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Small Business Marketing Certificate

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an uptick in the demand for experienced marketers in nearly every private and public
enterprise is expected to continue at least through 2028.

With that in mind, the University of South Florida ’ mho Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education is offering a singular broadcast, the Small Business Marketing Certificate. Participants will gain the cognition and skills to launch a modern business or energize an existing company ’ mho market efforts .
If you ’ ra concerned in digital selling or becoming a digital seller, this security program offers the perfective way for you to learn the essential skills you need to effectively marketplace in today ’ s on-line economy. Stop letting your competitors reach customers who should be yours. You ’ ll teach real-world marketing tactics that drive results, not advertising hypothesis.

The Small Business Marketing Certificate course of study comprises two clear-cut courses, each lasting four weeks :

  • Course I: Small Business Marketing Certificate – Foundations and Search
    Learn to think of marketing from a strategic point of view and how to use cutting-edge
    tactics to support an overarching marketing strategy. Learn how to use search engine
    marketing to grow your business or as a tactic in your overall marketing strategy.
  • Course II: Small Business Marketing Certificate – Social, Video, Display & Email Marketing
    Learn how to set up a paid social media campaign, including when and how to use the
    14 different campaign objectives that are available in Facebook. See how video, display
    and email marketing tactics can be used to support an overall marketing strategy.

Each classify lasts four weeks and is held live on-line with two sessions per week, so you can enroll whether you ’ re running a business of your own or working a 9 to 5 for person else. The classes are structured to serve as standalone courses or as depart of the Small Business Marketing Certificate program .
Participants must complete both courses within a 12-month period to earn the certificate .


Beyond the gratification of staying in the vanguard of your profession and the prestige the accomplishment brings, mastering the career-shaping techniques and strategies of USF ’ s Small Business Marketing Certificate broadcast offers several large benefits :

  • Gain cutting-edge skill sets that drives online shopper interest and sales.
  • Arm yourself with the skill and knowledge needed to launch a product or grow your
  • Put yourself at the leading edge of your field, allowing you to adopt powerful new
    marketing techniques as they appear.
  • Supercharge your résumé with valuable credentials that boost earning power and marketability.


The University of South Florida ’ s Small Business Marketing Certificate program is taught by people who have lived what they teach. See what students are saying about teacher and diligence expert Gary Galloway :
Gary is a antic teacher … He is truly interest in what he is teaching, and is respectful of us ( the students ). He is elastic, and aware of student needs/wishes and caters the course to topics of interest. One of my darling classes I ‘ve taken !
The program besides offers :

  • Convenient classes from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays that won’t disrupt your
  • Live online classes that can be taken from anywhere in the world – no trips to campus
  • Delivery of game-changing skills and knowledge through four-week courses designed
    with busy professionals in mind


  • Each four-week course is $795.
    • We are pleased to offer the upcoming certificate courses at a promotional price of $495.00 (originally $795.00)!


  • View upcoming scheduled sessions.

Register for a course today, or speak to an adviser for more information. It takes merely a few minutes to sign up, and the program can have a significant effect on your business or career.

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