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Cars2Charities is a kin and female owned vehicle contribution program. We are registered with the allow business and governmental entities to operate in all 50 states with both local and national based charities .
We help donors by making car donations safe, easy, and ideal by offering them the prospect to maximize their tax deductions. We besides help charities by facilitating a lucrative source of supplementary and extra income to support their desirable causes. We want to help as many individuals, families, animals, veterans, and communities as we possibly can, by using our 50 collective years of cognition about car donations .
Cars2Charities differs from other cable car contribution programs because we have live contribution experts available by call to answer all your questions, and to walk you through the entire process. additionally, we assess each contribution to determine if and how we can improve the vehicle before converting it to a monetary contribution for charity. road
We ‘ve Loved Cars for Over 35 Years ! Caring for cars is our congress of racial equality clientele and we ‘re reasonably good at it. In fact, when it comes to examining and fixing cars up for resale, we ‘ve become quite the experts. How many other charity cable car programs have their own technicians ? How many others have a comprehensive guideline to determine the best means to improve your car ‘s value ? Just us, it seems ! Our vehicle contribution platform is singular because we maximize your contribution by making necessary alterations to the vehicle. In doing thus, the cable car ’ s respect normally goes up about 25-50 % as a result of the changes.

In summation to effectively handling car donations within the USA, it is our mission to spread love, forgivingness, and generosity to others .
Why Should I Donate My cable car to Charity ?
The simple reason people donate cars is because they do n’t need them anymore. however, there are countless great reasons for giving your donating your car in Illinois. Some of the reasons we hear most frequently are :
-It ’ s a huge harass to sell it yourself or the trade-in offer you got from CarMax or a dealer is laughably gloomy. Your clock may be more valuable than the energy needed to fix it up and sell it yourself — and just imagine the nightmare of finding the fomite registration documents or title if it ‘s an erstwhile cable car, or something that ‘s in the family. When you donate your vehicle in Illinois through Cars2Charities, we handle the details and tow your car – whenever and from wherever it ‘s convenient .
When YOU Need Help. Giving through a car contribution program in Illinois is a bang-up way to avoid the fuss of selling it — specially if it ‘s not worth much. If your clock time ‘s more valuable than the clock and energy needed to sell it yourself, we have the perfective solution. And we make it indeed easy. Whether you ca n’t locate the title, the registration has lapsed or is missing, or you good need it gone fast and ca n’t be bothered with selling it, we handle the details and tow your car for release. When it ‘s time, we provide the tax documents you ‘ll need for the IRS in decree to get your jacob’s ladder car tax deduction .
When Your CAR Needs Help. Fixing up cars is kind of what makes us special. so, if the cost of repairing your cable car is starting to add up to more than it ‘s worth, donating makes a lot of sense. Our in-house car specialists make bright, selective improvements that typically increase the measure of your car, motorbike contribution or golf cart contribution in Illinois by 25 % -50 %. Your charity gets more than they would have if you sold the car “ as is ” and gave them the cash. Since you can deduct the fully value of what your fomite actually sells for on your tax return, you make out pretty well besides !

Why Donate a Car in Illinois?

The childlike rationality people choose to donate their car is because they no longer want it. early reasons that people chose to donate their fomite alternatively of trying to sell are :
-It ’ s a huge fuss to sell it yourself
-The trade-in offer you got from CarMax, or a principal is laughably broken .
– It would take A LOT of time and money to fix up the car yourself
-You need your vehicle off your property .
-You want to support a cause that is important to you, get rid of your vehicle in the serve, AND receive a tax tax write-off for your contribution .
Donating your fomite to charity is a generous act of kindness. That ’ south why we give you the freedom to choose where your contribution goes. After we convert your car contribution into monetary value- the charity you select gets between 50-80 % of the proceeds ! *
We work with local and national based animal rescue sulfur, children/families charities, environmental causes, dispossessed shelters, human services, and veterans .

How Do I Donate My Car in Illinois?

In most cases, we accept all makes, models, and types of vehicles. While car and hand truck donations are our most popular type of donations, we besides accept motorcycles, golf carts, and motorhomes.

Donating your vehicle is angstrom comfortable as ONE, TWO, THREE !
ONE : Call 855-520-2100 to Arrange FREE Towing
cable car donations in Illinois are easier than ever. All you have to do is start with a phone visit. In LESS time than it takes to parallel park on the busiest street in Illinois, one of our car contribution experts can get you started ! You ‘ll be asked a few questions from our vehicle contribution experts. If you already know what charity you ‘d like your vehicle contribution to support, you can let us know over the telephone. We will arrange a time that is most convenient for YOU to schedule FREE TOWING .
two : Pick a jacob’s ladder
Choosing a charity is extremely childlike when you donate your car in Illinois ! If you already have a lawsuit that is personally meaningful to you, just tell us and we can direct your car contribution funds. If not, that ‘s okay besides ! We will gladly choose for you barely like we do for many of our donors. There are over forty thousand IRS approved charities so you can take deoxyadenosine monophosphate much ( or small ) time as you like finding inspiration .
We work with local and national based animal rescue sulfur, children/families charities, environmental causes, dispossessed shelters, human services, and veterans .
immediately, if deciding on equitable one charity is besides arduous, we can help. You can just say, “ Cars2Charities, you choose for me. ” Simply let us know .
THREE : Get Your Benefits increasingdonations
Get the IRS Form 1098-C in the mail 30 days after your donate cable car sells There are many jacob’s ladder options for you to choose from — whether you ‘d like to give globally, or right here in Illinois .
Get ready for a sweet tax tax write-off this year. After we tow your fomite for detached and you choose a charity, leave the pillow is up to us. Our highly discipline car technical school fix up your donate car and sell it at a higher respect. Sit back, loosen and expect for the IRS form ( sent within 30 days of the sale of your car contribution. ) You can deduct the full sale price of the donate car off your taxes. Both you and your jacob’s ladder will get a imitate of the sales document, and everyone is happy .

Benefits of Donating to Charity

By donating, you can share your rage for change and draw attention to what you consider crucial. In return, you receive a maximize tax tax write-off, and the quilt of knowing your contribution sparked deepen and amelioration .
Charities are not the only ones who benefit. By donating a car in Illinois, you ’ re character of a win/win proposition since fomite donations to jacob’s ladder are considered by the Internal Revenue Service and the State to be COMPLETELY TAX DEDUCTIBLE .
Our value-enhancing services allow you to deduct the full moon sale price off your vehicle as a charity contribution. We operate with broad transparency between donor and charity by making sure everyone has a copy of the IRS regulated paperwork — including the IRS Form 1098-C which you will receive within 30 days after the sale of your car .
Both you and the charity will receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30-50 days of the sale of your vehicle, making the transaction crystalline to all parties. Plus, we do all the employment. There ’ south no stand in lines at the DMV or dealing with the paperwork to transfer the title.

Need some more information ? The IRS guidelines for tax deductions is a great resource. You can besides learn more about our vehicle contribution program by watching our video, which focus on frequently asked questions that we ‘ve grouped by topic .
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