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For anyone born in the 80s or 90s, do you remember how you ’ five hundred share new music with your friends ?

You ’ d make a mixtape or burn a compact disk of cool underground artists you ’ five hundred discovered. Your friends would do the same and that ’ s how we all stayed up-to-date .
nowadays, you probably do the lapp thing, but with a newfangled medium : podcasts .
The perplex thing about sharing podcasts is that you don ’ triiodothyronine even need to make a record or candle. You just share the diagnose or link and your friends can download them for free.

Thanks to the power of discussion of mouth, these sound recording programs are becoming fair arsenic democratic as music .
The populace is apparently obsessed with podcasts. And it ’ s lone going to continue to grow.

Podcasting Growth Trends in 2021

Whatever type of radio read you listen to, you ’ re in good company. In fact, over 165 million people have listened to a podcast, and over 100 million people listen every week .
late research from Podcast Insights shows that 70 % of the US population is companion with the term ‘ podcast ’, and 57 % of them have listened to a podcast .
This is big news .
It ’ s easy to understand why this new medium has become so popular with people all over the global, and one of those reasons is convenience .
These audio programs provide listeners with their favorite message but in a digital ‘ to-go ’ box. People can listen while doing chores, driving, exercising, at workplace ( this didn ’ metric ton come from us ), and so on .
People are adopting this approach rather than just listening to music. There are podcasts available in basically every diligence conceivable .

What is a Digital Marketing Podcast?

Any digital seller looking for better commercialize scheme to keep them competitive, knows that education is essential. Digital commercialize podcasts are able to provide people in digital market industry provide listeners with :

  • insightful digital market trends
  • current digital commercialize events and news
  • Interviews with diligence leaders in the selling space
  • Tips and tricks for improving your digital selling business

These digital market resources can be goldmines for marketing professionals looking to improve their skills or digital commercialize scheme. But they are besides incredibly valuable for business owners who want to learn digital selling for themselves .
Some of the areas digital marketing podcasts cover are :

  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click )
  • content market
  • Inbound marketing
  • Influencer commercialize
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Email market
  • Graphic Design

In 2021, staying afloat with current digital marketing trends and marketing tools is more important than ever. Digital selling podcasts are a dim-witted, commodious, and detached way to get ahead of the contest. Any market drawing card who is not taking advantage of these resources will soon fall behind .
In this article, we share with you an extensive list of the best digital marketing radio programs available so you can learn, teach, and enforce newly tactics and actionable advice into your own occupation strategies .
Let ’ s dive in .

The Top 35 Digital Marketing Podcasts in 2021

Digital Marketing

While there a fortune of specific niches within digital marketing, these podcasts focus on marketing as a hale .

Hosted by Douglas Burdett, Founder, and Principal at Artillery, and former advertiser, this podcast is an essential instrument for staying up to date on all things in the market space. Douglas interviews best selling authors of marketing books on a weekly footing .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Gary is an entrepreneur, NY Times best-selling generator, and one of the loudest voices on the internet .
His podcast consists of some of the best marketing subject available on the world wide web, interviews with high profile guests, keynote speeches, and heart to heart conversations .
available on : apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Youtube, RSS

This hebdomadally digital marketing podcast hosted by Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers has been around for closely a ten .
This is one of the premier selling sound recording resources on the network today as it provides a wealth of great information, and they systematically feature outstanding guests in the industry including Rand Fishkin of SparkToro and Jon Henshaw, laminitis of Raven Tools .
available on : Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Soundcloud, RSS

Louis Grenier hates fishy marketing. The horde pokes fun at this by the title of his testify .
The contentedness lead over at HotJar makes it a point to provide his consultation with marketing tactics that are all ethical, in good taste, and within best practices. Check out his podcast for actual, no-nonsense tips and strategies .
available on : Site, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Named the Best Podcast/Audio Series in 2017, this hebdomadally sound recording show hosted by Erin Sparks covers all areas in the digital selling space including SEO, SEM, social media, and conversion pace optimization .
erin and her hosts provide hour-long discussions about the current state of internet selling with big insights and information .
available on : RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud

SEO Podcasts

SEO ( search engine optimization ) audio programs provide great insights on current trends, informative interviews with leaders in the industry, and actionable steps to take to help improve your business .

This podcast is brought to you by The Search Engine Journal and is hosted by Brent Csutoras, Executive Editor Danny Goodwin, and SEJ Founder Loren Baker .
This great resource provides listeners with interviews from high profile guests in the industry, ace insights, tips, and everything you need to know about SEO, and then some .
available on : Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

Learn about all things SEO from award-winning SEO copywriter and adviser Kate Toon .
This high energy podcast provides its listeners with the latest newsworthiness in SEO and Google while discussing case studies, how to effectively optimize, and insightful interviews .
available on : apple Podcasts, Stitcher

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are marketing veterans with valuable experience deserving sharing. And they contribution a lot of it .
This podcast provides listeners with amazing advice on helping businesses grow, creating websites the right way, actionable steps for success with sites, and blogs, all while being highly inspirational .
available on : apple Podcasts,, Stitcher

This monthly podcast hosted by Dan Shure is an amazing resource for learning the more advance topics when it comes to SEO, in an easy to understand way .
Dan dives cryptic into questions that he asks his guests which sparks insightful discussions and leaves the hearer with actionable tips .
available on : Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

With years of experience in SEO, Chris Burres, and Matt Bertram have the answers you need to seemingly all of your questions .
This podcast provides users with tips and insights on how to rank higher, how to retain clients, convert traffic, and much more. Alongside the informative information, the hosts are entertaining which makes for a fun heed .
available on : apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio

The Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEMRush logo
SEMrush, a SaaS company based in Boston, MA, is considered one of the biggest names in digital marketing due to its premier on-line visibility management platform .
Alongside their SEO software, SEMRush besides has an industry-leading weekly podcast hosted by highly-acclaimed diarist, producer, and television reporter Laura Morelli. Laura interviews exceed figures in the marketing global, alongside discussing strategies and techniques to give your market campaign that much needed edge .
The Marketing Scoop podcast is the only market podcast & listening resource specifically focused on marketing emergence case studies shared by top industry experts .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

PPC Podcasts

Learn the latest and greatest in paid search advertising internet advertise .

This hebdomadally podcast hosted by Google Adwords veterans Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman discuss everything there is to know about on-line market, including adept advice on Google Ads and budgets .
Whether you ’ re fair starting out in PPC or a seasoned expert, this read has something for everyone. These guys are entertaining and like to have a good clock while sharing their cognition .
available on : Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

As the mention implies, this is a capital resource for listeners to learn all about paid media including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing Ads, and more .
This podcast took a long foramen but immediately is spinal column with a new style, providing you with shorter episodes about more particular topics quite than long-form episodes .
available on : apple Podcasts, Website, Stitcher

This once-a-week podcast is a news source for all of the latest and greatest in paid advertise and selling. Learn about tips, trends, and interviews with experts in the field .
available on : Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Brought to you by Ad Badger, this podcast focuses rigorously on Amazon advertise. With insightful tips on how to optimize campaigns, how to be a better seller, and everything else within the Amazon ecosystem, this resource is worth a listen .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

once named The Art of Paid Traffic, this resource is hosted by ads expert and on-line business coach Rick Mulready .
Rick dives thick into Facebook and Instagram ad strategies to provide listeners with actionable tips and strategies for increasing leads and improving sales .
available on : stitcher, Tunein, Podbay

Design Podcasts

Go deeply into the world of invention with some of the most creative minds in design market .

As the earth ’ s first base podcast about design that spans over 15 years, you can be sure this resource has a overplus of amaze content .
Debbie Millman is the server of this potent resource and is the holder of many titles including an educator, stigmatize adviser, and artist .
This podcast provides insights into the world of design including working with brands and in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry. She besides touches upon topics including life, polish, and creativity in the actual worldly concern .
available on : apple Podcasts, Soundcloud

This is an independently produced podcast that focuses not only on design and computer architecture but on how it influences our everyday life .
Hosted by Roman Mars, this show provides betroth interviews, makes what might be mundane to most, interesting, and it changes the way you look at design .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Hosts Jessica Helfand and Michael Beirut provide their listeners with amazing interviews and newfangled perspectives when it comes to business, design, and other industries. It ’ sulfur besides worth mentioning that the podcast is recorded at Yale School of Management .
Their batting order of guests include leaders in the industry, artists, musicians, CEOs, actors, and many more .
available on : apple Podcasts

This podcast, hosted by graphic designers Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison, Nick Longo, Brandon Voss, Kristi Duce, and Sam Cox are very knowing in their field and provide a wealth of valuable contentedness to their listeners. Each episode of this instructive display goes over a different subject within graphic design .
available on : apple Podcasts, Tunein

Hosts Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand intelligently discuss all things design including current events, what ’ s presently on their minds, and even touching upon on how graphic design and politics are intertwined .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Social Media Podcasts

Keep your social media marketing cognition in tip-top form by learning from the social media experts and leaders in the field .

recently named the best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards, Social Pros provides amazing insights on how businesses handle their social strategies, current trends, and the social industry as a solid .
Jay Baer and Adam Brown provide an entertain and engaging find with interviewing guests in the industry on a stove of topics .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify

Host Jenna Kutcher, a successful social media influencer and self-made millionaire provide her listeners with motivational and inspirational stories ampere well as tips and tricks to help navigate through the industry .
Jenna ’ s wealth of experience and willingness to help others achieve their pipe dream sets her apart from most. If there ’ s one voice in the social media space to listen to, it ’ s hers .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify

SME helps keep its listeners up to speed with social media market as a whole, including tips, tricks, and insights, and all of the nuances that come with it .
This once a workweek audio express hosted by Michael Stelzner is a valuable resource as this show has been a top 10 commercialize podcast for the past 7 straight years .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Brought to you by Buffer, the social media management joyride, this weekly podcast provides listeners from all levels of feel actionable steps to take to improve your strategies and put you in the driver ’ s buttocks .
Some of the topics include talking about the Instagram algorithm, trade name secrets, sociable media ads, and how to improve date .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud

Andréa Jones provides entertaining and digestible information that helps both entrepreneurs improve their strategies, and even your everyday hearer understands the social media landscape .
With topics including influencer marketing and post, you ’ ll be up to speed in no prison term with this choice and actionable information .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Web Design & Web Development Podcasts

Keep up with the latest in web design and network development .

Full Stack developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are hosts of this amazing web development podcast, providing listeners with easy to understand and engaging contentedness .
Web development is the name of the game here. But these guys besides talk about life, experiences in the industry, tips to succeed, and tasty BBQ. Check out this listening resource for everything you need to know, and then some .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

This fun and synergistic podcast is about all things Javascript and the web. JS Party is equipped with a group of hosts that love talking about what they do and provide some amazing content, whether you ’ re a founder or an technical .
These audio shows air live on Thursdays at 1 PM EST. Topics include software architecture, invention systems, ocular scheduling, and frameworks to name a few. Check this one out to learn about world wide web exploitation and have a effective time doing it .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Android, RSS

For those unaware, React is a Javascript library that is used to build drug user interfaces. ampere technical as it sounds, the host of the testify however does a great job of simplifying and conveying how it applies to web development, but besides to everyday life .
Some of the topics include UI Frameworks, data fetch strategies, frameworks, algorithm, and much more .
available on : ReactJS, Spotify,

Hosts Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier are adept world wide web developers who talk live about front end web blueprint, user experience, handiness, and a lot more .
This podcast has established itself as one of the leaders in this space. The show frequently has on big-name guests in the vane industry and is able to provide actionable steps to the listeners .
not only is the content informational, but the hosts are authentically funny. This makes for a fun listen .
available on : apple Podcasts, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher

This podcast, hosted by Adam Wathan, features guests on every episode that talks about a wide range of topics in web growth, scheduling, and software. From software development to product design, it ’ s all here .
Adam does a big job of explaining concepts that can be difficult for some and provides new ways to approach topics and issues .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Content Marketing Podcasts

Learn actionable steps and valuable insights from the experts in the digital contentedness space .

This weekly podcast hosted by Darrell Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart is a great resource for keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in subject commercialize. A new technical is on each week, all bringing something actionable to the postpone .
With topics including electronic mail marketing, conversion optimization, and copywriting, this is a solid resource worth checking out and improving your content IQ .
available on : apple Podcasts, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher

The people over at The Content Strategy describe this resource as a ‘ podcast for people who care about content ’. Host Kristina Halvorson and guests help make this affirmation true with their amazing insights into content marketing and a true passion for the art .
Every episode features individuals in the digital capacity distance that parcel valuable and actionable information including Angela Gorden, UX Writing at Dropbox, and Gene Shannon, Managing Editor for the Shopify UX team .
available on : apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts

Hosts Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon bring you this amazing listening resource chock fully of content selling tips and educational insights .
With topics including by rights communicating through subject, building your personal brand, starting a podcast, and improving your e-mail selling, there ’ s something for everyone .
The hosts ’ ability to serve up easy to understand and actionable contented makes this resource a must listen .
available on : apple Podcasts, Stitcher, OwlTail

Although this is categorized as a business podcast, content market is a frequently visited subject here .
generator and college educator Mark Schaefer and CEO of B-Squared Media Brooke Sellas are hosts of the proclaimed ‘ populace ’ s most entertain clientele podcast for more than 6 years ’
This playfulness and witty listening resource is perfective for learning and gaining valuable insights into message, selling, and much more around the diligence .
available on : apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio

Expanding Your Expertise in Digital Marketing

While there is a apparently endless total of digital market podcasts today, these top 35 are a great home to start for any digital seller or belittled business owner .
It ’ s authoritative to stay up to date on all things digital market no matter what area you specialize in .
A great exercise is to broaden your cognition outside your specific niche. If you ’ re a web developer, try listening to a podcast on SEO. If you ’ re a content seller, check out a few podcasts on web development. They ’ ra free and will help to think outside of your everyday mindsets .
Learning about different areas of on-line commercialize other than your own will help you begin to think from a different position
In the digital market diligence, being multidimensional is key. marketing podcasts are a big way to start supplementing your growth .

Brandastic is an award-winning digital market and advertising representation located in Costa Mesa, CA, with locations in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. We help companies increase their reach through SEO, PPC, content market

, and web development. Contact us today and see how we can start igniting your likely .

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