The Best Free Email Marketing Software: An Honest Roundup

In case you did n’t know, electronic mail usage is at an all-time high. In fact, more than 3.7 billion people use e-mail worldwide. So it ‘s no wonder we all constantly receive marketing emails from businesses. Put just, e-mail marketing works. This is on-key even in the B2B quad .
In fact, 86 % of B2B marketers rely on e-mail marketing campaigns to promote fresh commercial enterprise. This begs the question — are you using electronic mail commercialize efficaciously for your business ?
Boost Opens & CTRs with HubSpot’s Free Email Marketing Software
There are a kind of e-mail marketing military service tools available nowadays to help you with your e-mail marketing — some of which are wholly absolve forever. But, it ‘s crucial to note, not all absolve electronic mail market tools offer the same features.

Free Email Marketing Tools

fortunately, we have you covered — here, we ‘ve listed and reviewed the best unblock electronic mail marketing tools available today .

Best Free Email Marketing Services

  1. HubSpot Free Email Marketing Tool: Best tool that integrates with your CRM platform and allows you to create, personalize, and optimize your marketing emails without waiting on designers or IT.
  2. Moosend: Best for those who may be new to email marketing and don’t need functionality outside of email marketing (such as CRM).
  3. SendPulse: Best for resending unopened emails with different subject lines to save you time.
  4. SendInBlue: Best for sending transactional emails, such as invoices.
  5. Netcore Email API: Best for using email APIs that provide the option to connect custom apps and platforms to the tool.
  6. Mailchimp: Best for integrating with ecommerce and CMS tools, such as WooCommerce and WordPress.
  7. Zoho Campaigns: Best for businesses using Zoho CRM.
  8. Mailjet: Best for businesses that want unlimited APIs and webhooks.
  9. Benchmark: Best for enterprise businesses that want a free email marketing tool.
  10. MailerLite: Best for small businesses looking to send marketing emails in bulk.
  11. ExpressPigeon: Best for businesses with short email lists that include high-priority subscribers.
  12. Stripo: Best for teams that want both an editor for marketers with no technical experience and another for web developers with extensive experience.
  13. Kickbox: Best for businesses that want email verification software that ensures your recipients are real and not outdated.
  14. Sender:Best for small to medium-sized businesses and ecommerce stores that are looking for a cost-effective, unified messaging solution (email+SMS).

Free email marketing service by HubSpot

Price: Free; paid plans with Marketing Hub: $45/mo (Starter), $800/mo (Professional), $3,200/mo (Enterprise)

HubSpot offers a authentic and feature-packed e-mail market cock that ’ s suited for growing businesses — for release. Create professional, personalized, and on-brand market emails that engage and grow your audience .
With the drag-and-drop e-mail builder, you do n’t need to wait on IT or designers to help you create your emails .
additionally, the tool is mechanically integrated with your spare, all-in-one CRM chopine. This means you can easily tailor and personalize emails based on relevant data stored in your CRM ( e.g. identify, company, previous purchases, previous sales conversations, former support tickets, etc. ) .
last, with the tool ‘s e-mail report analytics, you ’ ll be able to identify precisely what is and is n’t working among your hearing members .
Moosend free email marketing software example

Price: Free; $8/mo (Pro), request a custom plan (Enterprise)

Moosend is ideal for people looking to get their feet wet in e-mail market. The free tier comes feature-packed, but you ‘re maxed at 1,000 subscribers and wo n’t have a dedicated IP address .
Moosend offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor program, email marketing automation triggers, real-time analytics, and list division features. Moosend does n’t offer a CRM, but if you ‘re looking to entirely do electronic mail market, it might be a good begin for your business .
SendPulse free email marketing software example
Send Pulse has over 130+ templates to choose from or you can create your own using the drag-and-drop editor. Under the complimentary plan, you ‘ll have access to Send Pulse ‘s highly see support team, including documentation via alive chew the fat .
In terms of functionality, Send Pulse has a “ Resend ” sport that allows you to resend unopened emails with different topic lines, which is valuable for time scrap marketers. They besides offer web pushes, SMTP, Viber, and more .
SendInBlue software template example

Price: Free; $25/mo (Lite), $65/mo (Premium), request a custom quote (Enterprise)

If your business relies heavily on transactional emails, such as forget password assistant and invoice receipts, then Sendinblue might be ideal for you. With their extensive developer APIs, you ‘ll be able to integrate with their electronic mail system to achieve custom-made and needed technical processes .
With Sendinblue ‘s dislodge plan, you ‘ll have entree to a huge align of templates, personalization, A/B testing, contact management, work flow editor program, and real-time report .
netcore email api free email marketing software example

Price: 30,000 emails free for the first 30 days, then100/ day free, forever; paid plans start at $25/mo for 150,000 emails

Netcore Email API ( once Pepipost ) is an integrable SMTP relay service for fast electronic mail pitch. That means your emails are sent to your customers in less than three seconds .
slowly e-mail APIs give you the freedom to connect custom apps and platforms or use clear reference selling platforms like Mautic and Mailtrain for sending your emails .
once your emails are sent, the splashboard displays real-time updates about your political campaign performance including the count of deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces .
The AI-powered servers optimize your emails based on the achiever metrics for the type of e-mail you send. For example, the predictive engagement have automatically prioritizes delivery to users who are most probable to engage, and send-time optimization ensures your emails are sent at the most optimum time .
You besides gain access to in-depth analytics that can besides be delivered straightaway to your inner systems with the use of mighty webhooks. And if you experience any issues, the 24/7 e-mail experts on chat resolve those cursorily .
Mailchimp free email marketing software example
Mailchimp offers entree to email marketing features such as number cleavage, A/B test, reach profiles, and more. however, it ‘s authoritative to note you ‘ll have Mailchimp branding in your e-mail footers with the complimentary design and wo n’t have access to premium support .
Mailchimp integrates with ecommerce providers including WooCommerce and Magento if you have an ecommerce store. additionally, the creature integrates with WordPress, if that ‘s your CMS software of option. last, Mailchimp offers reports and analytics for emails so you can identify areas of opportunity .
Zoho free email marketing software example

Price: Free; $3/mo (Email-Based Plan), $4.50/mo (Subscriber-Based Plan), $7/mo (Pay by Email Credits)

Zoho Campaigns provides access to features such as A/B testing, reports, and e-mail templates. If you ‘re already using the Zoho CRM, it makes sense to check out Zoho campaigns to see how electronic mail and CRM work together. This type of electronic mail market creature and CRM integration will improve your workflows and productiveness .
It ‘s important to note that while the free adaptation provides a variety show of electronic mail commercialize features, most of them have limitations .
Mailjet free email marketing software example

Price: Free; $9.65/mo (Basic), $20.95 (Premium), request a quote (Enterprise)

With Mailjet ‘s free plan, you ‘ll have access to unlimited contacts, APIs and webhooks, an advance e-mail editor, and analytics. however, with the detached plan, there are no available features for A/B testing or automation .
Mailjet ‘s interface is easy to use and since the tool gives you full API access, Mailjet is ideal for businesses that require technical adjustments .

Bechmark free email marketing software example

Price: Free; $13/mo (Pro), request a quote (Enterprise)

Benchmark is designed to cater to enterprise-level businesses, is user-friendly, and easy to implement. It has a drag-and-drop editor program, a diverseness of electronic mail templates, sign-up imprint options, and drip crusade features .
however, there ‘s no option for A/B testing or automation features on the free creature. Furthermore, contacts ca n’t be added via number meaning in the free plan — you can only email contacts who fill out Benchmark subscriber forms .
mailerlilte free email marketing software

Price: Free; $10+/ mo for 1,000+ subscribers

MailerLite is ideal for small businesses that want to send bulk commercialize emails. It ‘s well-equipped with preview features so you can review your electronic mail on desktop and mobile before sending it .
however, the API and integration capabilities are not a full-bodied as some of the other options in this list .
expresspigeon free email marketing software example

Price: Free; request for custom pricing for paid plans.

ExpressPigeon is a good solutionfor businesses with inadequate e-mail lists that include high-priority subscribers. With ExpressPigeon, you can effortlessly build and personalize emails, automate e-mail responses, and send high-volume emails .
Best of all, you gain access to all of the premium features with the dislodge plan — however, there are low send and subscriber limits. ExpressPigeon is regarded as having some of the best customer satisfaction scores in the industry .
stripo free email marketing software
Stripo is drag-and-drop electronic mail template software. You can use this servicing to customize personalized emails without any design feel and ensure that your emails will be beautiful and professional .
There are two unlike types of editors on Stripo, one specifically for marketers, or anyone with little-to-no design feel. The early editor, the HTML code editor program, is made for e-mail developers .
Stripo gives you access to over 300 finish templates, add-ons for embedding, interactivity, and smart features. The instrument besides integrates with HubSpot and lets you export your emails into the CRM with two clicks. The integration besides allows for report synchronize for both accounts .
Kickbox software example of free email marketing software

Price: Free; paid plans based on subscribers (e.g. 500 addresses for $5/mo).

Kickbox is an e-mail verification software that ensures your emails are reaching the customers you aim to target. When emails are verified, major e-mail providers are less likely to mark those emails as spam, which means your electronic mail has a greater opportunity of appearing in the main inbox of your customer .
Kickbox combs through your e-mail number and ensures all of the recipients are very accounts that are n’t outdated. This saves you money in the long run because your electronic mail list will be smaller, more concise, and accurate .
The software integrates with HubSpot ampere well, and the integration lets you verify electronic mail in the HubSpot CRM. Kickbox owns its own validation network, so you can be indisputable your data will be accurate, while HubSpot validates the datum for deliverability .

sender_builder_interface price: Free; 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails/mo

Sender is an omnichannel message solution for belittled businesses. This electronic mail market platform comes with promote features like an easy-to-use interface, a drag-and-drop electronic mail editor program, and built-in, high-converting e-mail newsletter templates. Sender besides gives you the ability to manage complex automation workflows that include both emails and SMS .
transmitter uses IP addresses and waiter hardware to ensure rapid delivery to the Primary inbox. It besides offers built-in embedded and pop fly forms for lead generation along with other features meant for increasing conversions like email personalization, electronic mail track, and contact division.

Chose Your Free Email Marketing Software

immediately, you have a better sense of the best free e-mail market tools at your disposal. fortunately, you do n’t need to commit to any overhaul. Since they ‘re free, you can try these tools out depending on your business ‘ needs, then select the one most ideal for you .
Editor ‘s bill : This post was primitively published in April 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness .
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