Case Study On Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy 2022

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Search Engine Optimisation

Zomato has a has put in a batch of efforts in SEO .
As per Ubersuggest datum, it ranks in India for 816,952 keywords as on July 2019. It ’ randomness organic traffic is 6,719,882 users per month. These stats are actually amaze. Zomato Marketing Strategy SEO
How has it managed to do so well ?
It is very unmanageable to get to know the Search Engine Optimisation techniques used by Zomato because they have blocked all the SEO tools from scanning their sites. however, we have tried to find out some of their techniques and list them here.

Keywords in URL

Zomato Marketing Strategy Keywords
Zomato takes the top keywords in their niche and creates web page URLs of them. This tells the search engine that their pages are relevant to the search question of the exploiter. This is a very well scheme to ensure that your web site ranks .

Zomato Marketing Strategy Backlinks
Zomato gets backlinks from 12,274,172 unique domains. It besides gets 233 backlinks from high gear assurance domains like .gov and .edu domains. All this increases the Domain Authority of Zomato ’ south knowledge domain and helps it rank higher .

Keywords on the web pages

Zomato Marketing Strategy WebPage Keywords
Keywords that include food names, restaurant names, and phrases like “ order food on-line in Mumbai ” tell the search engines that these pages have the content related to these search queries .

social Media marketing

Zomato is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As of July 2019, it has 154k followers on Instagram, 1,899,405 followers and 1.42 Million followers on Twitter. Let ’ s analyse how their posts are :


Zomato engages with the audience by posting on trendy topics. The post understands the audience ’ s nature. Hence, it promotes subject which makes users parcel it, comment on it and view it again and again. It utilises trendy topics and posts bare images in club to interact with viewers online .
One of the most noteworthy events in the field of sports is the Olympics. During the 2016 Olympics, Zomato posted something like this .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Trendy Olympic Post
Another trendy topic of the time was the game “ Pokemon Go ! ” Zomato capitalized on that ampere well .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Pokemon Post
Zomato gave a writhe to the subject of Panama Papers .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Panama Peppers
Posting on the trendy topics built connectivity with the consultation. credibly, users don ’ metric ton wish to think much when they are on social media. As a matter of fact, users are there on social media to enjoy and see funny content. And, when such capacity appears on their news feed, expect your content to be shared. For sure !

current Affairs

many in the United States and people across the earth know about the border emergence between the United States and Mexico. newly elected President Donald Trump had promised that he would ensure that Mexico would build the wall between the two nations and pay for it .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Donald Trump Post
Zomato had some unlike plans in beware. current topics were related to food. “ Taco lovers ” would have surely reacted to this stake in large numbers. such posts leave an depression on the sociable media audience .


Zomato has been a master of utilizing this kind of engagement. There are tons of examples to showcase how comparisons have been carried out by Zomato .
here you go :
These two sets of people who eat .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Two Set Of People
Those who eat a fortune and still never get fat v others who eat less and hush can ’ thyroxine seem to stay in shape .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Menu Post
Girls tend to check the name of the dish and decide what to eat, while guys normally look at the price of each dish before selecting it .
yet another excellent picture which showcases how people eat .
Zomato Marketing Strategy How People Eat Post
yet, the best one is here ,
There are two ways people eat Pizza.

They are –
Zomato Marketing Strategy Pizza Post
You can relate to such images merely by looking at it. You will like, share, gloss, recommend to others. That ’ s what Zomato wants, engagement with you, interaction with you, a real-life user .
connectivity with the consultation
‘ How I ate your butter ’ .
Zomato Marketing Strategy How I Met Your Mother Post
Sounds wrong, correct ?
Does it remind you of something else ?
It has to. How I met your mother.
There is more. Check this .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Game Of Thrones Post
Isn ’ t it like to Game of Thrones ?
Zomato Marketing Strategy Demonetization Post

How can Indians forget this ? demonetization
Users can relate to many things. veracious from life style or incidents in the liveliness of actors-actresses to social media contentedness ; users love such content to which they can relate to .
Wait. There is more to it .


You wouldn ’ t miss out this .
It is related to your food habits. Zomato uses info-graphics in a way which hearing can relate besides. 96 % of the youngsters would relate to this persona with relief .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Funny Post


ultimately, how can we miss out on Sarcasm ?
Isn ’ thyroxine Facebook fully loaded with such subject ?
Check out how Zomato posts sarcastic subject
Zomato Marketing Strategy Sarcastic Post
And beyond that
While, we are sure ; you wouldn ’ t like to miss these ones .
At all !
Zomato Marketing Strategy Sarcastic Content

Paid advertising

Zomato runs Search Ad Campaign using Google Adwords. It targets keywords related to food, ordering on-line, names of restaurants and much more. It targets users whose purpose is to get some food delivered to them .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Google Search Ad
It besides runs Google Display ads to target users on one-third party websites and apps .
Zomato Marketing Strategy In App Ads

Zomato Marketing Strategy Display Ads
Along with this, it runs promotions on Facebook and Instagram to target users on these platforms .
Zomato Marketing Strategy Facebook Ad Zomato Marketing Strategy Facebook Ads

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