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Of course you are not going to get divorced… everything is wholly fine, right ? You have nothing to talk to each other about, sex is rare and embarrassing and his mobile phone poster is telling you strange things ( not that you ’ ve looked ) but you ’ re not going to get divorced. Well, even if you ’ re not going to get divorced ( always ), here at The Midult we like to be prepared. so here is a list of the best divorce lawyers in the state. You know, just in case. ( All rates will be plus VAT )


Where do we start with Baroness Shackleton ? possibly this floor will help. One woman was therefore impress after encountering Shackleton when she was representing her husband in their divorce that she hired her adjacent prison term around. The client said, “ I knew that if I ever got divorced again, I would want you on my side. ” So yes she ’ south street fighter, expensive and once got soaked by Heather Mills. But she besides actually cares, bakes unbelievably good brownies and never rests on her laurels. Which are considerable. “ I ’ m a lawyer not a magician, ” she says. We are not so certain .
hourly rate : £850 plus £5,000 for an initial meeting ( to stop people contracting her out – this means if you meet one lawyer, even if it ’ s fair the once, your spouse can not hire them ) /


This is no ordinary lawyer. Bruce is a super-lawyer. And he ’ randomness curious. And a very dear chess player, so don ’ thyroxine mess. The first thing he says to a customer ? “ I hope that you never have to see me again. ” Head of international kin law at Farrer, he has this advice for those thinking about disassociate : “ Generally, debar lawyers. Use us only as facilitators and for high level advice. And be clamant on knowing the fiscal cost. ” So it ’ s all mediation, mediation, mediation with him. That and Liverpool Football Club.

hourly rate : £590 /


Stephen Foster is the avuncular partner and head of family law at Stewarts Law ; he set up the department eleven years ago and nowadays has a dedicated team of 40. It ’ randomness all about calm with Foster. He is sedate. He wants you to be calm – no dialling up the saturation, rather it ’ south all about getting everyone “ off the ceiling ” and making rational decisions. Take the wife who wrote, “ thanking me both for obtaining a settlement which ensured fiscal security for the rest of her life but besides for providing her with the aroused support, to give her the assurance to hold out for what she deserved. ” He besides used to do competitive judo – his mantra is “ you should always fight the person – not the belt. ” So lashkar-e-taiba Foster handle the blackmail. And he will .
hourly rate : POA /


Yes she has a capital name. Yes she is a brainy young consort with Payne Hicks Beach. Yes she is repose itself, methodical, thoughtful and kind. But Costley is besides progressive, and boisterous on behalf of women who give up work to look after the family and then find themselves on the improper end of a interval. In her bare time she enjoys a triathlon. And has completed two Iron man races : “ Competitive spirit runs bass in my family and I was racing against my match sister, father and conserve. only one of the three got past me but I ’ ll get her on the following one… ” So yes, she can handle your divorce. But she besides might get you back together : “ We had four reconciliations one class and in each of those cases the couples pulled it back from right on the brink. divorce lawyers are not ice-hearted – a batch of us are actually champions of marriage. ”
hourly rate : £300-£400 /


Sandra Davis is a power partner at Mishcon de Reya – she ’ mho been at the firm for over 30 years and “ I distillery feel I can make a difference. ” So she is all about “ responsible lawyering ”. This means that she might recommend a therapist, or a child psychologist. There might even be a conversation about repute management ( Mishcon ’ s a ‘ full-service firm ’ after all ). And she will stay in touch afterwards. But that ’ s not to say she ’ second soft : “ I am not afraid of the fight. ” Plus Davis is an technical in resettlement – when one rear wants to leave the nation with the children – she has never lost a casing .
hourly rate : POA/


“ Superb bedside manner, ” they say. That ’ second fair the begin of it. This Cambridge-educated partner at Stewarts Law is net, acute, an excellent strategist and one of the best lawyers in London. so much so that boyfriend lawyers want her to handle their divorces – and they will fall over themselves to recommend her : “ highly healthy, hardworking, constructive, fast, and she provides commercially-driven advice with no sitting on the wall or waffle. ” And when she grows up she wants to be Mary Berry .
hourly pace : POA /


Catherine Thomas, is a hot combination of ballsy and hardheaded. A partner at 26 ? Check. strategist on huge international disassociate cases such as the barbarous Young five Young ? Check. Under 35 ? Check. placid, she is human ( we ’ ve checked ). She says her biggest shape example has been learning to say no because “ equally soon as I became convinced of my abilities I gained the courage to admit when I couldn ’ thymine do it all on my own. ” We bet she can .
hourly pace : £375 /


Lipson is Oxford educated and a partner at Withers. so far indeed good. But what if we told you that after settling a unmanageable casing one Christmas Eve, “ the clients and the two lawyers sat down like civilize people and had a glass of wine together. ” now that is great. Maybe it ’ s his clamant likeability – after police school he practised his spiel as a tour guide in London and Paris ( he ’ south eloquent in French ). Or wealth of feel – he ’ s the go-to-guy for City professionals. The number one induce for disassociate ? “ normally people merely don ’ thymine invest enough in the relationship. ” First thing he ’ ll ask you ? “ Before we get to any legal stuff, why don ’ t you tell me what you want to achieve from all of this ? ” You ’ ll credibly exclaim. But that ’ s OK .
hourly rate : £615 /


back in 1999 Diana Parker was the youngest and the beginning female elder partner of a City law firm. indeed you won ’ metric ton be surprised that Parker can more than handle it if you are a catchy customer. “ I get positive enjoyment out of working with difficult people, ” she says. so take it to her if you are used to getting your own way, she relishes the challenge of “ enabling people to see around the aspects of their personality that may be effective in some areas but are blocking progress in this one. ” BTW her nickname is the Ice Queen .
hourly rate : £705 /


Want a shit-hot rising ace ? Need a solid pre-nup ? then Carlyon ’ s your woman. Partner at Pennington Manches since 2013, she is regularly described as a lawyer on the up. Bright, bright and shimmeringly discerning, when not taking the cases of sports and media types, she ’ south riding a cavalry. Princess Charming .
hourly rate : £410 /


Hughes Fowler Caruthers, they say, has been “ built around the superb reputation of Frances Hughes. ” So this will cost you. But you can trust her. Hughes is an perplex lawyer : tough and empathic at the same time. “ It ’ s an odd combination, ” she admits. So she will fight your corner, but, in a negotiation, “ I am going to actually look at what is in your best interest. ” And this might not be what you think you want but, if you follow Hughes ’ advocate, you will be “ grateful once you calm down. ”
hourly rate £675 /


Partner at Stewarts Law, Debbie Chism is well aware that for the majority of her clients her agency “ is credibly the final place they always expected or wanted to be. ” So she ’ ll listen, and this is what she ’ ll ask you to do : “ Communicate. Don ’ thyroxine let this go. Hard as it is, trying to keep a constructive negotiation with your former spouse is crucial to sorting everything out as cursorily and a squarely as possible. ” And she will help. She very will. But wear ’ thymine believe us. Believe one of her clients who told her, “ You are the only lawyer I know who actually makes my life EASIER. ” ( Plus she has an Oxford Darts bluing – OK darts is not a ‘ blasphemous ’ sport but she did play for the university ladies team against Cambridge on a stage at the Oxford City football flat coat )

hourly rate : POA /


“ You ’ vitamin d be proud to have Claire Gordon as your lawyer, ” says our source. So what makes this collaborator at Farrer great ? possibly it ’ s her first question to a node : “ What is worrying you most at the moment ? ” Because she says, it ’ randomness easy for “ lawyers to focus on what we think is most crucial, quite than what may be preying on a client ’ randomness mind. ” Integrity is all-important to Gordon – a well as the periodic spin around a ballroom – and she has this advice to anyone looking for legal advice : “ Make sure you like and trust your lawyer ; you could be speaking to them a distribute ! Someone your ally found capital may or may not suit your dash, therefore go with your instincts. ” Oh and she ’ s a stipulate divemaster .
hourly rate : £480 /


You ’ ll be lucky to get detention of William Longrigg – he is forever jetting round the globe in his character as president of the prestigious International Academy of Family Law. But chase him if your shell might be spread over respective external jurisdictions – he ’ s an expert and speaks three languages ( and we ’ ra not evening counting his german ). And he is worth it – a family police headliner, he joined Charles Russell as a trainee in 1985. When not on a plane or in the office he ’ s glad heading out West – he ’ s truly a Shropshire chap .
hourly rate : Over £500 /


dame Helen Ward, by her marriage to former evaluator Sir Alan Ward, is passionate about her work. “ I enjoy the job of being a lawyer, ” she says. “ And I am concern in the human condition. ” A spouse at Stewarts Law, Ward is hard ( she is Guy Ritchie ’ s lawyer – and if you don ’ t know who his x is… ) but fair : “ I am not the correct person for a customer who is intentionally unreasonable or unmanageable. ” so do try and behave .
hourly rate : POA /


For scottish Midults, there ’ s Rachael Kelsey, one of the initiation directors of SKO ( Sheehan Kelsey Oswald ), based in Edinburgh. Kelsey is funny, direct and evangelical about mediation – she is passionate about positive solutions. She ’ second besides an expert in the issues that arise for individuals in same-sex relationships. Kelsey recently described a nibble of jurisprudence as “ classically scots – square, certain, clear, structured, fair. ” I think you get the visualize .
hourly rate : POA /


He ’ s an OBE. The joint founder of the International Family Law Group. He ’ sulfur written textbooks about class law. He is an honorary Professor of jurisprudence. In short, an expert. And an extremely courteous man : when asked about his worst case he describes one where he acted brilliantly for his customer but was troubled that the result had been less golden to the resistance. It “ caused me to engage in police reform to produce fairer outcomes. ” And if that isn ’ metric ton convincing adequate, take the customer who told him he “ had enabled her to come through the atrocious divorce feel with integrity, dignity and renewed assurance in herself. ” And when he is not coming to the rescue of divorcees-in-distress ? “ I am, I hope, a very peaceable person but I enjoy books about battles in history. Waterloo, Trafalgar, Agincourt and others. It ’ s the tactics, the maneuver before and during the battle, the reason why it has occurred in the inaugural set and why one was successful and the other was not. ”
hourly rate : mediation and arbitration is £400 and legal employment is £575 /


Did you watch Doctor Foster ? The one with Suranne Jones and the break-up of a marriage ? Of course you did. Well Philippa Dolan was the legal adept for the drama. A partner at Collyer Bristow she is a romantic at heart : Her best sheath ? “ The one where the conserve cried in the witness box, the judge called for a short adjournment and the wife, my client, ran into his arms. ” Dolan is a effective egg – and an obsessive one. She ’ second kept “ a diary every day since I was 9. I ’ m obsessed with politics and watch the Parliament Channel. ” She ’ randomness besides got “ a bit of a thing about Charles II. ”
hourly rate : £425 /


She studied History at St Hilda ’ s, Oxford, so it ’ s not surprising that Sarah Higgins – drumhead of the family group at Charles Russell Speechlys – likes to make a bite of history herself. She was the winning solicitor the beginning time the Court of Appeal adjudicated on the dissolving of a civil partnership. Clever, charming and committed .
hourly rate : POA /


A node tells us that Yorke is “ crystal clear ” – ideal during a very confuse clock. Another text us one parole “ Nails ”. So it ’ s no storm to hear that Yorke loves her job as a managing associate for adult batter Mishcon de Reya – one minute writing a pre-nuptial agreement for an oligarch, the adjacent she ’ second helping a wife track down and freeze her husband ’ sulfur assets overseas. so brace yourself .
hourly rate : POA /


David Allison is a conductor of Family Law in Partnership. Things you should know ? He settles the huge majority of his cases outside court, and is an adept at dealing with cohabitation issues. then if no one put a ring on it, he ’ s the one to call. He ’ second besides very mastermind – his first words to you will be, “ What was it that made you call me ? ” And he ’ ll look after you : “ It sounds bromidic, but to see people come through the other side of a disassociate process and thrive is vastly rewarding. ” We should besides warn you that he can “ sing a total of songs by the Wurzels ( normally after a bottle of wine ! ) ” Combine Harvester, indeed .
hourly rate : £435 /


If it ’ s a major actor you are looking for, then try James Stewart. The son of a County Tyrone farmer, he has been a spouse at Pennington Manches since 2006. Stewart recently acted for the co-founder of one of the world ’ mho leading hedge funds, in a divorce that was concluded in less than six months. Six months ? seriously. He lives in Covent Garden ( hence his chitter handle @ jamesstewartwc2 ) and Emma Samms is a fan. We are not even joking.

hourly rate : £540 /


London law firms were falling over themselves to keep Claire Hamilton-Russell in the Capital – no cube, she headed for Newbury and her own firm. so if you are a Home Counties divorcee-to-be then CH-R Family Solicitors should be your finish. There ’ randomness no ‘ one size fits all ’ vogue here – it ’ s a niche practice with a enormously feel team. And Hamilton-Russell prides herself on being “ human ”. Plus she will come to London. Phew .
hourly rate : POA /

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