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David Bell : Digital marketing skills are actually critical in today ’ mho workplace, whether or not we ’ rhenium talking about a big global Fortune 500 firm or barely a newly startup with three or four people. In the digital economy we have this ability to speak directly to a customer and start a relationship in a way that we couldn ’ thymine do even five years ago, and surely not 10 or 20 .
Peter Fader : Digital market gives us access to all kinds of behaviors that didn ’ t exist before .
Raghuram Iyengar : For many marketers, this is very new—in that they know a draw about their customers if they do the analysis absolutely. That ’ second where the opportunities are ; that ’ s where its becoming stimulate. Targeting, customization, all of these things are now operational but merely if you use the data efficiently.

David Bell : Having a working cognition of how the digital economy is affecting our ability to reach customers directly, to understand their demeanor, to be more effective, more effective .
Jonah Berger : Whether its thinking about how to build a social media strategy or leverage your web site and thinking about being omnichannel, digital market is very key to moving the metrics forward .
Raghuram Iyengar : There are lots and lots of interesting opportunities out there, but if you think about people who fill in and exploit those opportunities, they need a different character of skillset.

Jonah Berger : Whether you ’ re a younger person looking to cut into an industry or find a larger range of occupation offers, or you ’ re an older individual who ’ s been around for a while and wants to update your skillset to stay relevant, I think digital market is a utilitarian toolkit to do that .
Raghuram Iyengar : Completing the Digital Marketing Certificate will help professionals in two ways. One is they ’ ll become with raw types of data—mobile data, search data, and so on—and new types of analysis that one can do. Both to what end ? To making better marketing decisions.

David Bell : But what we very give you here at the Wharton School are the frameworks and the inquiry back for very giving you an understanding that goes even beyond the course. Once you take the concepts and frameworks on board, you ’ ll have an ability when something new comes along, you ’ ll know where that slots in. I think that ’ s truly the biggest respect we ’ ra oblation hera at the Wharton School .
Jonah Berger : I think in summation to the traditional digital market tools we ’ ra talking about, there ’ second besides a fortune of utilitarian add-ons that will help you update your skills more broadly .
Peter Fader : There are a bunch of jobs out there that truly demand these kind of digital market skills, but a fortune of job seekers who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate inevitably have them. so getting this certificate is a big manner to get up to speed, have a well clock and prepare for the changing future .

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