Workspace—choice comes down to your preferences and familiarity

What ‘s Missing

  • Annual commitment required, unlike Google Workspace
  • Desktop versions of apps don’t come in the entry-level plan

Best For

  • Businesses that need a ton of storage and frequently send large attachments, such as law firms, architects, and design agencies
  • Any small business or entrepreneur who uses the Microsoft 365 productivity suite
  • Teams wanting to automate processes and workflows

Starting price: $ 6 per month

Visit Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is the best electronic mail supplier for businesses that want to use the Microsoft Office 365 productiveness cortege, those that need a short ton of memory, and those that send or receive boastfully attachments. Though the base grade is identical like to Google Workspace, including the same price of $ 6 per exploiter, per calendar month, it includes a massive 1TB of obscure storage via OneDrive ( compared to 30GB with Google Workspace ) .
The foundation tier besides allows video conferencing with up to 300 participants, compared to 100 for the comparable Google Workspace plan. All plans include the Microsoft 365 ( once Office 365 ) suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps that so many know and love. Want more information on how to set up Microsoft 365 ? Create your Microsoft 365 business e-mail in good a few easy steps .

Microsoft 365 Pricing & Plan Features

occupation Basic Business Standard commercial enterprise agio
Price per User/Month ( Billed per annum ) $ 6 $ 12.50 $ 22
Business-class Email
150MB Attachment Limit ( Send/Receive )
1TB of Storage/User
Productivity & Collaboration Tools ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. )
Microsoft Teams
Video Meetings up to 300 Participants
power Automate

Read more: Xplay, Barrie

Desktop Apps
Security Features & Controls standard standard bounty

Microsoft 365 has a skid of amazing tools and features, particularly for teams looking to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 family of business apps. here are good a few of them :

  • High attachment limits: At 150MB for both outgoing and incoming attachments, Microsoft 365 is a great choice for businesses that send (and receive) large email attachments.
  • Extra-large storage capacities: Microsoft 365 offers 1TB of storage per user on every single one of their plans. If you’re looking to spend $6 per user, per month and need large storage capacities, Microsoft 365 blows even Gmail out of the water.
  • Power Automate: Microsoft 365 business plans all come with Power Automate, a service that allows you to synchronize and get data between apps to automate workflows within the Microsoft 365 system.

Our Expert Opinion

Microsoft 365 offers competitive price for plans that include a short ton of cloud storage—1TB, to be exact—for just $ 6 per calendar month. large attachment limits and automation features are besides massive perks. however, some businesses may not need all these features, and may rather prefer a more simple commercial enterprise email interface like Gmail to the feature-packed Outlook e-mail node. For this, choose Google Workspace .
Visit Microsoft 365

Bluehost: Best Email Provider for New Businesses


Bluehost logo that links to the Bluehost homepage in a new tab.

What We Like

  • Free business email hosting with low-cost web hosting plans starting at $2.95 per month
  • Best value for unlimited professional email accounts and storage with prices as low as $5.45 per month the first year
  • Connect to third-party email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail easily, for free
  • Free domain name included

What ‘s Missing

  • Can’t get email hosting without web hosting like you can with IONOS and Zoho Mail
  • Month-to-month plans are not available as they are with Google Workspace
  • No productivity suite like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Zoho Mail Workplace plans

Best For

  • New business ventures that want to get everything needed to build an online presence easily and affordably from one provider
  • Businesses with large teams that can take advantage of Bluehost’s unlimited account allowance

Starting price: $ 2.95 per calendar month

Visit Bluehost
Bluehost is a leading web hosting provider and its plans are packed with extras, including a detached world and free occupation electronic mail addresses. Bundled with web host, a barren domain, an SSL certificate, and five free electronic mail addresses, the entry-level plan starts at precisely $ 2.95 per calendar month .
Hosting plans all come with a drag-and-drop WordPress web site builder, making it the best business e-mail supplier for startups and minor companies needing to build an on-line presence. Get bit-by-bit instructions for how to set up business electronic mail with Bluehost webmail .

Bluehost Pricing & Plan Features

basic Plus Choice Plus Pro
Intro Price/Month ( Billed annually ) $ 2.95 $ 5.45 $ 5.45 $ 13.95
Renews At $ 9.99 $ 13.99 $ 18.99 $ 28.99
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
e-mail Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage per User 100MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
attachment Limit ( Sending ) 50MB 50MB 50MB 50MB
free domain
SSL/TLS Certificate
Microsoft 365 Free for 30 Days
free Domain privacy
absolve Automated Backups For 1 class

Bluehost ’ s inclusive plans make them the best option for businesses looking to set up their professional web presence in one go. here are the features that allow you to do then :

  • Unlimited users and storage: Bluehost is the only business email provider on our list that offers unlimited storage and accounts. At $5.45 per month, this is a great value. Take note that this is just the introductory price, and it renews at $13.99.
  • All-inclusive plans: Bluehost isn’t the typical business email service. Though they offer standalone email plans via Microsoft 365, shared hosting plans give from five up to unlimited business email addresses starting at just $2.95 per month. Aside from email and web hosting, plans come bundled with a free domain name, SSL/TLS security to encrypt your data and protect it from hackers, and a drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Affordable way to build an online presence: Considering the features that Bluehost provides starting at $2.95 per month, it’s well worth the money for new businesses building a web presence for the first time.

Our Expert Opinion

Bluehost is a web host supplier that includes release business e-mail host in web host plans. Plans start at just $ 2.95 per calendar month for both web host and business e-mail in one software with five complimentary master electronic mail addresses or $ 5.45 per month for inexhaustible professional e-mail accounts. This makes it a good choice for newly businesses that are building an on-line presence and need both web host and e-mail at a bang-up measure .
sojourn Bluehost

Zoho Mail: Best Free Business Email Provider

Zoho Mail

What We Like

  • Free email hosting for up to 5 users
  • Built-in marketing and analytics tools
  • Low-cost plans from $1 per month for more addresses or included tools
  • Suite of collaboration tools available by purchasing a Zoho Workplace plan ($3 or $6 per user/month)
  • High attachment limits—up to 1GB on their most premium plan

What ‘s Missing

  • Doesn’t come with a free domain
  • Doesn’t integrate with Gmail
  • No month-to-month contracts, unlike Google Workspace, IONOS, or Amazon WorkMail
  • Small storage and attachment limits in free and low-cost plans
  • Relatively low storage limits on all plans; try Google Workspace or Bluehost for more space

Best For

  • Businesses or startups on a tight budget that already have a custom domain and need free email addresses
  • Businesses that send extra-large attachments (e.g., videos)

Starting price: free

Visit Zoho Mail
For the cheapest business e-mail choice ( if you have a domain name ), look no further than Zoho Mail. The free Zoho Mail plan includes up to five dislodge business electronic mail addresses and, like IONOS, the cheapest premium plan costs fair $ 1 per calendar month .
In addition to free Zoho Mail and basic plans, there are Workplace plans well-suited for teams. They include a 30GB plus 10GB shared storage plan at $ 3 per user, per month or a 100GB plus 100GB shared repositing design priced at $ 6 per drug user, per calendar month .
They besides include e-mail host on multiple domains, Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Cliq ( collaboration tools ), mobile apps, big file upload limits, and from 10 to 100 player television meetings. These tools make them comparable to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, and at $ 3 per exploiter, per calendar month, the Standard design is half the cost of either of those providers .
Unlike Microsoft 365, there are abject attachment size limits on the free design and abject memory limits overall. For this cause, it ’ randomness best for those who don ’ thyroxine depend heavy on e-mail, but who want a occupation electronic mail address to maintain a professional image. Check out what ’ sulfur involved with setting up Zoho Mail for business .

Zoho Mail Pricing & Plan Features

complimentary up to 5 Users Mail Lite Mail bounty Workplace Standard Workplace Professional
Price per Month ( Billed annually ) $ 0 $ 1 $ 4 $ 3 $ 6
Storage/User 5GB 5GB-10GB* 50GB 30GB 100GB
attachment Limit ( Sending ) 25MB 250MB 1GB 500MB 1GB
30MB Attachment Limit ( Receiving ) not specified
SSL/TLS Certificate
Shared Calendars
Zoho Office Suite Productivity Tools ( Writer, Sheet, etc. )
Zoho Cliq Collaboration Tools
Video Meeting Max. Participants 10 100

*The 10GB option costs $ 1.25 per calendar month
Zoho Mail is a very low-cost occupation electronic mail serve with some capital features to help you get started. here are the features to look at :

  • Free-forever plan: Zoho Mail is the only business email provider on our list that offers a free forever plan. Though the plan might have significant limitations (e.g., five maximum users, 5GB of storage, and a 25MB attachment limit), it’s still a great option for startups and extremely small businesses on a budget.
  • Large attachment limits: With a maximum attachment limit of 1GB for outgoing emails, Zoho Mail is a top option for businesses that need the ability to send large attachments.
  • Available collaboration tools: On the Workplace plans, you get a suite of collaboration tools like shared documents and sheets, and video conferencing—very similar to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. This is extremely useful for businesses looking for an alternative to Google or Microsoft as well as teams utilizing other Zoho apps, such as for email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and so on.

Our Expert Opinion

Zoho Mail is widely regarded as one of the best ways to get a exempt commercial enterprise e-mail savoir-faire, making it a great choice for budget-conscious businesses that need five or fewer electronic mail addresses. Paid plans start at $ 1 per user, per calendar month, but the depleted cost is at the expense of high storage quad. If your business relies heavy on electronic mail, the best options are Bluehost and Microsoft 365 .
Visit Zoho Mail

Amazon WorkMail: Best Email Provider for Niche Services

Amazon WorkMail

AmazonWorkMail logo that links to the AmazonWorkMail homepage in a new tab.

What We Like

  • 30-day free trial for up to 25 users
  • Monthly contracts (no long-term commitment required)
  • Generous storage at 50GB per user
  • A la carte services—meaning you pay a base price and add on the features you need
  • More than 100 different features and integrations

What ‘s Missing

  • Much more complicated setup than a beginner-friendly service like Google Workspace
  • No unlimited storage—try Bluehost for no storage caps
  • Can get extremely pricey, depending on what you add on

Best For

  • Businesses that need niche email or Amazon developer services
  • Businesses that need custom plans
  • Businesses running on Amazon Web Services

Starting price: $ 4 per month

Visit Amazon WorkMail
Amazon WorkMail is alone among business e-mail providers in that it doesn ’ thyroxine offer traditional plans. rather, you pay a base fee of $ 4 per user to get 50GB, and you can add to your plan ( and its cost ) by adding more feature integrations. It ’ s ideal for those needing niche features from Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) vitamin a well as those using early Amazon platforms, such as vane hosting via AWS .
presently, AWS has over 200 different services in over 100 different categories, like health, analytics, game engineering, robotics, and media. These services are intended to help you scale your occupation. safe to say that if your small occupation belongs in a recess industry, you ’ ll probably find the features you need via AWS .
The conclusion price can vary wildly—up to hundreds of dollars a year. however, you can get by on just the base price if you ’ re not looking for any early features. calm, Google Workspace is a lot more beginner-friendly for ace basic business electronic mail features, as is Microsoft 365, which is known for business-class electronic mail security .

Amazon WorkMail Pricing & Plan Features

Price per User ( Monthly ) $ 4
Email Storage per User 50GB
25MB Attachment Limit ( Send/Receive ) 25MB
SSL/TLS Certificate
Amazon App & Feature Integrations

Amazon WorkMail has an highly unique system, specially compared to the other commercial enterprise e-mail service providers in the market. hera are some features to take into account :

  • Affordable base prices: Starting at $4 per user, per month, Amazon WorkMail is extremely affordable—though it doesn’t include more specialized features.
  • A la carte service options: With over 100 Amazon integrations possible, businesses have the ability to create plans with features addressing their own unique needs.
  • Relatively high storage limits: For just $4 per month, you get 50GB of storage per user. It may not seem like a lot, but 50GB is more than enough email space for the average user.

Our Expert Opinion

Amazon WorkMail is a alone product that bundles with Amazon ’ s other services, making it a great choice for businesses that need niche features or Amazon Web Services users. It ’ s a fiddling besides technical for the average little commercial enterprise owner, so unless you ’ re in truth interest in testing out Amazon ’ sulfur services, we highly recommend going with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 rather .
Visit Amazon WorkMail

How We Evaluated the Best Email Providers for Small Businesses

All businesses need electronic mail addresses that can be accessed promptly, securely, and faithfully with enough storage to keep messages from bouncing. however, some companies lone need a single electronic mail address, while other businesses require a scalable e-mail solution. For that reason, we looked at a range of options that can serve anyone from the exclusive owner wanting a loose address to a growing business with multiple employees .
The standard we used to evaluate the providers on this list include :

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Available storage
  • Security and accessibility
  • Spam and virus protection
  • System integrations
  • Scalability
  • Customer support

Taking everything into bill, we determined that the best business e-mail provider for modest businesses is Google Workspace. While not the cheapest option, it will save your clientele money by including the productivity and collaboration tools you ’ five hundred motivation to purchase individually anyhow. Take advantage of the 30-day barren trial to test the limits of what your occupation can get with Gmail business e-mail and Workspace software .
Try Google Workspace Today

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

For teams that need collaboration tools, Google Workspace is better with its more modern and user-friendly tools. however, Microsoft 365 has better security on its more premium plans and advanced features that allow you to automate processes within the Microsoft 365 system—perfect for businesses with more advanced needs. The Outlook clientele e-mail client is besides more full-featured than Gmail .
Get the complete dislocation of Google Workspace vanadium Microsoft 365, or check out our full review of Microsoft Outlook for business .

How do you create a custom email address for business use?

It ’ s easy to create a custom electronic mail address, such as an e-mail address that uses your world name ( e.g., “ name @ yourbusiness.com ” ). First, get a sphere ( for example, yourbusiness.com ), which you can purchase from a domain appoint registrar like GoDaddy or Hover for around $ 12 per year. then, get e-mail host and set up access to your e-mail with your favorite electronic mail app. For more help oneself, follow our instructions to create a custom electronic mail address.

How do I choose a professional email address?

There are three chief rules when choosing a professional e-mail address. First, constantly use your own knowledge domain. second, maintain a coherent username electronic mail format across your company. Third, produce generic e-mail addresses that forward to you or your team, such as support @ yourbusiness.com, to display on your site to prevent spam and protect the privacy of your main electronic mail address. Learn how to create a professional electronic mail cover in four easy steps .

Bottom Line

Businesses depend on electronic mail communication, so you need to choose electronic mail services that are dependable, feature-rich, and low-cost. For small businesses looking for the cheapest occupation electronic mail provider, we recommend IONOS. however, for small businesses looking for the best business e-mail service overall, Google Workspace, which comes with Gmail commercial enterprise e-mail and a swerve of productivity and collaboration tools, is our number one pluck .
Try Google Workspace

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