2021 Digital Marketing Courses: 20 Top Online Programs & Certifications

Digital marketing courses can help keep you or your team on top of the latest strategies and technology. But not all are accredited or worth your time or money. So we’ve curated a 2021 roundup of some of the best programs out there for all price levels, from renowned academic programs to free online courses.

The purpose of a digital marketing class is to help executives and professionals grasp rapid changes in the diligence that they might otherwise miss. now that market has gained a digital cant, innovations come day by day. To stay on crown of your game, you must keep up with current cognition. Online or in-classroom prepare can help you to remain in touch with the latest market shifts — and they can fit into your already-full schedule .
Our template breaks down each type of digital market class, what to look for when choosing a class and the top digital market courses available in 2021— which include on-line self-pace programs and live virtual classrooms .

What makes a good digital marketing course?

  • Helps you become a better online writer: When you understand the market and your ideal audience, you can better craft your writing to target the right person. A digital marketing course can help you know your crowd on a deeper level.
  • Betters your marketing skills: The field of marketing is changing every day, so setting aside time to study the latest updates and trends will help to modernize your overall marketing game. You may learn new ways of connecting with followers that you hadn’t thought of before or unique tricks that help you reach your ideal customer.
  • Teaches the newest innovations: Digital marketing is changing at lightning speed, and you need to keep up. A digital marketing course can help you grasp one of the many areas of the field, from data analytics to SEO writing to content writing to creative planning.
  • Offers the right pace for you: Whether you want an online or in-person course, you can choose the best option that fits your timeframe. Maybe you only have a few hours, or perhaps a couple of years, to devote to increasing your skills, but you’re sure to find the right digital marketing course for your lifestyle.
  • Builds your resume: Many courses give you a certificate upon completion or even a degree. These badges should help you to ramp up your resume or CV Portfolio. The class you choose should be an area of study you want to display proudly.

How to choose a digital marketing course

To decide which digital commercialize course to take, you need to consider several factors. You ’ ll want to think about your budget, the choose topic and skill degree, how much prison term you can commit each week and for how long, ampere well as whether you prefer an on-line or in-classroom format.

  • Budget: As with most things, first and foremost is money. Before deciding on a course, calculate how much you can allot to a digital marketing course. If you have some capital to invest in training, you’ll have many options —from degree to certificate to individual programs. On the other hand, if you would prefer to spend only time rather than cash, you’ll still have several great choices for free digital marketing courses that can help you gain an edge over the competition.
  • Topic: Some courses on digital marketing cover a general overview of the field, but others focus on specific topics. You can choose a course narrowed in on content marketing, SEO marketing, analytics, digital media, and more, or go for a more generalized choice. To ensure you choose the right class for your needs, read the course descriptions carefully before applying.
  • Skill level: Some digital marketing courses provide beginner-level information, which won’t be super helpful for you. Make sure the class you choose targets professionals who have been in the field for a while. You want a descriptive course that will teach you something new rather than reiterating facts you already know.
  • Time commitment: Ask yourself how many hours per week you have to put toward this coursework. If you have a couple of spare hours consistently, you might consider a longer program, like a multi-week certification or a degree program. However, if you only have a few hours total to dedicate toward learning more about digital marketing, you might consider a free course or an individual course
  • Duration: Figure out how many days, weeks, or months you want to devote to enhancing your digital marketing skills. If you prefer a quick rundown of new trends and innovations, you might want to go for a one-off individual course or a free online course that you can peruse at your own pace. On the other hand, if you’d like a course that will get into the nitty-gritty and teach you everything you need to know on a digital marketing topic, you might choose a degree or certificate program.
  • Format: Digital marketing courses are taught in three ways: in-person (during normal times), virtual live, or self-paced online. You’ll need to decide whether the perfect class is worth transplanting your life to another city for up to several years or if you would prefer to stick with the options you can complete from the comfort of home. If so, you’re in luck — many of the best digital marketing courses are taught 100% online. Also, some institutions provide the flexibility to either come to class or take the course online — with more shifts to virtual live and online-only classes likely to stick well beyond COVID-19.

Types of digital marketing courses

If you ’ re looking into a digital selling course, it might seem crafty to decide which type of course you want. here ’ s a dislocation of the different kinds of courses that are on the grocery store to help you with your decision .

Degree programs

A degree program is what it sounds like — you end up with a degree after respective years of learn. Many of these programs are teach on-line through long-familiar universities, so they may not require resettlement. however, you will need to make a long-run commitment to bring in a master ’ south or another academic degree at the end of the course of study. typically, a specialize degree enhances your sketch incredibly. These are the most expensive option and normally bill per credit hour .

Certification programs

A digital selling documentation plan is typically shorter than a degree program and allows you to gain a certificate from an accredit mental hospital or university. You do a deep dive into a topic and come out with enough of cognition you can take back to work. A certificate can besides enhance your sum up and provide proof to current or future employers that you have enough know with a specific digital market subject to do the solve well. besides, you ’ ll give less for a certificate than a full degree .

Individual courses

Universities, companies and associations frequently offer stand-alone digital market courses. These can give you insight into new digital marketing trends and act as a refresher when you are feeling overwhelmed or stagnant in your career. This type of marketing course is perfect for individuals seeking a short and less time-intensive committedness. Often, you can complete these courses at your own pace, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, but they do normally require requital. You besides can find one-off courses or sessions at most commercialize conferences .

Free courses

A dislodge digital marketing course requires no capital to register. These are normally online so that you can complete them on your timeline. You won ’ thymine typically receive a authentication, but there ’ s no reason you can ’ triiodothyronine add the class to your resume. These courses are quick to complete, but normally are more concentrate on novice marketers and might not give you the deep dive into a topic that paid classes will .

Top digital marketing courses with degree programs in 2021

Marketing Analytics Course at Penn State

Penn State

Penn State ( Pennsylvania State University ) is one of the top-ranked schools in the United States, therefore gaining a degree from the school could launch you into the next tier of marketing professionals. This degree focuses on the data side of digital selling. You ’ ll study topics like sword position, product scheme and commercialize campaign performance through a data-centric lens. It ’ s entirely on-line, arsenic well .

  • Currently available: Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics Option
  • Will I get a degree or certificate?: Master’s degree in marketing analytics
  • Price: ~$12,552 per year (full-time credit load)
  • Length of course: 2 years
  • Format: Online
  • When: Apply by March 15, 2021 to start May 17, 2021. Apply by July 15 to start August 23. Apply by November 15, 2021 to start January 10, 2022.

If that ’ s a bit excessively much of a commitment right field now, Penn State besides offers a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics that only requires 12 credits. Completing this certificate may be enough for your career, but if it ’ s not, the credits can count toward the master ’ s degree .
Mini-MBA in Marketing at Rutgers

Rutgers University

Rutgers offers a 12-week in-person and on-line “ Mini-MBA ” in digital market for those wishing to continue their education outside of traditional higher education. This broadcast provides an excellent overall view of digital market and contentedness universe .

  • Currently available: Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing
  • Will I get a degree or certificate?: Possible certification from Rutgers Business School and graduate credits
  • Price: $3,495 (self-paced)
  • Length of course: 12 weeks (Self-Paced), 5 weeks (Virtual Live)
  • Format: Online (Self-Paced 12 Week) and Virtual Live (Synchronous 5 Weeks)
  • When: Upcoming programs include Online April 7 to June 30, 2021; Virtual Live May 27 to July 1, 2021; and Online June 9 to September 1, 2021. Check site for application deadlines.

Top digital marketing courses with certification programs in 2021

Integrated Marketing 360 program at Cornell University

Cornell University

For a certificate in digital commercialize from a renowned Ivy League, Cornell University offers its Integrated Marketing 360 on-line program via the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Students take a serial of 10 courses, each two weeks hanker, covering a roll of topics, including the customer funnel, scheme, brand position, paid media, analysis and more .

  • Currently available: Integrated Marketing 360 certificate program
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? Certificate
  • Price: $7,200 or $500 per month
  • Length of course: 8 months
  • Format: Online
  • When: You can select from multiple dates throughout the year for each course in the program, but courses must be taken in order.

Although the price is a bit goodly at $ 7,200, students can opt to pay all upfront or “ pay as you go ” over 16 months, with their course schedule. Cornell staff create and lead the courses, all “ 100 % on-line. ”
Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Northwestern University ’ s Kellogg School of Management is a prestigious institution. The top-ranked clientele school offers a digital market certificate that targets early on career professionals, professionals wanting to switch to market, traditional marketers looking to gain skills in the digital field and digital marketers who want to expand their cognition base. The certification program consists of 20 modules and concludes with a Capstone Project that allows you to pull together everything you learned .

  • Currently available: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Will I get a degree or certificate?: Certificate
  • Price: $6,950 with flexible payments and group enrollment pricing available
  • Length of course: 6 months
  • Format: Online 15-20 hours/week
  • When: February 18, 2021 to August 12, 2021

besides, Northwestern ’ mho Medill School of Journalism hosts its Content Strategy for Professionals certificate broadcast on Coursera. All the courses can be taken ( aka “ audited ” ) for free, but to receive grades and take tests, it costs a fee. In some cases, it may cost extra tutelage to receive an actual security from Northwestern .
The message scheme program consists of five courses wholly online, four of which last three weeks each, with the fifth and final project course taking four weeks (the project course is only offered 3-4 times a year).
Digital Marketing Courses at UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension is a continuing education program that provides a course of study approved by its parent school, UCLA, and presently offers a certificate in digital market. You ’ ll learn all about digital analytics, social media marketing, digital advertise and commercialize scheme. You must complete five required and 10 elective credits to get the certificate, so it ’ s one of the more intensive trainings on this list .

  • Currently available: Certificate in Marketing with Concentration in Digital Marketing
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? Certificate
  • Price: $5,800 tuition; $1,000 for program textbook/materials; $200 for application
  • Length of course: 3-4 full-time semesters
  • Format: Online and/or classroom (virtual live). Please inquire about any program changes during COVID-19.
  • When: Required courses offered once per quarter; electives offered throughout the year.

Its baby campus, UC San Diego, provides an extension path in content commercialize that runs for about three months and is know or on-line at versatile times of the year. It ’ randomness following available on-line or in-class starting April 5, 2021 ( on-line ), or April 6, 2021 ( live on-line ) for a price of $ 595.

Storytelling Courses at University of Washington

University of Washington

This Seattle-based university has an 8-month on-line course that offers a certificate in storytelling and content strategy with three courses : message universe ( the might of storytelling ), content scheme ( crafting the drug user experience ), and contentedness skill ( data analysis & understanding the trouble ) .

  • Currently available: Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? Certificate
  • Price: $3,597
  • Length of course: 8 months
  • Format: Online
  • When: September 2021

Content Marketing Strategy Course at DePaul University

DePaul University

If you want a structured broadcast with more attention from an teacher, DePaul University in Chicago offers a six-week documentation course specifically for on-line subject commercialize, with classes limited to 15-20 students. This plan targets established marketers, but besides freelancers looking to increase their digital market art. The schedule from the following course of study includes weeks focusing on topics like long-run capacity scheme, subject promotion and data-informed content .

  • Currently available: Certificate in Online Content Marketing Strategy
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? Certificate
  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Length of course: 6 weeks
  • Format: Online
  • When: February 8 to March 21, 2021 (application deadline February 7); May 25 to June 29, 2021 (application deadline May 24)

Course handiness changes ; however, DePaul offers respective other courses in commercialize in its Continuing and Professional Education department .

More certificate programs in digital marketing

Top individual digital marketing courses in 2021

Marketing Courses at MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Having a name like MIT on your sketch is a surefire way to get noticed by potential employers. The respect educate offers the Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics course that is “ designed to help you understand the fresh rules of market in the digital age. ” Learning about the technical school side of digital market from one of the contribute institutions could be game-changing. You ’ ll learn about things like video advertise, predictive mold, mobile selling and “ social listening. ”

  • Currently available: Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? No
  • Price: $4,400
  • Length of course: 2 days
  • Format: Live Online
  • When: March 11-12, 2021; June 17-18, 2021

This course is part of MIT ’ s larger Strategy and Innovation Certificate that might be deserving looking into if you have the prison term and money to perpetrate .
Digital Marketing Courses at University of Oxford

University of Oxford’s Future of Marketing Initiative

Oxford ’ s Saïd Business School launched the future of Marketing Initiative to create a space to debate and solve the most significant market challenges in the future. The inaugural partners with diligence giants like L ’ Oréal and eBay to bring in the practical side of things. It hosts multiple courses throughout the year targeting senior managers, heads of function and other managers who need to understand analytics better .

  • Currently available: Delivering Value Through Digital
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? No
  • Price: £6,000 (around $8,200 USD)
  • Length of course: 4 weeks
  • Format: Live Virtual
  • When: April 5-30, 2021

To qualify for the course, you need at least five years of managerial have .

Top free digital marketing courses in 2021

Email and Content Marketing Courses via HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is a popular marketing software that besides runs a path series called HubSpot Academy. All the courses are free, on-line and at your own pace. They cover topics like capacity marketing, inbound market and e-mail market, and some even offer certifications .

  • Currently available: Email Marketing Certification Course, Content Marketing Course, Inbound Marketing Certification Course, and more
  • Will I get a degree or certificate?: Certificate (in some)
  • Price: Free
  • Length of course: Around 3 to 6 hours of videos
  • Format: Online
  • When: Anytime

HubSpot is utilitarian if you ’ rhenium looking for a refresher course or an accessible presentation to digital selling innovations and engineering .
Courses at MarketingProfs


Ann Handley ’ sulfur empire, MarketingProfs, is a fantastic resource for busy market professionals who don ’ t have much time to focus on learning new skills. ( And a particular bill : We at ClearVoice kernel Ann Handley boastfully time. ) If you feel burnt out and need some position on your longterm customer strategy, the Marketing Strategy class from MarketingProfs may be able to help .

  • Currently available: Marketing Strategy, and more
  • Will I get a degree or certificate? No
  • Price: Free with Pro membership ($595)
  • Length of course: 5 courses
  • Format: Online
  • When: Anytime

Although it ’ s not technically complimentary since it requires a Pro membership, you can access the perch of its many classes once you sign up. All classes focus on six chief digital marketing topics : Analyze, Communicate, Create, Management, Plan and Strategy .

More sources for on-demand learning and content marketing training

Besides the above colleges and learning platforms, there are several case studies, guides and books available from some of the most well-known content marketers in the industry nowadays, such as Seth Godin ’ s ‘ This is Marketing ‘ and Donald Miller ’ s ‘ Building a StoryBrand ‘. Because our industry is continuously changing, it ’ s necessity constantly to be learning, whether it ’ s a new course or actionable handbook. Consider your schedule, what you ’ five hundred most like to learn, and your budget when it comes to taking advantage of all academia has to offer in content selling .

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