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Video Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Getting Started with Video Marketing

If you ’ re hera, it ’ second because you know the importance of television market. Brands can no long get by using written message and images alone — nowadays, that ’ s uninteresting and unengaging for consumers who are inundated with live streaming, interactional 360 videos, augmented reality, and more. In the United States, digital television marketing is a $ 135 billion industry. That means brands everywhere are realizing the value of television and invest in its creation and distribution .
And, because of this growth, you ’ ra now behind if you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate releasing branded television contentedness regularly. But, if you ’ ve never created a video recording for yourself, getting started can be hard. That ’ second where we come in !
With this guide, you ’ ll learn the ins and outs of television marketing, from figuring out which type of television you need to how to distribute it for maximal results. Start browsing below to learn everything you need !


How Do I Create a Video Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing strategies are nothing newly. Just like you wouldn ’ thymine create a commercial and buy airtime during the Super Bowl without researching and strategizing, you shouldn ’ t create a digital market video without first doing the proper research and creating a plan. Your video marketing strategy will ultimately be what guides you — your budget, your timelines, your production processes, your conversion metrics, and more. so getting this written down and finalized should be step one of your video creation work .
Before we dive into the specifics, here ’ s an overview of the steps .

How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Start with your video goals.
  2. Find your target audience.
  3. Figure out what story you want to tell.
  4. Keep creative requirements in line.
  5. Stick to your timeline.
  6. Maintain a realistic budget.

nowadays that you know where we ’ re headed, we ’ ll go into detail about how to execute each step .

Start with Your Video Goals

The beginning mistreat in creating your video strategy is outlining your video recording ’ mho goals. ideally, you ’ ll want to create a video recording for every stage of the commercialize funnel. But, initially, you ’ ll have to decide which stagecoach is the most significant to target .

  • Awareness: Here, a challenge or opportunity is defined and the viewer realizes they have a problem. Videos in this stage should attract users and introduce your brand to a new audience.
  • Consideration: The viewer is now considering how he or she will solve the problem they’re faced with. They’re researching, asking for recommendations, watching product reviews, and trying to find cost-effective solutions.
  • Decision: The solution has almost been found and you want to remain top of mind. Present your prospect with proof of customer satisfaction and prove why your product or service should be chosen over your competition.

If you want to attract a fresh jell of customers to your stigmatize, you ’ ll want to create an awareness stage television. If you want to engage your audience, you ’ ll want a retainer stage video. If you ’ re close to closing the sale and motivation to nurture your prospects, you ’ ll want to create a decision stage television. You can besides create a television to delight those who have already purchased from you, or an internal video to help motivate your team or recruit raw employees .

Find Your Target Audience

now that you know what stage of the market funnel you ’ ll be targeting, it ’ south time to figure out who your intended audience is. This is besides a crucial measure ; if you create a television without a particular consultation in mind, it ’ randomness much more probably to be a fall through. Those who are meant to watch it won ’ metric ton, and those who do watch it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate convert. then, how do you know who your target consultation is ?
The key is developing your buyer ’ mho character. If you already have one — bang-up ! Creating a buyer ’ randomness persona ( or a few ) is normally done when a company is developing its product or serve offerings. presumably, the people you want to buy your merchandise are besides the people you want to reach with your video .
With your buyer ’ mho character mapped out, you ’ ll know precisely who your target consultation is. To finalize your audience scheme, just make certain you have the adopt figured out :

  1. Who your product or service is for — this will be your buyer’s persona.
  2. What the purpose of your video is — this will be where they fall within the marketing funnel.
  3. Where your target audience hangs out — this will inform how you distribute your video.

With these three questions answered, you ’ ll know not only who your target consultation is, but how to reach them, vitamin a well .

Figure Out What Story You Want to Tell

Deciding what report you want your video to tell can be the most playfulness and the most difficult part. You ’ ll want to outline the keep up four elements, which serve as the basic framework of your story .

  • Protagonist with a goal – This person should align with your target demographic.
  • Conflict – This is your customer’s pain point.
  • Quest – This will be how you introduce your product or service.
  • Resolution – This is how your product or service solves the problem.

These elements of your history should take the viewer on a journey — one that should align with your mark mission .
besides think about what emotion you want your report to impart on the spectator as you craft your history. Do you want them to laugh ? Should they feel inspired or happy after watching your video ? Whatever emotion you want your viewers to have, think about that as you write your script. Everything from the props and the localization to the colors and the wardrobe will communicate this, sol choose every contingent wisely !

These elements of your story should take the viewer on a journey — one that should align with your mark mission .

Keep Creative Requirements in Mind

As you craft your story, keep in heed the people who will need to approve your video ( your coach, your party ’ randomness founder, your marketing department, etc. ) and the meter it takes to implement their feedback. sudden changes in script, message, goals, and more can throw your unharmed output off-kilter. But however, these changes are all excessively coarse. Take a count at our creative guide that ’ ll help oneself you manage creative feedback from everyone on your team .

Always (Try to) Stick to Your Timeline

As you ’ rhenium planning your entire production, from creative ideation to actual video distribution, you should have a timeline to stick to. You should actually have multiple — overall timeline, production timeline, distribution timeline, and more. Your timeline serves as your guiding light, keeping you aware of how much you ’ ve done and what ’ mho left to do .
Timelines are all-important for every member of your team. marketing might have their own timeline, production might have their own, and your social media department will have their own. Basically, be a well sport and keep everyone informed of schedules, changes, and completion dates .
Take a attend at how we schedule our video recording productions to get a beneficial smell of how long the action should take .

Maintain a Realistic Budget

Cash rules all ! Yes, creative plan and scheme are significant, but let ’ s be real. Without the proper budget, it ’ south going to be difficult to get precisely what you want. plan for the money and resources at your disposal. Plan what you ’ ll create or shoot in-house and what you may want to outsource to a production company. Plan what you can splurge on and what you may want to save on .
And always shop around — not equitable literally, but figuratively. Ask industry experts how much they charge for certain services ( scripting, sound edit, social media distribution, etc. ) and how much you might expect to pay if you hired a freelancer or full-time employee alternatively. Most agencies are more than happy to give you any information you might want, or guide you to others who can better help .
.Certain videos and features might cost you more than others, excessively, indeed be certain you research this all before you settle on the type of video you want and how you ’ ll go about creating it .

What Kind of Video Should I Create?

once you have your strategy laid out, it ’ mho time to think about the actual television you ’ re going to create. Easy peasy, right ? Well, not exactly…
Every type and every style of video has its own pros and cons. Some types might be better for you depending on your specific selling goals, others are well if you ’ re good looking to save some cash long-run .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine know the remainder, you ’ re not alone. That ’ s why we ’ rhenium breaking down some of the most common types and styles of television, so you can get the video initiation process started !

From trade name videos to FAQs to instructional videos and more, there are about countless types of video you can make in junction with your selling funnel .

Learn about them all by downloading our free eBook : 30 Inspirational Video Ideas for Your business !

Despite there being sol many, certain types of videos are well suited to meet your market goals. once you ’ ve got your goals strategized, you can start learning about how each video recording character differs and pick the ones that ’ s veracious for you .

1. Commercials

Client: Candy Club
Commercials are brief, attention-grabbing video that highlight your company ’ s best features with a moral force scenery, beautiful imagination, or summary of exciting features, and end with a clear call to action. They ’ re the most common type of television — you ’ ve probably watched a long ton on television, streaming services, or video platforms like YouTube. Because their primary coil goal is to attract new customers, commercials are frequently broad in appeal and provide only the most authoritative and relevant information a spectator might need .
And, most importantly, they ’ ra memorable ! They show off your brand in a room that sticks with the viewer, then if it ’ s the spectator ’ second first fourth dimension being exposed to your mark, they won ’ thymine soon forget it .
Commercials are typically short, lone 30 seconds to one minute long, and distributed via paid advertising on-line or on television. They ’ ra besides great on your web site or home page, since they provide a general overview of your brand and encapsulate your brand mission in a quick and easily-digestible format .

2. Social Content Videos

Client: Wonderffle
Social content videos are short circuit video clips created entirely for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. These are normally fun, playful, engaging, and designed to be shared. They can include life style shots, a collage of scenes relating to your product or service, short consultation sound bites or quotes, or just a beautiful shooting of your merchandise .
If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seen a commercial on television receiver, then you ’ ve decidedly seen a video on social media. Social video can be about anything and normally fall anywhere along the buyer ’ s journey. Due to their fun, engaging nature and shorter distance, they most frequently help engage potential and current customers .
Try to keep social content videos under 30 seconds. Pay attention to aspects alone to social media, like muted autoplay and video recording loop ; you can actually use these tools to your advantage by playing with silent audio and creating apparently endless loops. besides take advantage of highlighting positive customer feedback in your sociable television — this increases your credibility and spreads positive bible of mouth .

3. Explainer Videos

Client: Chore Check
Explainer videos are video that teach your consultation more about your company, trade name, intersection, or service. Like social content video recording, about any video can be an explainer video, the only necessity is a focus on how your party solves a especial problem .
Explainer videos are excellent introductions to your brand. They should cursorily and efficiently explain what your company does and why that matters. typically under three minutes, explainers end with a solid call to military action and offer a bare solution to a complex trouble .
Remember, these videos should constantly answer three main questions : What ’ s your hearing ’ mho problem ? How will your product or service fix it ? Why should your consultation choose you ?

4. Product Videos

Client: Home Essence
A product video tells your hearing about your best-selling products or services and their top features. It shows your product in action and helps increase consumer confidence in your company or stigmatize .
here, your main goal will likely be to attract new customers who are in the inaugural stage of intersection research. You ’ ll want to show off not merely the beauty of your product, but its utility and necessity. You ’ ll besides want to highlight what makes your product better than the perch — since these newfangled visitors are however doing research, you ’ ll want to make indisputable your product television sets you aside from your competition .
product videos are normally about 30 seconds long and can be shared on your web site, social media platforms, via e-mail, or through paid advertise. Use high-quality production and big legal, whether it ’ s music, negotiation, or voice-over, to communicate how amaze your product is .

5. Testimonials

Client: Courtmatics
testimonial videos are one of the strongest types of video you can make ; they show past or stream quenched customers talking about their positive experience using your intersection or service .
Honest personal feedback from a customer is stronger than anything you could say about your own company. According to a late survey, 90 percentage of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by on-line reviews, thus use these reviews to increase your mark credibility and convince your prospects to take the plunge .
customer testimonials are normally between 30 seconds and two minutes long and can focus on one felicitous customer or numerous. These videos are highly versatile, meaning you can publish them about anywhere. You ’ ll just want to make certain whoever you film is wholly authentic — a forced or fake-feeling recommendation could be more damaging to your brand, thus take some time to find the perfective person .

What Style of Video Should I Create?

Picking the right video type is all-important to your video ’ second success, but so is picking the right video recording style. Style is a broader terminus that relates to your television ’ s shade and messaging. It affects how your actual history is told — are you using actors ? Graphics ? Dialogue ? specific locations ? in concert, these elements create your video ’ s dash. Pick the veracious style and you ’ ll draw in the hearing that ’ s most probably to convert .


A life style video recording is any television that appeals directly to your aim demographic, helping them visualize how your product or avail fits into their way of life. beautiful visuals, actions shots, and stunning imagination should set the temper and epitomize the life style you want to associate with your product .

Client: Savoy (FILA)
This means working to create a specific look or style for your video. If your product is modern and sleek, you ’ ll want a video with slick, minimal design, obviously backgrounds, and modern accessories. If your product serves a new, high-tech demographic, you ’ ll want your video to showcase technical school acculturation, young, bright actors, and functional utility program. Think of your brand aesthetic and make surely your video follows that aesthetic .
life style videos normally range between 30 seconds and two minutes, and sport locations that best highlight your intersection ’ mho exemplary features .


Mini-documentaries are less about your sword ’ s ocular aesthetics and focus more on expressing your company ’ second core value or mission instruction in a documentary-style format. This is normally accomplished through interviews with cardinal company representatives, like founders, employees, or quenched customers .

Client: RFK – School for the Visual Arts & Humanities (LAUSD)
To make a adult impression, it ’ south important your mini-doc keeps it abruptly and odoriferous. You want to highlight excellent sound bites that assure viewers precisely who you are, all while maintaining their attention. While feature-length documentaries have enough time to develop a full, three-act floor, mini-docs wear ’ metric ton. They have to establish their story by cursorily answering three crucial questions : what, why, and how. What is the focus of this video recording ? Why should the viewer care about this ? How does your subject work ? This helps you get key pieces of information to your audience in a fun and matter to way .
We recommend keeping mini-docs to under a minute, though they can be a fiddling sting longer. unfortunately, viewer attention couple drops dramatically after the minute-mark, so try to tell your history as best you can in the time you have .


narrative videos are credibly the most recognizable style of video besides animation. They use classical storytelling elements, including quality build, dispute, and resolution, to tell your mark fib in an harbor and engage way. They create a travel — one your spectator can well follow and relate to .

Client: Key Smart (Curv Group)
Because their goal is to tell a floor, narrative videos much work best top of funnel, when users are good learning about the trouble they face and you ’ rhenium introducing your mark. Whether you tell the report of how your party came to be, the narrative of a defeated customer find you for the beginning time, or the report of a fabricated champion character, your narrative should be memorable and help your brand stay on the mind of anyone who watches it .
Remember, watching should be a fun feel, so make indisputable you have fun writing, producing, and sharing your video. Use heavy post and remember your ship’s company ’ south deputation as you create it, otherwise the fib can start to get away from you .


Animated videos have the might to engage and captivate your consultation like no other. Animation is an interesting expressive style because it can be used independently of the contented in your video ; about any type of video recording can be made in the expressive style of animation. But vivification is specially mighty when it comes to explaining difficult-to-understand concepts or technology .

Client: University of Iowa
It ’ mho besides big for combining with early styles. You can have a life style video that uses enliven graphics or animated cutaways, or you can use it wholly on its own. It ’ s wonderfully versatile and spices up about any video you create .
Keep in mind that animation can be less costly to create ( no equipment, less time on set, etc. ) but can take much longer because of the technical skill per frame of reference that it requires. Keep a pros and cons list handy before deciding whether vivification is veracious for you .

What Are the Three Stages of Video Production?

now you ’ re ready for the bad show. Your video strategy is set, you know what video recording goals you want to accomplish, and you know precisely the type and expressive style of television that ’ ll help you get there. You ’ re ready to start the fun gorge !

There are four major steps in video pre-production you should keep in beware .

now comes the script write, the search for the perfective agency, the video recording review and edits, and celebrating last having a beautiful, well-crafted television you can be proud of. The stallion production work should take about two months with the proper partner, but be certain to plan more fourth dimension than you need for each of the follow individual production stages so you don ’ t fall behind .


The pre-production stage basically covers all your television design. It ’ s the first and most important stage of the production process because it sets your integral video in movement. At this stage, you ’ ll want to distinctly define the content of your television, get feedback from all relevant team members, and start engagement and scheduling your shoot. If you ’ re hiring a production team or representation, you ’ ll want to do all your party vet, creative calls, and approvals here .
There are four major steps in video pre-production you should keep in mind .

Creative Brainstorm

Whether you hire a production party or produce your television yourself, it ’ south authoritative to have a creative brainstorming session. This will help you finalize your video recording ’ south fib, characters, plot, message, even style and duration .
No idea is besides crazy ! Brainstorm everything you can and, once all your ideas are on the board, you can begin whittling them down and confirming what might work and what might flop .
With an means, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine worry besides much about these details. At Lemonlight, we schedule a creative call to review your ideas and give you feedback based on what we ’ ve seen work. We besides provide newfangled concepts and any direction you might need. But agreeing on a creative guidance is all-important — your creative will be what communicates your brand and what will dictate how memorable your post video recording is .


Scripting your television is the following step. This includes outlining your dialogue, voice-over, music, heavy cues, visuals, and any other details that ’ ll help move your story fore. Again, you can do this in-house, or hire a mercenary writer or agency to write your script for you .
median read footstep is two words per moment, thus keep this in take care as you write. A one-minute video should be about 120 words, a two-minute video recording should be about 240 words, and so on .
But remember : you don ’ thymine constantly need to jam-pack your television with dialogue. sometimes, silence or movement can tell your narrative better than narration. Think about what will best get your message across .


Though you outlined some visuals in your script, now it ’ south time to draw it all out ! Storyboards aren ’ metric ton constantly required, but they go far in helping develop the search and feel of your video recording. They besides help guide your camera operators and undertaking coordinators on plant therefore everyone knows precisely what shots to prioritize .
You don ’ t have to be a professional artist with impeccable drawing skills to create a good storyboard. Just function it as a guide — even stick figures representing your characters can help give your team some prospective and help you all get on the same foliate about your television ’ south count and palpate .

Need a storyboard template ? Download ours hera for FREE !

Booking and Preparation

now come the official steps : book talent, scheduling timelines, hiring staff, purchasing equipment and props, and more. This can get feverish if you ’ rhenium handling it all on your own. You ’ ll need a compass point of touch for all your actors, production assistants, even licenses if you ’ re filming in certain populace spaces, so it might help to bring in an agency at this step to handle all these technical details .
Documents are a boom at this degree. Create shared calendars, contact sheets, script notes, and more, and make sure all the appropriate people have access. Stay aware of deadlines and dress reminders for yourself so none of the details pass you by .
Pre-production setup can be a full-time job, so make sure you balance what you want to do with what you ’ re able to do .


There ’ s a lot leading up to this day, but what a day ! Production day can be crazy and feverish, or wholly cool and organized. It ’ s when you finally see your video come to life for the first prison term — there ’ s a definite feel of accomplishment. Exciting as it may be, there ’ mho even a batch to do to ensure your television is the best it can be .
That ’ sulfur why you — or the production company you ’ rhenium working with — don ’ thymine want to lose sight of the succeed .

Audio/Visual Quality

There are two crucial components to any video recording : audio and visuals. On production day, you want to make surely both are meeting your standards. You ’ ll want to test all your equipment and workplace with an experience producer to get the best audio and word picture possible. You ’ ll want to check all the sound equipment ( mics, booms, and more ), american samoa well as all your television camera equipment. If you ’ re on fructify, make certain your shots match your storyboard and your brand style. If you ’ ra not on typeset, ask for photograph or video chat for a few minutes to make sure your video recording is coming together as it should .

Thinking about video?

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The right fall can make the difference between a beautiful, high-quality product and a shoddy, low-budget production. Lighting sets mood, lighting sets tone, lighting sets the entire look and feel of your product, so pay close attention to it. Again, you should have a professional wield this for you, but don ’ thymine forget to check your shots and approve the look and feel .


The early thing that will set the climate for your integral production ? physical style, including makeup, wardrobe, props, and set decorations. Whether you go bad or go little, these things will communicate the bulk of your report. You should iron these out in the creative design stages, though the specific details and purchases can come late. But how your video looks can deeply affect its success, so make certain your stylistic choices match the narrative you ’ rhenium cogent and your ultimate selling goals .


Extras are unique to your needs — you might benefit from sub-rosa footage, a promptly photograph session, or certain types of b-roll. Get it done ! Any subject you can create on typeset during production will lone benefit you. It can add more long term prize to your clients and give you more subject to post. If you work with an agency, ask them what they can do. You might even ask for bare-assed video recording footage so you can continue editing and repackaging your television for future consumption. Think about your needs and see what you can do !


Unless you ’ re a creative director or output coach, you shouldn ’ t have to worry excessively a lot about the post-production process. That is, it ’ second helpful to know what goes on, but you likely won ’ metric ton be doing anything very hands-on during this stage. Post-production revolves heavily around video recording edit and graphic creation, which means you ’ ll have either hired have editors or an agency, or will have assigned this ferment to the appropriate people. Keep an eye on timelines and make surely you familiarize yourself with the post-production process — but don ’ t intend of taking all this cultivate on yourself !

Visual Effects

One of the most authoritative aspects of post-production is editing your video footage. Of course, that involves cutting and splicing together your b-roll, interviews, and life style footage to create your history. But it besides involves adjusting other ocular elements, like white counterweight, color, and clearness, to accurately represent the floor you want to relate. These edits will create the entire look and find of your video, which highly affects its brand. After all, when you think of an Apple store, you don ’ thyroxine remember of dim, amatory ignition, so brand surely your color edits reflect your creative vision .

Client: Trip Advisor

Sound Effects

barely a authoritative as your ocular effects are your sound recording effects. Sound shuffle, dialogue, narrative, and music all come together to create the audio that ’ mho heard when your television is watched. tied precisely adding a layer of ambient legal over a tranquillity picture can make the remainder between what feels like a high-quality video and a low-quality one. Make sure a professional handles your sound recording mix, so you have the perfective strait levels, foley effects, dialogue volume, and more .

Client: Cœur Sports

Graphic Effects

In addition to ocular editing, you can ( and should ) add graphic effects to your brand video. These graphic elements can include animation, text graphics, evanesce ins or outs, lower-third graphic overlays, interview names and titles, logos, product model, and more. These elements in truth tie all your post efforts in concert, so use them smartly and you ’ ll have a professional video you can be gallant of.

Video: Lemonlight’s Graphics Deck

Bonus: Call to Action

Make sure you know what you want your video recording ’ south call to action to be. You can include your home page URL, a “ Click here ” button, a thumbnail of another video, social icons, or about any early shape of CTA. These are technically graphic elements, but require a little more think since you ’ ll want to consider what your television goals are and how you want the viewer to accomplish them. Think about their user experience and how you can present your CTA in the least disruptive direction possible .

Client: Emory Healthcare

How Does Video Improve My SEO?

Video marketing has countless benefits, but there ’ s one in particular we want to focus on : better SEO. Search engine optimization has become such an invaluable tool for marketers ; 64 percentage of users use search in their I-want-to-buy moments, and 71 percentage visit a retailer web site or app when they ’ rhenium in the decision-making stage. That means it ’ s crucial for your web site to not only rank on search engine results pages ( SERPs ), but social station high .
And that ’ sulfur where video comes in .
Search algorithm are increasingly prioritizing world wide web pages with video recording and videos now appear in 55 percentage of Google keyword searches. Besides helping your web site rank on relevant searches, videos besides make your snip ( or the actual leave listing subject ) bigger and more attention-getting, meaning searchers will likely see it before they see other results on the page .

Why does video help my website rank?

Because sites with video recording capacity do better overall than sites that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, search engines prioritize them. ultimately, search engines want to do a good job, so if they see a web site engages users, answers their questions, and provides a cocksure overall experience, they ’ ll reward that site with a higher absolute .
Although tons of different things can help improve your SEO, television specifically helps by :

  • Increasing your click-through rates. Including video on your page drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs.
  • Lowering your bounce rates. People spend over twice as long on a page with video than without.

Creating quality backlinks. The higher the choice of your capacity, the more more probable you are to get backlinks .

Video: How Does Video Help SEO? – Lemonlight

What can I do to improve my SEO?

again, there are tons of technical foul tips you can implement to improve your site ’ second SEO, but one of the best tips is to have high-quality content that educates and informs your spectator. And what ’ s the most educational, informational form of contentedness ? Video !
If you ’ ve already created your television, don ’ triiodothyronine keep it to yourself. Video is by nature superintendent enlightening, but the boost in SEO it provides could pay off boastfully in the long rivulet .

1. Use videos on your website.

Don ’ thyroxine neglect your web site when it comes to publishing your television. Use it on any page that ’ mho relevant. If you ’ ve got a product television, for case, you ’ ll want to embed the video on your home page, angstrom well as your merchandise or ecommerce pages. If you publish a blog post about your product, include the television ! If you ’ ve got an FAQ page with questions about your product, include the video recording there, besides !

2. Embed your video around quality content.

sadly, posting a video on an otherwise lacuna page won ’ triiodothyronine do much for your SEO. Make sure you embed your television on a page wide of relevant and enlightening contented. This will let search engine crawlers know you have not only engaging multimedia on your site, but that you provide a long ton of valuable and utilitarian information. Be surely the capacity relates to your television — sometimes, posting the video transcript can help a fortune, excessively .

3. Be consistent – post video content often!

One video recording is great, but the more much you post engaging video, the better. It may not be realistic to post video recording every one day or for every one inaugural, but if you ’ ve got a major campaign you ’ re working on or an first step that would actually benefit from video, dedicate some resources to video creation. even overlaying textbook on a piece of stock footage can be highly engaging on your web site and bring more visitors from organic search .

4. Don’t forget the details.

SEO is about half timbre subject and one-half technical details. Video is no exception. When you post your television on your site, don ’ t forget the technical details that ’ ll make it visible to crawlers indexing your web site : championship, description, tags, and annotations. Most video recording host platforms will let you edit these items .

How Do I Distribute My Video?

You ’ ve got your amazing video and your entire team loves it. nowadays what ? How do you actually get people watching it and sharing it ? Well, that all comes down to distribution !
Distributing your television on the properly channels is all-important for your video recording ’ s achiever. Owned, paid, and earned distribution channels each have their own pros and cons, but using the right balance of them all can propel your video to new heights, spreading your brand awareness and converting users at every stage of the market funnel .
Let ’ s take a look at each of these in a little more detail .


Publishing your video across all your owned channels is credibly the easiest means to distribute your television, and the one method acting that can not be ignored. It includes every groove you own, like your web site, PDFs, digital documents, e-mail lists, ecommerce pages, apps, and more. These channels are the chief sources of information about your company and brand, then consumption every unmarried one you can intelligently and with aim .
here are some of the owned distribution channels you should use for your video recording .


From your home page to your ecommerce pages, put your video on as many pages as possible on your web site ; this will help not only drive more visitors to your locate, but engage them once they ’ re there. If you have more than one television, even better ! This is the first place you ’ ll want to start gathering video views — and probably the most impactful of all the views you ’ ll get .


No count what your television is about, publishing it on your web log is a must. Home to informative, educational capacity, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as more brand-specific marketing contentedness, visitors will expect your web log to host any and all relevant product news program you have to share. Better even, if person is browsing your web log, they ’ re fix to commit time to your content. What better manner to engage them than video ?


Email is an comfortable way to reach those who ’ ve already interacted with your stigmatize or given you their contact information. A direct credit line of communication, you can embed your video recording in any newsletter, electronic mail sequence, automated e-mail, or promotional e-mail .

Social Media (organic)

Social algorithm are increasingly prioritizing television content, so you ’ ll want to make sure you ’ rhenium promoting your video recording numerous times on all your social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Video generates 1,200 percentage more shares than links and images combined, so this is a want ( and easy ) place to promote your video and reach a large consultation .
Because you own these channels, there should be no consequence using them to distribute your video recording. With a simple web site update or e-mail bang, your television can be in front of more people, telling your sword history to those who most want to hear it .

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even a modest advertise budget can pay off big .

Paid distribution, or paying money for the distribution of your video via advertise, has become about essential to the successful market of any video. Because most sites don ’ thymine charge for the use of their services ( think Facebook or content sites like Buzzfeed ), charging for distribution has become their one way of earning money — meaning video creators like you sometimes have to pay more to get your content seen by a wide hearing .
But that ’ mho OK ! even a small advertise budget can pay off big, and with the right balance of paid and non-paid distribution, your video can reach precisely the correct people .
here are a few paid distribution methods you should take full advantage of .

Search Ads

Search ads aren ’ t video-friendly barely yet, but you can target high-volume keywords related to your product, service, or stigmatize and create a landing page for your television content. Whether your goal is to educate about a certain topic or introduce your merchandise, you can drive these high-traffic keywords to your page for a low price per chatter and get huge returns .

Social Media (Paid)

good like organic posts, paid social media posts can spread your contentedness far. Paid posts, however, allow you to target the accurate type of person you want watching your ads. organic mailing is entirely shown to your contiguous fans, but with gainful ad, your content can target all sorts of demographics, locations, income levels, interests, and beyond — ensuring merely the people most probable to purchase from you actually see your ad .

Native Advertising

native advertising embeds your video contented onto a third-party web site in a natural way that doesn ’ triiodothyronine disrupt the drug user ’ sulfur feel. For case, if you own a bakery and created a commercial about all the different types of cakes you sell, your video might be naturally embedded on a food web site in an article about baking. This ad is slenderly more expensive than social or research ads, but have high returns thanks to the relevance of the capacity .
This is any form of contented which was paid for, normally by a company promoting another company or brand. It is written in the manner of the site print it, much like native advertise, but international relations and security network ’ thymine actually an ad — it ’ s a valuable slice of written or ocular content entail to inform the spectator. normally, sponsored posts get organically shared via social networks, excessively, so they get an extra tug when it comes to distribution .

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is both a paid and earned character of distribution. Basically, you reach out to “ influencers, ” or social accounts or personalities with a draw of followers, to share or promote your content. They may do it for rid, but the right influencer may need a bigger bonus. work with them to create a video you ’ ll both benefit from .


Earned video distribution is one of the trickiest types of distribution due to its indocile nature. Try as you may, earned media means you ’ re basically leaving this distribution up to casual, though there are some definite efforts you can make to push the needle a little further in your prefer. Since earn media is wholly free to implement, it ’ randomness merely a matter of putting in the attempt and not being afraid to follow up .
Though earned media can be a little irregular, here are a few ways you can increase your gain distribution efforts .

Social Media

Social partake is one of the simplest forms of gain distribution. It much happens organically, but you can encourage sociable shares by getting the ball peal. Set up a schedule to post your video content from your bodied and personal accounts on every social distribution channel you ’ re active on. Send a individual message to friends and family to do the same. If you know anyone in a associate field or diligence, make sure they share your content, besides ! Though it ’ s not the best method, you can even incentivize shares by creating a contest or giveaway through an app like Rafflecopter .

Product Reviews

An easy way to get others to create message for you and talk about you is by sending your merchandise to online reviewers, like YouTube influencers, or asking your customers immediately to write or record their own reviews. This increases your brand ’ s credibility ( a retentive as the reviews are cocksure ) and spreads stigmatize awareness .

Traditional PR

Depending on your industry and the type of video you create, your video could benefit from more traditional types of promotion, like a crusade release or publication on a trade web site. Working with a PR agency could be beneficial, but you could besides reach out immediately to site administrators on niche sites related to your field, like health and health sites, fitness sites, major food websites, technical school sites, and more. Ask to be featured in their newsletter or send them your press release with a liaison to your video recording immediately — the more official your crusade, the better !

Influencer Marketing

This covers any type of marketing done for free by an influencer, including shoutouts on social media, product reviews, endorsements, mentions, and more. many influencers are will to help you distribute your content in exchange for something, possibly a reciprocal note, a trial of your services, or an ongoing kinship. Think about what you ’ re volition to give for the promotion of your television. Depending on how much they can up your exposure, it just might be worth it .

Which type of distribution is best for me?

We can ’ t say this enough : It all depends on your television goals and strategy .
ideally, you ’ ll use all three distribution methods. You know your audience and hopefully you know how they ’ ll react to your video recording. Focus on the distribution method that ’ ll give you the biggest reelect. If you ’ re in the movie industry, focusing more on paid distribution might be your best bet. If you ’ re in the battlefield of cancer inquiry, earned media might be the way to go. Are you an entrepreneur that just launched your own inauguration ? Spread news via your own channels. It all actually depends, sol do a fiddling research and see what fits your situation best .
Owned distribution is always a must, though, since you own and have complete master over these channels. There ’ s the lowest barrier to entrance here and they besides have the most opportunity due to how many different options for distribution you have. If one form of own doesn ’ triiodothyronine work, another surely will. And, if your goal is to capture leads, using your owned channels is specially crucial .
Paid distribution is superintendent important as well, but how a lot you can do will likely be limited by your cash resources. You ’ ll want to think more strategically about where your highest-converting consultation is and dedicate most of your budget there. And because there are sol many different forms of paid advertise even within one single distribution channel ( Facebook has 11 different types of advertisements alone ), you want to test every groove and every type of distribution method. Until you know which will give you the highest come back, hold back on spending your stallion distribution budget .
Earned distribution, like owned, is loose. You have relatively little to lose using it other than time and campaign, but unlike owned and paid, the wages can be drastically more unpredictable. From SEO efforts that boost your search presence, to building relationships with influencers you ’ ve never met, you never quite know what your return on invested capital will be — it can be enormous or it can fizzle to an end. But wear ’ thyroxine omission earned distribution all in all ! Take a little more time to think strategically about which earned channels will help you accomplish your television goals .

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How Do I Know If My Video Is Successful?

At Lemonlight, we ’ ra finical about our metrics for success. We love viral videos with tons of views, but honestly ? We ’ ra more matter to in videos that deliver results. A million views looks good on wallpaper, but might mean nothing for your bottom line .
We encourage you to adopt this results-first frame of heed. Keeping an eye on the metrics that actually help you accomplish your video goals is more significant than anything, so don ’ thyroxine be blinded by the flicker of a high depression count — or at least not impression count alone ! Learn how specific metrics actually translate to video success and you ’ ll drive not only a million views, but tons of sales, angstrom well .

Key KPIs for Success

so, besides video view count, what are the significant metrics you should be tracking ?
Metrics for success differ from goal to finish. We ’ ve classified some of the essential metrics based on where your ideal viewer falls within the marketing funnel. While tracking every single metric unit below would be ideal, we know your resources, data platforms, and reporting capabilities might be limited. If you can ’ thymine track them all, alternatively focus on tracking the metrics relevant to your goal .


Do you want to attract a new audience to your brand ? This top-of-funnel finish is the broadest and probably the easiest to measure. Attracting an audience means presenting your brand as the solution to a problem that was recently introduced to the viewer. This will probably be your beginning interaction with them, so you want to make sure it ’ s a memorable one .
View reckon is significant here, but thus is your act of singular visitors and post awareness and remember face-lift. fortunately, most video host platforms share these data points, so they should be easy to come by. Lifts in viewer percept are a short more difficult to find, but are much measured by surveys or quick questionnaires on platforms like Facebook and YouTube .
concentrate on the follow metrics :

  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Unique Users
  • Awareness Lift
  • Ad Recall Lift

Client: Luminzo


Do you want to engage your consultation ? Since you ’ ve already introduced yourself, now you need to work on keeping your viewers engaged. Video is one of the most absorb forms of subject, so you need to make indisputable your video is doing its speculate. Your video recording should be fun, concern, captivating — don ’ metric ton lose your audience in the first few seconds !
watch time and view-through rate are two of the most crucial metrics to measure engagement. These are the most absolute numbers that ’ ll give you an estimate of how engage your content is. Less absolute numbers include lifts in favorability and brand matter to. You can besides use things like comments and shares to measure battle when you post your video on social media. Focus on the pursuit metrics :

  • View-Through Rate
  • Watch Time
  • Favorability Lift
  • Consideration Lift
  • Brand Interest Lift

Client: Jetpack Aviation


It ’ mho prison term to nurture your prospective lead ! If your consultation has made it this far down the marketing funnel, your market efforts are paying off. rear is one of the hard stages, but fortunately, it ’ sulfur agile and easy to measure. If you ’ ve done a successful job nourish, you ’ ll see it in conversions. What those conversions are are up to you — you might want sales, sociable shares, contact information, you name it. But the dispatch of a desire action means your video is accomplishing precisely what you want it to .
Because your definition of a “ conversion ” is up to you, the metrics to measure here can vary. Generally, a solid video recording will have a high gear percentage of clicks, calls, signups, or sales. A impregnable video may besides lead to more interaction with your post, meaning your video has maintained the viewer ’ mho attention, but they may need fair a little more information before making their decision .
focus on the adopt metrics :

  • Clicks
  • Calls
  • Signups
  • Sales
  • Purchase Intent Lift

Client: Wayfair


Your spectator is now an actual customer ! Your goal here revolves around keeping them interest in your trade name for future purchases or added value. Any video that delights is a success — and the longer they watch, the more likely it is they ’ rhenium delighted. The spirit of your video hera will matter greatly. Chances are a long, bore educational video won ’ triiodothyronine delight your customers a much as a funny, short-circuit, social media video will. Keep this in mind when reviewing your data : The view-through rate of a 15-second video will probable be much higher than that of a two-minute video .
Keep an eye on those crucial watch metrics ( views, view-through rate, impressions ), but besides focus on metrics like reappearance visits and repeat purchases. These will show you just how entrust your brand is, and how successful your video is at delighting post-purchase .
focus on the follow metrics :

  • Return Visits
  • Social Engagement
  • Favorability Lift

Client: Galileo Learning Center

How to Measure ROI

You ’ ve got your KPIs — but KPIs alone don ’ triiodothyronine adequate money in the bank. You ’ ve however got to translate your KPIs into accurate, dependable figures that your market team can get behind .
This is an important gradation, but remember : not every metric unit will correlate directly to tax income. Some metrics, like lifts in sword favorability or retainer, don ’ t pay off immediately. They can take months or more to come to realization, thus be patient and make sure you ’ ve got in depth trailing enabled so you can do a better problem tying your television metrics to ultimate sales .
But there are some tips you can use to estimate how a lot money your television is bringing in .
In the attract stage, your lookout metrics, like watch count, impressions, and unique users, gives you a pretty accurate score of how many people you ’ ve introduced your brand, product, or service to. You might have a formula for how many top-funnel users end up change, so you can apply that to your unique exploiter count. You can besides measure your true conversion rate or use a cost per watch calculator to figure out how many views your television needs before it becomes profitable. Behavior tracking can besides give you a visualize of how many people watch your video recording, browse your web site, and then convert .
The engage stage is the hardest to correlate to cold, hard sales. Because users aren ’ thymine inevitably looking to purchase here, they can watch your video recording, learn some information, and not come back to your web site for a long time. Try to implement detailed tracking information to show you big-picture drug user behavior ; drop cookies and retrieve way data for every person who views your video or goes to your site. then, you can see what percentage of visitors end up buying from you .
If you ’ re targeting prospects and hoping to nurture them, you ’ re hopefully giving them a direct action to take. Measuring the ROI here means simply creating tracking links that will give you this information directly. Increases in your hope action taken should show you your claim lift in gross. ( For example, if you count an electronic mail signup as your conversion, your lift in signups should relate directly to a lift in sales, all other things constant. Plus, you ’ ll have this exploiter data on file and can then track if or when they convert. )

You ’ ve got your KPIs — but KPIs entirely don ’ t equal money in the bank .

last, tax income that comes from delighting your customer should be easier to track since you already have a purchase on file. You ’ ll likely have a exploiter profile for each customer or some form of contact data from them — every recurrence inflict won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate correlative to a new sale, but tracking their behavior will give you a good estimate of how many return visitors convert. then apply this percentage to the count of return web site visitors and you ’ rhenium fit ! Hopefully, your sales department will besides have a well mind of how many first gear time buyers purchase more than once .

Picking the Right Data Platform

There are enough analytics tools out there to make your read/write head spin. When it comes to video, which are correct for your team or party ?
A big share of what ’ ll dictate which analytics platform you should use will depend on your budget. If your company is superintendent data rich and every department is highly dependent on accurate report, you might already invest in a robust paid platform that can meet your television needs. If not, there are tons of free tools you can use that are just a dear as some of the bigger, paid-for options .
Take a look at our top 13 picks for video analytics platforms — use one or use a combination to get the most reliable information potential .

Video Hosts

Picking a television host is pretty much required. fortunately, most television host platforms give you a wealth of data and tons of insights in real time. sometimes those insights are adequate, but because you ’ rhenium distributing your video in unlike places, you don ’ triiodothyronine want to limit your data to precisely one source .

  1. YouTube
  2. Wistia
  3. Vidyard
  4. Vimeo
  5. SproutVideo
  6. Cincopa
  7. BrightCove

Social Platforms

Posting your video recording on social platforms is besides basically required, though the social channels you choose may differ depending on where your audience is most active. You ’ ll besides want to think about posting your video natively ; most social platforms give native videos preference over television links from other sources. Post your video recording natively where you can, and keep an eye on your platform-specific data .

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram

Analytics Platforms

An analytics platform will give you the best overall mental picture of your important data and where it comes from. The good thing about these platforms are how they ’ ra able to tie all your market efforts in concert — your advertise, your social posts, your referral sources, even audience demographics and more. These simplify traverse efforts and put all your data handily in one place. There are tons of analytics tools, but hera are our favorites .

  1. Kissmetrics
  2. Google Analytics

Optimize and Adjust My Content

once you have results, you see where you ’ ve succeeded and where there ’ randomness room to grow. Fix what you can in terms of distribution, prey hearing, and actual television content in order to optimize the performance of your video .
There are many things you can do to optimize your efforts. here are merely 2 ways you can optimize your current and future video contented to more efficaciously reach your marketing goals .

See how you can optimize your current video.

How can you optimize the video you already have ? Can you add a stronger call to carry through ? Can you share it on another platform ? Think creatively about how to further your video ’ s pass and potency. If you want more exposure, sharing your television on a raw channel could help. If you ’ re underwhelmed by your click-throughs or conversions, see if you can add an end batting order with a bigger CTA, adjust the description copy, or create an bonus for clicking through, like a limited-time discount rate or some kind of contest .
You can besides re-edit your television footage. If your view-through rates are broken, your viewers are losing interest quickly. Try creating a shorter cut of your television that ’ ll be more hire to your consultation. possibly try adding graphics to spice up the subject. Although you don ’ metric ton want to entirely replace your original video recording, creating different versions of it may bring you better results .

Use these insights to create better video content in the future.

You besides want to use your data and insights to adjust your future video strategy. View-through pace should inform the duration of your video recording, hearing demographics should inform content, characters, and voice-over in your video recording, and most successful distribution channels should inform where to prioritize distribution efforts. Use this data to create a more detail strategy next time around therefore you can set up any future commercialize videos you create for success .

Time to Get Started!

The growth of video recording market is presenting a unique opportunity for brands like yours. As consumers continue to prefer television to other forms of contented, they ’ ra now expecting brands of every size and in every industry to connect with them using video. Platforms are increasingly prioritizing video content, and even new devices like phones and tablets are more video cook than ever before. That means you have to take full advantage of this amazing market tool to be competitive. The longer you wait, the more customers you ’ ll miss .

Take a look at some of our favored sword video recording examples hera !

fortunately, it ’ sulfur easy now to create a beautiful short television. You can hire know freelancers at the drop of a dime, or hire an agency who ’ ll handle everything for you with no stress. Plus, the cost of producing a television is low, so you don ’ t have to worry about breaking the deposit to create a post television you ’ ll beloved .
Overwhelmed ? Trust us, it ’ s a lot to take in. But this sketch should be your first footprint toward an effective and profitable video marketing strategy that ’ ll change the way your company looks at television .
What are you waiting for ?

Video: How It Works – Lemonlight

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