Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Chipotle Mexican Grill sign

Do you have a craving for Chipotle and want to pay with Apple Pay ?
Chipotle offers delicious, healthy Mexican food options in a convenient fast-food format.

however, does the convenience extend to requital methods ?
Does Chipotle take Apple Pay ?
Apple Pay gives you a cardless method acting to pay for your purchases .
While it ’ mho growing in popularity, not everyone has caught on yet .
We cover everything you need to know about whether you can pay with Apple Pay at Chipotle .

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

hand holding the iPhone X with Apple Pay

Yes. Chipotle takes Apple Pay .
You can pay with Apple Pay both inside all stores and through the app .
In regulate for Chipotle to take payments in their stores, they have upgraded POS systems to allow Apple Pay .
many retail chains have POS systems that support Apple Pay .
It ’ randomness becoming more and more democratic, and customers are starting to expect the option .
Less common, Chipotle besides accepts Apple Pay through the app .
You can decree pickup or delivery through the app from your couch, and you won ’ metric ton even have to get up to get your poster out of your wallet .
Additional ways to pay at Chipotle include :

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Prepaid card
  • Gift card

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay service

Apple Pay refers to a card-less requital method that uses an app on your telephone in plaza of your tease .
All iPhones have an app preloaded onto them called Apple Wallet .
The Apple Wallet app is known as a “ mobile wallet ” and holds your credit calling card information .
When you add a card to your Apple Wallet, your phone can facilitate wireless communication between the phone and the credit menu terminal .
once connected, your earphone will send the encrypted credit card information to the POS system, allowing the seller to take the funds out of your history just as if you had swiped your credit batting order as normal .

Is Apple Pay Safe?

Close-up view of man using Apple Pay

Yes ! Apple Pay is extremely safe .
When you make a payment using Apple Pay, the mobile wallet will send over code information .
This means that Chipotle never receives your actual card details but quite an code code .
If a hacker somehow managed to gain access despite Chipotle ’ mho advanced digital security measures, they wouldn ’ thymine be able to access your wag information .
Some people worry that the chasteness of the payment method makes it inherently less impregnable .
however, that ’ s not the case .
What happens if person steals your earphone ?
Will they be able to make payments with your mobile wallet ?
No !
In order to use Apple Pay, you must have a security method on your phone to open it ( you probably already do ) .
Some of the popular methods include :

  • Fingerprint
  • Face scan
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password

No one can use your mobile wallet unless they can get into your earphone .
You besides can ’ triiodothyronine set up Apple Pay unless you have one of these security features in place to unlock your call .

Apple Pay On All Devices

You can utilize Apple Pay on numerous Apple products, including your Apple Watch, Apple laptop, and Apple pill ( although you alone want to pay inside the shop with either your Apple call or Apple Watch ) .
You will need to add your cards to each device individually .
Adding your card to one device will not mechanically add it to your Apple Wallet app on the other devices ( for your protection ) .

Can I Use Apple Pay If I Don’t Have An iPhone?

hands using modern smartphone

You can ’ metric ton use Apple Pay if you don ’ metric ton have an iPhone, but other smartphones have similar fluid wallets that work in the same means .
Two of the most popular alternate mobile wallets are Google Pay and Samsung Pay .
All POS systems in the United States that accept Apple Pay will accept the early mobile wallets equally well since they all work using near discipline communication ( NFC ) engineering .

Apple Pay Vs. Google Pay And Samsung Pay

All mobile wallets work in a similar fashion .
however, they silent have distinct features that may make one app preferable to the others in your opinion .
It starts with approachability .
Apple Pay is entirely available to people with iPhones .
Samsung Pay is only available to people with Samsung devices .
You can download Google Pay on any device ( including an Apple ) .
adjacent, it depends on where you plan to use your mobile wallet .
Apple Pay stands above the others in that it ’ s accepted in more places around the world ( 41 countries ) compared to Google Pay ( 29 countries ) and Samsung Pay ( 24 countries ) .
For people who travel, that can make a significant remainder .
next, you need to know which requital methods you can use .
Apple Pay does not allow you to pay with PayPal because they are competitors .

Why Should I Use A Mobile Wallet?

hand hold use mobile phone

While using Apple Pay or another mobile wallet adds an extra floor of security when you pay by encrypting the data, Chipotle ’ s POS systems are already impregnable even if you use your circuit board .
Why would anyone want to use their mobile wallet compared to their calling card ?
To answer that, think about any meter you left your poster at home or in the car .
It ’ sulfur embarrass and a godforsaken of time if you need to retrieve your tease .
many people forget their wallets, but about cipher forgets their call .
If you run into a situation where you don ’ t have your wag on you, you ’ ll be able to use the batting order in your mobile wallet .
You besides have to consider the numerous people who pay with cards every day at Chipotle .
While Chipotle runs a clean organization, not every customer has fairly hands when they pay .
It ’ s a minor hazard, but customers may leave behind germs on any surface that you may come into contact with .
Card-less payments give you the option to not interact with the recognition calling card terminal at all, so you don ’ thyroxine pick up any germs .
In this sidereal day and age of a sharpen awareness toward contagious illness, we can all benefit from contactless payments .

How To Pay With Apple Pay

Apple Pay is easy to use at all Chipotle stores .
You will not need to change any settings on your call .
All phones automatically have the NFC engineering turned on .
You can not turn it off .
The merely thing you need to do is add your tease to the app .
After that, you ’ ll be quick to pay with Apple Pay at Chipotle !
startle by unlocking the phone and opening the Apple Wallet app.

You should find the app on your home screen .
once you have the app open, swipe it near the register when prompted .
If the call locked before you got to that sharpen, you ’ ll have to unlock it again .
When you swipe your call, you should notice an indication of a connection between the two devices ( normally a green checkmark ) .
once the devices establish a connection, it ’ randomness as if you swiped your poster .
The requital will process, and you will get your acknowledge .
If something went ill-timed, you need to determine if the trouble occurred before or after a connection was made .
If it happened before, you may not have swiped the telephone close enough to the end .
You besides may not have adequate battery .
NFC engineering is quite dependable, so it ’ mho rare for the terminal to have a trouble .
however, on rare occasions, the concluding may have technical issues if it can ’ thyroxine establish a connection with your call .
If after, you may have selected the faulty menu, or no funds are in your explanation

What Does A Store Need To Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay on the screen

To accept Apple Pay, a store must have a POS system with near field communication ( NFC ) capabilities .
NFC technology allows a customer ’ s call to connect to a credit wag terminal wirelessly, like to Bluetooth technology .
however, unlike Bluetooth, you don ’ t need to connect the devices manually .
It besides works at a much closer range compared to Bluetooth .
Older POS systems didn ’ metric ton have this technology .
It costs a lot of money for a chain to update all of its systems, but Chipotle made the change for the convenience of the customer and to stay up to date with mod payment trends and the contest .
about all POS systems sold today contain NFC capabilities .
The problem is with the previous ones .
however, customers are beginning to expect the ability to use their mobile wallets .
If a store doesn ’ t offer the requital option to the customer, that customer may have to go somewhere else .

How Can I Order Chipotle?

Chipotle restaurant location in San Francisco Bay

You can order Chipotle by going to the store and ordering inside or ordering through the app .
If you order in the shop, you will move down the forum line of ingredients to create your holy order with the team penis helping you .
get down with rice and beans .
adjacent, you pick your protein .
finally, you include your add-ons ( boodle, veggies, cheese, etc. ) .
Remember that guacamole and queso cost supernumerary !
You will then pay at the register ( with Apple Pay if you choose ) .
If you order on-line, you ’ ll need to select your storehouse and choose whether you want to order for pickup or delivery .
next, you will select the food you want .
You will have an extensive list of component options so that you can customize your regulate to your exact specifications fair as you would in the memory .
last, you ’ ll verify your delivery details and the details of your order before paying .
You can besides use Apple Pay to pay through the app .

Benefits Of Ordering Through The App

Chipotle App On Apple iPhone Screen

Ordering through the app allows you to skip the tune .
You can order in boost for pickup without any delivery fees .
The food will be waiting for you at the pick-up station when you arrive .
order before you leave the house, and your food should be hot and fix by the time you arrive ( allowing a fair total of time ) .
You could even get pitch so that you don ’ t have to leave your house .
In the app, you can besides save your prefer payment methods so that you never have to search for your calling card again .
The app besides makes it comfortable to keep racetrack of any promotions you receive through Chipotle, allowing you to save money .
Chipotle worked hard to revamp its original app by releasing an update version of the app in 2017 .
It ’ mho been well-received by the customers so army for the liberation of rwanda .

Why Eat At Chipotle?

Chipotle located inside of the Woodfield Mall

You have a lot of options when it comes to fast food .
Why eat at Chipotle as opposed to the other places you can go to lunch ?

1. High Quality Food

Chipotle believes that you deserve high-quality kernel as opposed to the low-grade kernel served at other fast-food mexican establishments ( Taco Bell ! ) .
They never include artificial flavors or preservatives .
They besides never freeze their food or take shortcuts when it comes to serving you .
They tied let you watch as they make your food in front of you !

2. Vegan Options

Some people choose not to eat the creatures walking this worldly concern, and Chipotle supports that decision .
To ensure vegan visitors don ’ t go athirst or feel limited to rice and beans, Chipotle offers vegan options, such as the delightful vegan chorizo or the vegan life style bowl .

3. Healthy Options

Chipotle not entirely offers vegan options but besides healthy options for people who want to follow a low-calorie or keto diet .
To stay low-calorie, stick to a tend protein and skip the cheese, sour cream, chips, queso, and full-flavored sodium carbonate .
Substitute rice and beans for boodle to keep it keto .

4. Environmentally Conscious Practices

Chipotle understands and respects the ground that provides the natural ingredients they use in their food .
That ’ s why they make a point to exercise environmentally conscious clientele operations that nurture the planet rather of just milking it of its resources .
They besides have some of the highest standards when it comes to the meat they use, merely using responsibly raised kernel .
When you eat at Chipotle, you ’ rhenium doing good for the body and the planet .

The Competition

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill restaurant exterior

Chipotle has some competition when it comes to Mexican flying food, including Taco Bell, Qdoba, and Baja Fresh .
Qdoba and Taco Bell besides offer customers the choice to pay with Apple Pay and other mobile wallets .
Baja Fresh does not .
Taco Bell offers the brassy options with a dollar menu, but the food quality falls significantly behind the others .
Qdoba and Baja Fresh have more kind on their menu .
besides, Qdoba doesn ’ t charge excess for guacamole .
Chipotle has the best quality food of the bunch .


You have many ways to pay when you visit Chipotle, including Apple Pay and other fluid wallets.

You don ’ t need to dig through your pockets or wallet for your card, holding up the line, ever again .
Simply take out your call and hold it near the citation poster terminal to pay without your menu or without touching the credit card terminal .
There are a batch of reasons that you may choose to eat at Chipotle today, and you ’ ll have numerous ways to pay .

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