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CodeDesign – The Leading Digital Marketing Agency Zurich

Digital Agency Zurich | CodeDesign

Digital Agency Zurich | CodeDesign

CodeDesign is Zurich ‘s lead digital marketing means with its headquarters at YourTarget, Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland. With our years of experience in the selling field, we are fix to take your project off the grind digitally. We have helped our clients to get gross over €30 million so far. We are gallant to say that we have successfully seized opportunities, explore possibilities, and opened up new markets with huge commit and strategies for our partners. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing .

As a digital market agency in Zurich, we have successfully partnered with global brands and worked with millions of customers worldwide. Nestlé, Microsoft, NAU hotels and resorts, Star hostel, Velux, and so forth, are some of the leading names that recognize CodeDesign as a lead digital market agency and the team to be elite entrepreneurs. Our successful marketing campaigns have allowed them to explore fresh markets and communicate with their target consultation in a more personalize room .


Media Buying Experts Digital Marketing Optimization Web Development
Paid Search – Google Ads & Bing Ads | International PPC Digital Strategy and Sales Funnel optimization eCommerce Development
Apple Search Ads Search Engine Optimization eCommerce strategy
Google Display advertise International SEO CRM Management
social Media – Facebook and Instagram Ads content market Email marketing
Amazon Sales Ads content strategy Amazon Marketing
DSP and Programmatic Buying capacity syndication e-commerce optimization
Google Shopping GTM & Google Analytics Magento development
Youtube True View Advertising Website migration Prestashop development
Remarketing native ad Wordpress or Headless CMS development

CodeDesign’s expertise in the digital marketing niche is well renowned and recognized in Zurich.


CodeDesign Zurich

CodeDesign is a lead digital marketing means and Amazon market collaborator that has successfully executed thousands of marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase sales, leads, telephone calls, transactions, and qualified web traffic .

Do n’t take our words. Take the statistics for citation ; we have an 86 % node memory rate and a node recommendations pace that is 376 % higher than the market average. We have had partnerships with our zurich clients in the past, and we have a good understand of the market in Switzerland .

not only are our services limited to Switzerland for the local companies, as we offer ball-shaped e-commerce services, from integrated paid search and programmatic media to advanced CRM consolidation. This approach allows our partners an opportunity to create holistic commercialize campaigns for maximum consequence .

We have a team of elite digital marketers to help you be a leader in the Zurich market as well as globally.

CodeDesign Team comprises the experts

CodeDesign Team comprises the experts

CodeDesign is gallant to have a team of elite marketers who breathe digital marketing and are passionate and ready to take new selling challenges to help our entrepreneur partners succeed in their ventures. Our team consists of attest instructors, thought leaders, and subject matter experts in Amazon market and advertise, capacity commercialize, Google ads, SEO, PPC, social media ads, data analytics, and e-commerce development. Our marketers are certified from the top grade and recognized academies. hera is a dispatch template on CRM execution .

We are gallant to have a team that believes in a data-driven and virtual approach to add the most value to the customers and the brands. Find the list of our elect team members in the “ About section “ of the web site. You could work with us, the leading digital marketing agency to assist you in digital marketing .

We have several brands that trust us.

Brands that trust us...

Brands that trust us…

Our portfolio includes several multinational brands and e-commerce stores that had exponential sales and mark awareness growth with our strategic and data-driven campaigns, aboard our proprietorship tools and algorithm that help us know and gather data on customer demeanor .

Some of the top brands that trust us are as follows :

Perfumes & Companhia

We have a proved track of success in generating sales, brand awareness, and getting leads depending on the needs of the ship’s company. As in the character of PAEZ, we help this argentine shoe brand get an ACoS of 26 % during the eminent season and increase the act of orders through our campaigns by 800 % .

On the other hand, we helped OMSTARS Yoga streaming services to increase 43 % in web site traffic and 48 % in new users. besides, the signups increased by 548 %, and the subscription increased by 17 %. not only that, we decreased the CPL by 40 %, which was enormous and exponential growth for the brand .

We have experts to solve specific problems for our partners. We have a group of elite e-commerce marketers and advertisers, highly specify B2B leaders, and a sales team to help our partners get more B2B leads .

Our digital marketing services in Zurich

We create custom campaigns
We create custom campaigns for our partners

Our main services include media bribe services, digital commercialize optimization, and web development .

Our paid advertising services include:

Our paid advertising services

Our paid advertising services

Paid Search – Google Ads & Bing Ads
Apple Search Ads
Google Display advertise
social Media – Facebook and Instagram Ads
Linkedin Paid Campaigns
Amazon Sales Ads
DSP and Programmatic Buying
Google Shopping
Youtube TrueView Advertising
multilingual PPC

Digital Marketing Optimization Services:

Digital Marketing Optimization

Digital Marketing Optimization

Digital Strategy and Sales Funnel optimization
Search Engine Optimization
International SEO
content selling
content scheme
content syndication
GTM & Google Analytics
Website migration
Keyword research
native Ads

Web Development Services

Our Web Development Services
Our Web Development Services

eCommerce Development
eCommerce strategy
CRM Management
Email selling
Amazon Marketing
e-commerce optimization
Magento development
Prestashop development
WordPress exploitation
Headless CMS development

Certification and Accreditation

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Code plan is the # 1 Top Digital Strategy Agency for Clutch and is regarded as one of the best for scheme, communication, report, and problem-solving approaches. We are gallant to be a Google premier collaborator and are recognized by Top Interactive Agencies, Clutch, TDA, and HubSpot .

We are gallant to be a goal-oriented, diaphanous, and multicultural agency with a team that has the bore to bring a super-fast turnaround. We are not a local anesthetic agency as we work in 12 different time zones. We are trusted with growing companies ‘ on-line presence on the local, national, and external scale. We constantly try to work closely with our client ‘s team to understand how best to meet their needs, utilizing the divers talent to create highly advanced marketing campaigns .

How to contact us?

Contact us

Contact Us

Method 1:

principal over to the “ Request a Quote “ page and fill the form, including your mention, party e-mail, web site URL, earphone number, and a brief overview of a few main challenges and goals. The determination of this phase is to prepare better before we have a meet to talk on more relevant topics, meaning more proactive clock for both you and us .

Method 2:

You can besides email us directly at contact @ .

We will contact you ampere soon as possible. You could check out our privacy policy page for more information regarding using your electronic mail address, phone count, or any other data .

Method 3:

Contact our team members immediately on LinkedIn. You can find the main team on the approximately page of our web site. As you hover over the team extremity, you will get the LinkedIn icon, which will take you to the respective team members ‘ LinkedIn profiles .

Why is CodeDesign the best digital marketing agency in Zurich?

With thus much noise in the market and ad industry, it is critical to choose the best choice to increase your company ‘s sales and mark awareness importantly .

One of the frequently asked questions that we get from our partners before the partnerships are what makes CodeDesign the best option in the market. We would say that years of experience and thousands of campaigns have brought us adequate data and expertness, allowing us to create laser-guided campaigns for the target hearing down the funnel and create particular content for the top-of-the-funnel prospects to push them down .

We have always believed in taking the correct steps to connect the mark with the right hearing, and for this sake, we created CodeDesign augmented analytics tools to get more insight into the target persona .

Our portfolio includes details about a list of campaigns that we created for partners. With a one sight, you could well figure out our approach to every problem. We are data-driven and believe in a holistic approach .

connect with us to get a 30 minutes free consultation for your brand .

CodeDesign is a lead :
– Digital agency ,
– amazon marketing agency, and

– Magento developer

Feel release to contact us to see the unprecedented growth of your business .

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