13 Best Moto E Phone Cases to Protect Your Smartphone

Since its liberation in 2020, Motorola ’ s Moto E telephone is still one of the post ’ s most sought models. This doesn ’ thyroxine come as a surprise since the earphone has a bang-up display, retentive barrage life, two high-quality cameras, and many early bang-up features — all for a budget-friendly monetary value. A call like the Moto E is difficult to come by nowadays, so it ’ south crucial to keep it protected with the most reliable Moto E telephone case .
If the said accessary is what you ’ re looking for today, you ’ ve total to the properly place. In this template, we ’ ra giving you a summation of the best Moto E telephone cases that are available in the market .
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OtterBox Commuter Series Lite Moto E Case

OtterBox Moto E phone case Check Latest price Otterbox ’ s Commuter Series Lite shell is best for fans of no-nonsense cases and are always on the run low .
Why, you ask ? This Moto E telephone lawsuit being slender means it can slide easily in and out of your pocket. furthermore, it ’ s besides pack and sturdy. The case is made of the classic combination : a intemperate polycarbonate forbidden carapace and a indulgent man-made rubberize inner layer great for absorbing jolt and deflecting shock .
This case doesn ’ metric ton have port covers, so you can easily plug your charger or earphones in whenever you need to. Plus, it comes with an OtterBox limited life guarantee. It ’ s the arrant choice if you want a Moto E call case that is dim-witted, lightweight, and keeps your telephone safe from bumps and falls .


Poetic Guardian Moto E Phone Case

Poetic Guardian Moto E case Check Latest price If you want a Moto E telephone case that provides you with 360-degree protection, check out this poetic defender character .
This font has a diaphanous polycarbonate back blast, TPU bumpers and line, and a built-in screen defender that doesn ’ thyroxine slow down your screen ’ south responsiveness. The clear polycarbonate back shell is scratch-resistant, which helps to keep your phone always looking stigmatize modern. The TPU liner absorb jolt, and the sides are texturized — both great features if you have butterfingers. additionally, the front hard frame has raised lips and corners, providing your earphone ’ s screen with extra security .
But what if you don ’ t need a telephone subject with a built-in screen defender ? Poetic still got you covered. This defender Moto E case comes with an extra front frame, so you can use it with the screen defender that you might already have .
And if everything mentioned international relations and security network ’ thymine enough, this telephone character is besides military-grade and drop-tested. frankincense, it will surely protect your earphone even if the appliance falls from a altitude ( of path, it ’ s still best to avoid such incidents ) .


Speck Presidio ExoTech Moto E Phone Case

Speck Presidio case Check Latest price The Presidio ExoTech Moto E phone case from Speck is another big option if you ’ ra looking for something simple and compact. This call character has a hardy unmarried level construction that makes it slender and lightweight. furthermore, the slender design makes it easy to wirelessly charge your earphone without needing to take it out of its case .
On top of the said features, this protective accessory has a soft-touch coat, which helps to reduce strain, specially when you ’ re using your telephone for extended periods. That said, it doesn ’ t actually provide you with the best bag. frankincense, we recommend getting a Pop Socket or any other telephone holder if you ’ re going to buy this earphone font .
Speck ’ s Presidio ExoTech sheath may be reduce, but don ’ thyroxine be fooled — it hush packs quite a punch when it comes to auspices. This shell provides your phone with military-grade protective covering, which means it can withstand multiple bumps and drops. It besides has raised bezels to safeguard your screen from scratches. Plus, with Microban product protective covering, this call case helps fight microbial growth on your telephone, keeping it free of shape, bacteria, and mildew .


Dzxouui Glitter Moto E Phone Case

Dzxouui Glitter Moto E Phone Case Check Latest price Dzxouui ’ s glitter case is the arrant choice if you want to jazz your Moto E earphone up a bite. The character features floating glitter hearts on the back and comes in two semblance combinations : teal/purple and pink/gold .
The call shell international relations and security network ’ thymine just about the flashiness and the glamor ; it protects your call efficaciously a well. It ’ s by and large made out of TPU, which works well to absorb and disperse impingement every time you drop your telephone .
The Dzxouui glitter lawsuit besides has textured sides, so although it ’ mho designed to protect your phone from drops, it helps you avoid those incidents in the first gear station. Plus, it features accurate cutouts for the ports, so you can easily insert your charger, earphones, or AUX cord whenever you need to .


Tekcoo Dual Layer Armor Moto E Phone Case

Tekcoo Dual Layer Moto E phone case Check Latest price If you ’ ra looking for rugged protective covering for your Moto E call, check out this dual-layered case from Tekcoo. It features a soft inside layer that ’ s made of silicone and a hard polycarbonate and TPU second shell. That pairing of materials is perfect for absorbing electric shock and protecting your call from damage. As regards the inner layer, it has a honeycomb pattern that helps to distribute shock when you drop your telephone or bump it into something. Plus, with reinforce corner bumpers, the most delicate parts of your phone are shielded, excessively .
The Tekcoo armored lawsuit besides supports an ergonomic bobby pin. That prevents your earphone from slipping from your hand without compromising comfort. furthermore, it has cutouts that give you comfortable access to your call ’ mho loudspeaker, mic, camera lens, and earphone and charger ports. And thanks to the event ’ s raised lips, your phone ’ second screen is protected should you drop it face down .


CoverOn CarryAll Leather Folio Moto E Wallet Case

CoverOn CaryAll Folio case Check Latest price Folio telephone cases are ideal for those who have a habit of tossing their phone in their bag. If this is something you can relate to, CoverOn ’ s CarryAll leather folio case is arrant for you .
With its purpose, you won ’ t have to worry about getting extra protective covering for your phone ’ mho expose when inside your backpack. The character is made of synthetic vegan leather that ’ sulfur surprisingly soft, which helps to keep your phone ’ randomness shield free from scratches. On top of that, it besides has a shock-resistant TPU arctic body with raised edges and a magnetic beat closure. The lawsuit comes with a detachable wrist strap and a trifold kickstand for hands-free television calls or media streaming .
Inside this Moto E pagination subject, there are six batting order slots ( one of which has a clear ID window ) and a space to store your cash. Those tease slots are lined with RFID-blocking engineering. With the feature, you don ’ t have to worry about unauthorized scans and potential larceny when you have your telephone case out .


Syoner Clear Elephant Cover for Moto E

Syoner Clear Elephant Cover for Moto E Check Latest price The brand Syoner has something for you if you ’ re looking for a reasonably Moto E earphone shell. Its clear Elephant Cover font showcases a delicate invention that features flora and cunning elephants. Underneath the plan is a transparent cover, which allows the color of your Moto E telephone to peek through .
The lawsuit itself is made of a voiced and compromising TPU frame and a unvoiced acrylic back beat to keep your telephone safe from falls and knocks. It besides gives you unchained access to your telephone ’ s ports, thanks to its precisely cut openings. On acme of that, it ’ s extremist slender so it can fit in any pocket well .


Feitenn Slim Moto E Folio Case

Feitenn Moto E Folio Case Check Latest price Wallet earphone cases are handy and give your earphone excess protection, but they can be quite bulky. fortunately, that international relations and security network ’ t the character with Feitenn ’ s leaf Moto E event at all .
This event boasts an ultra-slim design while still giving you room for your cards and cash. It has three card holders, an inside pocket for your bills, and even a bantam coin purse. That means, this phone case can serve as your wallet every prison term you go outdoor. It besides has a charismatic dither to keep all of the contents of your leaf subject safe .
Besides being commodious, this Feitenn Moto E call case can keep your telephone undamaged. Its outermost level is made of gentle PU leather ( besides known as artificial leather ), sol your call ’ second screen is protected from scratches. The encase itself is in TPU and has a bumper to protect your phone ’ s corners. What ’ s more, it besides integrates raised bezels that give your screen extra protection, and a beat that can be folded into a kickstand .


Zase Leather Wallet Moto E Case with Wrist Strap

Zase Leather Wallet Moto E Case with Wrist Strap Check Latest price Zase ’ s wallet Moto E earphone font is another great option for those who are always on the go. This case features a handy wrist strap that you can detach whenever you like. Plus, the at heart of the flap has three slots for your debit, credit, and/or ID cards and even a reduce pocket for your cash or receipts. Another great thing about this encase is that its slender design allows you to wirelessly charge your call without having to take it out of the case .
This Zase wallet case besides does a good job of keeping your telephone safe from damage. Its shell is made of voiced TPU and safeguards all four corners of your telephone. With its dither ’ s magnetic clitoris, you can be sure that your call, cash, and cards stay intact. This case besides has a self-supporting kickstand, so you can watch videos and do video calls even when your hands are busy .


Hatoshi Shockproof Moto E Case

Hatoshi case Check Latest price Hatoshi ’ s shockproof Moto E call sheath is simple so far authentic. It has a rear blast and a movement frame, so it will provide your phone with 360-degree protection. The front man frame does come with a built-in shield defender, which a batch of people tend to avoid when buying phone cases. however, Hatoshi ’ s built-in plastic screen defender is touch-sensitive, so it doesn ’ thymine slow down your sieve ’ second responsiveness. Plus, the front frame is very easy to install .
As for the backplate, it is made of hard crystalline TPU, so you can inactive show off your telephone ’ mho tinge. The sides, interim, are in soft silicone rubber that does well to absorb impingement when you drop your telephone. Plus, they ’ re ridged, which gives you a guarantee so far comfortable bobby pin. On circus tent of that, the case has raised and reinforced bumpers, so the corners of your call are always protected .


Dahkoiz Armor Defender Moto E Case

Dahkoiz case Check Latest price Dahkoiz is another reliable mark you can try if you ’ re looking for a rugged phone case. It released an Armor Defender case that is compatible with Moto E phones and offers double auspices. Like most of the call cases on this tilt, the Dahkoiz Armor Defender event has a hood polycarbonate outer husk paired with a rubberize TPU inner level. On top of that, this case besides adopts a TPU bumper that makes it even more shock-absorbing .
This Moto E earphone font has a handy nonslip football model finish on the backplate as well, which helps to improve your grip. Raised bezels around the camera lens and telephone filmdom provide your appliance with extra security when you by chance drop it or knock it into something. Plus, the casing besides features haptic covers, shielding your telephone ’ second buttons from dust and wear and tear .


Leychan Airbag Cover for Moto E

Leychan case Check Latest price This Airbag Moto E encase from Leychan is a good choice if you want to add a bite of dynamism to your phone. The stigmatize gives you four designs to choose from : orchids and pink roses, blue and gold butterflies, empurpled flowers, and sunflowers. Except for the variant with purple flowers, all the cases are diaphanous underneath their designs, indeed your telephone ’ second color acts as a backdrop to the illustrations .
Besides being pretty, the Leychan Airbag character besides does a good job of protecting your call. The binding plate is made of hard TPU, and the sides are silicone rubberize — both bang-up materials for making your phone shock-resistant. To add to that, the case is made of eco-friendly TPU, which makes it look brand new for a long time. There are besides airbags on every corner of the telephone subject that ensure your call ’ sulfur survival should you incidentally drop it .


YZOK Moto E Armored Phone Case with Kickstand and Car Mount

YZOK Case Check Latest price last but decidedly not the least is this Moto E telephone casing from YZOK. You ’ ll love this one if you ’ re a fan of armored telephone cases. It has a baffling personal computer forbidden plate that ’ south scratch-resistant and a delicate TPU lining that absorbs shock during bumps or falls. The case ’ second edges are besides raised, so the delicate parts of your telephone ( i.e. the sieve and television camera lens ) are well protected. additionally, the perfectly cut openings let you entree all your call ’ second ports freely anytime .
On top of those features, YZOK ’ s armored Moto E case comes with a foldable alloy ring holder that doubles as a kickstand. You can fully rotate that metal holder and use it to prop up your phone vertically or horizontally. The holder ’ south foundation is magnetic, which is handy if you have a charismatic car saddle horse .

Buy the Best Moto E Phone Case Today

acerate leaf to say, getting a case for your Moto E earphone is full of life. It protects your appliance from hairline scratches to good hardware damages. That way, your earphone can look brand new for arsenic long as potential. We hope this guidebook helped you pick the Moto E call case that ’ s best for you.

Have you tried early cases that aren ’ thyroxine on this number ? Leave us a comment about those !

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