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Email marketing services make sending your newsletters and email campaigns a breeze. But how do you know which one to go for? To help you decide, we’ve rounded up some of the best emailing platforms for small businesses.
Equipped with advanced features like newsletter design tools, automation capabilities, and ways to personalize subject, email market services have everything you need to grow your business. They can help you build your mailing list, betroth with subscribers, and strengthen customer relationships .
The difficulty lies in choosing the best electronic mail market software for your business. There are tons of options out there and it can get overpowering trying to sift through everything they offer .
To help you out, we ’ ve compiled a number of top e-mail commercialize platforms and their main features.

At a Glance: The Best Email Marketing Services

Comparing Prices for Email Marketing Platforms

1. Sending a monthly newsletter to a small email list (5,000 – 30,000 subscribers)

Email service 1 email/month to 5,000 contacts 1 email/month to 10,000 contacts 1 email/month to 20,000 contacts 1 email/month to 30,000 contacts
Sendinblue $25 $25 $25 $32
Mailchimp $59 $87 $189 $255
ConvertKit $79 $119 $179 $259
HubSpot $240 $440 $840 $1,240
Mailerlite $30 $50 $100 $140
Klaviyo $100 $150 $375 $500
Aweber $49.99 $69.99 $149.99 Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $99 $174 $286 $424
GetResponse $45 $65 $145 $250
Constant Contact $45 $125 $225 $295
Campaign Monitor $49 $89 $199 $299

2. Sending a newsletter twice a month to a small email list (5,000 – 30,000 subscribers)

Email service 2 emails/month to 5,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 10,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 20,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 30,000 contacts
Sendinblue $25 $25 $32 $45
Mailchimp $59 $87 $189 $255
ConvertKit $79 $119 $179 $259
HubSpot $240 $440 $840 $1,240
Mailerlite $30 $50 $100 $140
Klaviyo $100 $150 $375 $500
Aweber $39.99 $69.99 $149.99 Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $99 $174 $286 $424
GetResponse $45 $65 $145 $250
Constant Contact $95 $125 $225 $295
Campaign Monitor $49 $89 $199 $299

3. Sending a weekly newsletter to a small email list (5,000 – 30,000 subscribers)

Email service 4 emails/month to 5,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 10,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 20,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 30,000 contacts
Sendinblue $25 $32 $65 $169
Mailchimp $59 $87 $189 $255
ConvertKit $79 $119 $179 $259
HubSpot $240 $440 $840 $1,240
Mailerlite $30 $50 $100 $140
Klaviyo $100 $150 $375 $500
Aweber $49.99 $69.99 $149.99 Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $99 $174 $286 $424
GetResponse $45 $65 $145 $250
Constant Contact $95 $125 $225 $295
Campaign Monitor $49 $89 $199 $299

4. Sending a monthly newsletter to a large email list (50,000+ subscribers)

Email service 1 email/month to 50,000 contacts 1 email/month to 100,000 contacts 1 email/month to 200,000 contacts 1 email/month to 300,000 contacts
Sendinblue $45 $65 $229 $289
Mailchimp $299 $605 $1,300 Custom quote
ConvertKit $379 $679 $1,279 $1,879
HubSpot $2,040 $4,040 $4,040 $4,040
Mailerlite $210 $360 $660 $975
Klaviyo $700 $1,200 Custom quote Custom quote
Aweber Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $424 $687 Custom quote Custom quote
GetResponse $250 $450 Custom quote Custom quote
Constant Contact $335 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
Campaign Monitor $299 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote

5. Sending a newsletter twice a month to a large email list (50,000+ subscribers)

Email service 2 emails/month to 50,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 100,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 200,000 contacts 2 emails/month to 300,000 contacts
Sendinblue $65 $229 $379 $499
Mailchimp $299 $605 $1,300 Custom quote
ConvertKit $379 $679 $1,279 $1,879
HubSpot $2,040 $4,040 $4,040 $4,040
Mailerlite $210 $360 $660 $975
Klaviyo $700 $1,200 Custom quote Custom quote
Aweber Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $424 $687 Custom quote Custom quote
GetResponse $250 $450 Custom quote Custom quote
Constant Contact $335 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
Campaign Monitor $299 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote

6. Sending a weekly newsletter to a large email list (50,000+ subscribers)

Email service 4 emails/month to 50,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 100,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 200,000 contacts 4 emails/month to 300,000 contacts
Sendinblue $229 $379 $599 Custom quote
Mailchimp $299 $605 $1,300 Custom quote
ConvertKit $379 $679 $1279 $1879
HubSpot $2,040 $4,040 $4,040 $4,040
Mailerlite $210 $360 $660 $975
Klaviyo $700 $1,200 Custom quote Custom quote
Aweber Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
ActiveCampaign $424 $687 Custom quote Custom quote
GetResponse $250 $450 Custom quote Custom quote
Constant Contact $335 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote
Campaign Monitor $299 Custom quote Custom quote Custom quote

A Closer Look at the Best Email Marketing Services in 2022

Sendinblue is much more than an electronic mail market software. It provides users with a complete sales and marketing toolkit. Each feature slots together to build your commercialize scheme from start to finish .
The overhaul offers brawny electronic mail selling features like laser-focused division, personalized capacity, A/B testing, and send time optimization. On top of the intuitive drag and dribble electronic mail editor program you get access to a survival of fully responsive templates so you can easily create professional emails .
You can use Sendinblue ’ s marketing automation tools to scale your e-mail marketing — from autoresponders like welcome emails to complex workflows based on user demeanor. Thanks to the Sendinblue Tracker, you can even trigger emails based on how users interact with your web site .
If you need to send transactional emails like bill confirmations or order updates, with Sendinblue you can manage these alongside your market campaigns. There are besides plugins to integrate with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce .
apart from emailing, the service offers SMS marketing features, live old world chat to connect with customers in real fourth dimension, and Facebook ads to reach a wide audience .
When picking a paid design, price will depend on the act of emails you want to send each month. however, all plans — including Free — allow you to store outright contacts at no price. Packages include e-mail support, while chat and call subscribe are available with the Premium plan .

Start sending campaigns that change

Sendinblue ’ s dislodge plan includes access to all core features, 300 emails/day, 40+ electronic mail templates, and customizable signup forms to grow your contact tilt .
Open my free Sendinblue bill immediately > >

Price : the barren adaptation lets you send up to 300 emails a day. After that, prices start at $ 25 for 20,000 emails per calendar month on the Lite plan .

Mailchimp's email marketing platform

Mailchimp is equipped with all the features you need to run slick electronic mail marketing campaigns. The platform ’ randomness simple drug user interface makes it easy for e-mail selling newbies to get their head around complicated features .
The drag and drop e-mail builder and professional templates help you create beautiful campaigns in minutes. And you can grow your audience by adding popup signup forms to your web site or creating outright landing pages using premade templates .
Digging deep, Mailchimp offers advance electronic mail market tools like A/B testing, prebuilt and custom-made number division options, and air clock time optimization. You can besides personalize e-mail message, including product recommendations using one of the ecommerce plugins .
For electronic mail automation, choose from pre-built workflows such as re-engagement emails or craft your own customer journeys .
If you want to take your commercialize scheme multichannel, the platform besides offers social media scheduling and ads .
For paid plans, the price increases based on the number of subscribers in your liaison lists. The exempt plan doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include customer support but there is an extensive cognition nucleotide to help you out .

Price: there is a absolve plan for up to 2,000 subscribers. After that, prices start at $ 11 .

Email automation workflow with ConvertKit
ConvertKit is an emailing platform targeting on-line creatives like bloggers and YouTubers. Email selling features include the ability to segment your list and personalize campaigns using tags, arsenic well as A/B testing for subject lines .
You can grow your audience with customizable landing page templates and signup forms designed to increase conversions. And if you ’ re using downloadable message as an incentive, it ’ second easily to mechanically send materials after person fills out your shape .
ConvertKit ’ s automation software provides a ocular way to set up e-mail drip campaigns powered by subscriber behavior. The work flow editor program shows you what your sequences look like in action and makes it easy to alter the route subscribers take. And if you need help getting started, there are automation templates for use cases like webinars and product launches .
All plans let you send inexhaustible emails and come with live chat and electronic mail support. For paid plans, pricing is based on how many subscribers you have .

Price: the free plan lets you have up to 300 subscribers. After that, prices start at $ 15 per month for 300 contacts and more advance features .

Hubspot user dashboard.
Hubspot ’ s electronic mail marketing features are spread between their Marketing Hub and Sales Hub ( CRM ). The Marketing Hub focuses on tools for growing traffic and leads such as emails, landing pages, social media ads, live chat, video, SEO, and content .
The Sales Hub adds electronic mail track and scheduling, meet scheduling, CRM, predictive spark advance marking, sales automation, electronic mail sequences, and reporting. Their Service Hub offers ticketing and defend features .
overall, Hubspot covers all digital marketing areas and caters to sales-oriented businesses like SaaS .

Price: The free plan allows you to send up to 2,000 emails per calendar month and shop up to 1,000,000 contacts. The Starter Marketing plan begins at $ 50 per month for 1,000 contacts .

Screenshot of MailerLite's user dashboard. Current view shows campaign statistics overview.
MailerLite is an e-mail marketing service covering all founder needs. You can create any kind of e-mail campaign with their drag-and-drop editor. You can besides grow your electronic mail tilt with signup forms, make dedicated bring pages, and even a whole web site with their web site builder. Transactional emails can be sent through a third-party, MailerSend .
MailerLite besides offers electronic mail automation and personalization based on drug user demeanor. Abandoned cart emails are available for Shopify and WooCommerce stores. Contact management and cleavage are besides covered .
A/B testing and fresh rescue by time zone features let you optimize political campaign results. On top, MailerLite has reports and analytics for you to track your operation .
MailerLite has a absolve plan for up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month .

Price: The dislodge design allows you to send 12,000 emails per month to 1,000 contacts. Paid plans start at $ 10 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers .

Klaviyo user dashboard showing the business overview page.

Klaviyo caters to online shops chiefly. It provides SMS and advanced electronic mail functionality to marketers looking to increase gross. Their editor program is easy to use and there are ready responsive templates available. You can personalize emails with product recommendations and active blocks .
Klaviyo tracks website interactions and events that you can use for emails, automations and division. All customer data goes into person profiles, a CRM, where to dive deep into understanding your buyers .
Klaviyo besides offers advanced report capabilities. In addition to metrics dashboards, it provides customize benchmarks for your business .
Klaviyo ’ s free plan includes up to 250 e-mail contacts and 50 SMS contacts, 500 emails sent, and 150 SMS sent .

Price: The free plan includes 500 emails per calendar month for 250 contacts. Paid design prices start at $ 20 per month for 500 contacts .

Aweber email campaign design page featuring automation options.

AWeber ’ s e-mail market serve has some handy tools for beginners. On clear of a drag and drop curtain editor program and extensive library of e-mail templates, the platform offers an AI-powered design adjunct. This cock uses your web site and social media accounts to mechanically build on-brand templates for your business ’ electronic mail newsletters .
AWeber makes it childlike to connect with person customers at scale using tags that you can add manually or automatically. For case, you can tag subscribers based on signup information or when they open an electronic mail or click a link .
Email automation features let you run your campaigns on autopilot, including drip campaigns for welcoming subscribers or launching a newfangled intersection. To save you time the campaign marketplace offers pre-made workflows with electronic mail templates for each campaign stage .
All you have to do is customize them to your brand and target hearing.
elsewhere, there ’ s a dredge and drop land page builder that comes with ready-to-use templates and a veranda of sprout images to cursorily create attractive pages. All templates include signup forms and you can automatically tag subscribers from each shape to better manage your lists .
AWeber ’ second pricing is based on your subscriber reckon and all plans include chat, e-mail, and telephone support .

Price: The rid design includes 3,000 emails for up to 500 subscribers. After that, prices start at $ 19.99 per calendar month for the pro version .

ActiveCampaign email marketing service dashboard

ActiveCampaign ’ s e-mail marketing service is just one feature of its overall market capabilities .
The software makes it easy to personalize your emails using touch data. You can besides split test up to five unlike electronic mail versions to work out what contented perform best. Plus, there ’ randomness besides a built-in spam tester to check if emails are probably to go to trash .
For more target messages, segment your audience using insights like contacts ’ electronic mail activity. There ’ second even website trailing features for collecting data on contacts ’ page visits and other onsite actions .
To get you started with e-mail automation there is an extensive excerpt of premade workflows. You can besides create custom automations from rub using a range of triggers, including web site activity thanks to the track features .
Upgrading from the Lite to Plus plan gets you more advanced automation features. For example, you can score contacts based on their employment, separate screen different workflows, and get a ocular overview of all your automations and how they link together .
With the Plus package you ’ ll besides get features for different marketing channels, including SMS and landing pages .
The 14-day free test option lets you test the platform with a limit count of contacts and e-mail sends. All plans include live new world chat and e-mail corroborate .

Price: Prices start at $ 15 per calendar month for up to 500 subscribers

GetResponse email marketing service dashbaord. GetResponse provides small businesses with a suite of market tools, including a fully-equipped electronic mail marketing serve .
The chopine has a library of professionally designed e-mail templates with a drag and devolve editor that makes it comfortable to transform your emails into beautifully branded messages .
Collect datum on customer behavior and interests, then use potent division tools to personalize your e-mail campaigns. Or mechanically tag and seduce contacts with marketing automation to trigger targeted emails .
other automation capabilities include time-based drip campaigns, with the option to view your e-mail sequence on a calendar to see precisely when subscribers will receive messages .
The software besides allows you to send transactional emails alongside your marketing campaigns, while ecommerce plugins let you promote products in emails and landing pages .
digression from e-mail market, you can create and manage Facebook ads using the built-in instrument and dislodge templates. The chopine even offers tools for running your own webinars. The conversion tunnel feature helps you bring everything together with pre-made automated sales funnels designed for different industries and purposes .
GetResponse offers a free plan for sending 1 electronic mail to 300 contacts per calendar month. All plans come with live chat and electronic mail support .

Price: The dislodge plan includes unlimited electronic mail sends to 500 contacts. Paid plan pricing starts at $ 15 per calendar month for up to 1,000 subscribers .

constant contact drag and drop editor.
constant Contact is a fully-equipped marketing toolbox that offers much more than just email. Its emailing service comes with a wide option of free e-mail templates. Or there is a creature to mechanically build your own branded templates based on your web site or Facebook page .
other electronic mail selling features include A/B testing for capable lines and automated resends to subscribers who don ’ thyroxine open a campaign. The Email Plus package gets you extra functionality like multi-step automated e-mail series and tools for surveys and on-line donations .
Advanced cleavage lets you automatically manage contacts based on electronic mail link clicks. Or you can create customs segments using criteria like subscriber employment or purchase natural process via the Shopify or WooCommerce plugins .
On acme of e-mail marketing tools, with ceaseless Contact you can create landing pages or even build an entire web site or on-line store from strike. You can besides manage social media action from the platform, including post schedule, responding to messages and comments, and running ads .
While there is no dislodge plan, paid plans include outright emails and e-mail and chat support. Prices increase the more contacts you have .

Price: Prices start at $ 9.99 per calendar month for up to 500 subscribers .

Creating a newsletter using Campaign Monitor's email marketing service
Campaign Monitor email selling overhaul offers a scope of easy-to-use features to help beginners build an engaged consultation .
The platform has a bombastic choice of reactive e-mail templates that you can customize using the drag and drop builder. Plus, it ’ s easy to add personalizations using your contact data. And with transport time optimization you can deliver emails at the best time for each liaison. The cleavage instrument lets you go even further, creating custom segments of subscribers using multiple filters .
Within the same chopine you can create and send branded transactional emails with contentedness that is just as personalized .
For electronic mail automation, use the elementary ocular travel editor program to drag and drop each e-mail into a sequence, with conditions based on subscriber behavior and by interactions .
You can try out the platform complimentary for an unlimited time, though you ’ ll only be able to send campaigns to up to five contacts. The basic design is limited to 2,500 emails a calendar month, while Unlimited — as the name suggests — has no sending limit. Pricing increases as your contact lists grow. Both plans offer electronic mail support but you ’ ll drive priority with an inexhaustible plan .

Price: Prices start at $ 9 per month for up to 500 subscribers .

Why Your Business Needs an Email Marketing Service

uncertain about investing time and department of energy into finding an e-mail selling solution ? here are some reasons you can ’ t dismiss :

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels

In holocene years, marketers have voted email marketing as the most effective digital duct. And here ’ south why :

  • It’s affordable. With email marketing you can reach a large audience at a low cost, leading to an average return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent.
  • It’s personal. Email campaigns let you reach contacts directly. Plus they’ve actively chosen to hear from you and so are more likely to engage.
  • It’s accessible. With around 4 billion email users worldwide, email has a greater reach than other digital channels.

Email marketing services are essential for mass campaigns

Internet service providers ( ISPs ) like Gmail and Outlook aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate made for sending newsletter and campaigns. A professional e-mail marketing service is your best option because it enables you to :

  • Achieve better deliverability rates. Sending mass campaigns with a dedicated email marketing service helps you avoid the spam folder.
  • Get performance analytics. Email marketing platforms track metrics like open and click-through rates to measure your campaigns’ success.
  • Manage unsubscribes more easily. Your email marketing service will automatically update contact records when they unsubscribe so you don’t keep sending them campaigns.
  • Send more emails. ISPs have daily sending limits, while email marketing platforms let you choose a plan that meets your needs.
  • Design attractive emails. Email marketing services come with design tools for creating professional and responsive HTML emails that match your brand.

All the platforms on this list propose these all-important functionalities for your electronic mail marketing campaigns. Below you ’ ll find details on early key features of each service along with their price .

Find the Best Email Marketing Service for Your Business

When comparing electronic mail commercialize service providers, it ’ s significant to bear in heed your specific needs. This might be advanced automation and cleavage capabilities, a rich choice of electronic mail templates you can well edit to fit your post, or extra tools for multichannel campaigns .
Each solution will offer unlike plans and price structures. So it ’ second deserving doing some excavation to work out how a lot each chopine costs for the features you need and the number of contacts you plan to send campaigns to. The best e-mail market serve for your commercial enterprise will not only help you grow in the short circuit term but it should besides remain a viable solution as your needs develop .

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