21 Must-have digital marketing tools to help you grow

Companies today depend on digital commercialize tools to survive .
Sounds dramatic, right ?
But consider that a strong technical school stack encourages growth and ensures that you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate outgo your valuable time on long-winded tasks .
And on the flip side, failing to take advantage of modern market tools means that your business might lag behind your contest.

The estimable newsworthiness ? There ’ s no deficit of software out there to do the heavy lift for your marketing must-dos .

Digital marketing tools by strategy

We ’ ve put together a comprehensive list of digital market tools that can help you regardless of your goals, including a few free and freemium tools for those on a tight budget .
Whether it ’ s managing customer relationships, winning over leads or uncovering newfangled selling opportunities, this tilt can serve as the foundation of a knock-down market push-down storage .
Check out the categories below to get started :
We ’ ve seen firsthand how social media has evolved into a priority marketing channel for businesses today .
A prime invest to nurture leads and build business relationships, social is ideal for gathering valuable data when it comes to what your customers want .
Managing all of the moving pieces of social media “ by hand ” is a recipe for burnout. alternatively, consider how dedicate software allows you to publish more meaningful content and use social media to meet your big-picture business goals .
Hey, you can ’ t blame us for putting ourselves on the top of the list !
That ’ second because Sprout Social is the ultimate restraint center for any clientele looking to translate its social presence into actual results .
As a social media management platform, Sprout helps businesses organize their content calendar and assets in one position. This allows you to publish and schedule your content across multiple platforms, all timed to perfection based on when your followers are most active .
Sprout Social is among the best digital marketing tools for social media
Beyond social media management features, Sprout makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and customers alike. Our smart Inbox gives you a bird ’ s-eye opinion of all of your social messages so you can respond thoughtfully and in a seasonably manner .
Oh, and don ’ metric ton forget about Sprout ’ s full suite of social analytics .
Optimizing your subject ’ south performance doesn ’ t have to be a estimate game as Sprout identifies your top-performing posts and the success of your sociable campaigns. Coupled with full-bodied social listen features, you can uncover trends, hashtags and opportunities to engage with new customers .
Loomly ’ s self-described “ brand achiever platform ” is a tool that ’ randomness ideal for smaller social teams looking to organize and collaborate on content .
built-in calendars, deadlines and workflows make both schedule and brainstorm content a breeze. As an total bonus, Loomly actually curates fresh contentedness ideas for users based on trending topics and Twitter conversations .
The scavenge, no-frills interface is easy to navigate and friendly to users who might not be the most tech-savvy. The affordability of the platform is enticing for solo businesses and smaller agencies looking to wrangle their social presence .
Loomly digital marketing collaboration
We ’ ve spill time and fourth dimension again about the importance of social listening for identifying trends and electric potential customers .
Tools like Audiense take heed to the adjacent level by helping companies both identify and segment their social media audiences. Doing therefore makes it easier to run laser-targeted ad campaigns and besides dive deep into your customer persona. Digging into demographics, personality straights and beyond, you ’ vitamin d be surprised at what you can learn from social alone .
Audiense ’ s chopine focuses primarily on Twitter, making it bang-up for B2B brands interest in prospecting and B2C companies looking to understand more about their aim consultation .
Audiense insights dashboard
Email represents arguably the most tried-and-tested, scalable selling groove available to modern companies. As such, e-mail solutions are a staple of Internet marketing software for businesses large and small .
From list-building and improving deliverability to coming up with amazing offer campaigns, let ’ s count at some tools that can break down your customer data and put a good ball of your marketing efforts on autopilot .
HubSpot, a ship’s company well known for its CRM and inbound commercialize software, recently launched an electronic mail market product. HubSpot Email Marketing is easy to use, boasts impressive deliverability, and of course, comes natively integrated with all early HubSpot products, such as the free-forever CRM, a well as hundreds of early popular marketing tools. The joyride comes with a Free plan which includes up to 2,000 electronic mail sends/month, contact lists, a drag-and-drop e-mail builder, and ready-made templates so you can get started right field away .
The best part ? HubSpot reduces complexity with integrations and brings tools in concert. One of the integrations available is Sprout Social. As a part of Sprout ’ randomness care features, you can create and delegate tasks for your customer wish team. By connecting Sprout and HubSpot, your team can create, path, cope and resolve issues without leaving the app .

SendGrid offers a full cortege of electronic mail market services, many of which are wholly friendly to novices and electronic mail veterans alike .
For exercise, the platform offers flexible design options via ocular, drag-and-drop edit, coding or a combination of both. In-depth deliverability and performance analytics are besides built into SendGrid, cluing marketers in on which messages are performing and what needs exploit .
We know : there are more e-mail marketing solutions out there than we can count. That said, a big top of SendGrid is the forever-free plan for energetic businesses a well as scalable price that matches your needs as you grow your list .
sendgrid dashboard
lemlist is unique among our e-mail commercialize tools because the platform is chiefly focused on deliverability. Emphasizing the best times to send your messages ( and how frequently ) for the sake of more opens and clicks, lemlist is amazing for optimizing your existing campaigns .
preferably than second-guess your selling pushes, lemlist can be an eye-opener in terms of how to warm up your list .
extra features include personalization tools to make your outreach emails sound less spammy and follow-up electronic mail sequences to encourage more replies from cold prospects .
lemlist dash example
Moosend is among the most user-friendly and low-cost of our digital selling tools, representing a amazingly robust electronic mail solution for those just beginning to build their number .
Codeless campaigns, simple automations and easy-to-read report are all built into the platform. Paid users can besides take advantage of landing page features, including mobile popups and countdown timers .
moosend abandon cart dashboard
fact : over half of all web site traffic comes from research queries .
As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, anything companies can do to increase their search presence is a asset. Although SEO might be daunting, particularly to energetic businesses, there are enough of on-line commercialize tools to help you uncover search opportunities and optimize your existing search engine efforts .
Ahrefs is the aureate criterion when it comes to brainstorming keyword ideas and opportunities to rank .
The platform ’ s locate internet explorer lets you check any URL ’ s crown organic keywords, while besides estimating how much traffic a rival receives for any given search term. You can besides identify a locate ’ s top-performing content and sources of backlinks .
In short, Ahrefs is a antic tool not entirely for competitive analysis but besides for making certain that your existing capacity is up to snuff for search .
ahrefs keyword dashboard result
now, let ’ s say you ’ re interested in capitalizing on keyword opportunities and optimizing your existing capacity. That ’ s where Clearscope comes in.

particularly useful for content write, the platform provides a detail editor program to recommend keywords, headers and readability to help you write ( or rewrite ) high-level, well-balanced blog posts .
Whether you ’ re creating a content scheme from scratch or refreshing your existing blogs, Clearscope covers every corner and cranny of search optimization .
clearscope SEO tool
Another staple SEO tool, SEMrush allows you to track the position of your priority keywords and likewise explore raw terms to rank for .
The cock ’ s dislocation of keyword ideas, difficulty and variations are bang-up for brainstorming contented ideas and identifying search captive, excessively .
semrush seo tool dashboard results
The smallest changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to getting people to convert on-site .
just changing the color of your call-to-action release can spell the dispute between scoring a detached test sign-up and person bounce. Among the digital market tools in your toolbox, conversion optimization software can clue you in on low-hanging opportunities to increase your gross .
Unbounce is an amaze tool for quickly build, tweak and publishing new down pages to test. Built-in A/B screen and random variable analytics can answer directly which creatives, calls-to-action and extra page elements are working ( and which aren ’ thyroxine ) .
even if you ’ re not much of a architect, you can use Unbounce ’ s test landing page templates as a jumping-off steer and then modify them to fit your style. The platform ’ south analytics spell out distinctly which landing page variants are your top performers .
unbounce A/B test example
Emphasizing landing page experiments, Optimizely aggregate tools for ocular creation and hearing targeting to quickly run tests on different segments of your consultation .
A no-code platform that allows you to test both major and minor edits to your pages, polish your site for operation doesn ’ thyroxine have to be a huge undertaking .
optimizely experiment example
Hotjar ’ mho platform provides a real-time ocular read of your visitors ’ actions and behaviors on-site .
Through heatmaps that clue you in on where people are ( or aren ’ metric ton ) cluck. Synced to actual video recordings of your visitor ’ south travel, you can quite literally see what needs to be tweaked at a glance .
Hotjar heatmap shows where most users click on their website
It ’ sulfur well-documented that the majority of web site visitors fail to provide enough data after leaving your web site .
thankfully, there are business intelligence tools out there to help you better understand your leads and foreground key information to reach out to them once they ’ ve shown sake. peculiarly herculean for B2B selling, lead enrichment tools supercharge your prospect and outbound market pushes by giving you a more holistic see of your traffic .
Using 100+ sources, including Salesforce and extra selling platform data, Clearbit creates an up-to-date profile of your leads to make your outreach efforts go more smoothly. The details gathered include company, character and party size, just to name a few .
quite than dig for details or rely on outdated information, the platform regularly updates itself every 30 days to ensure that your data stays fresh. This allows you to prospect with confidence and save serious fourth dimension in the serve .
clearbit screenshot showing warm lead information and industry
like to Clearbit, Datanyze besides uncovers crucial contact information about your on-site leads to fill out your digital rolodex. The platform besides works brilliantly for prospecting on LinkedIn by pulling social data on decision-makers, excessively .
Datanyze captures information on warm leads via their LinkedIn profiles
As our care spans shrink, making a conscious feat to reel in visitors once they land on-site is all-important. market platforms focused on jumper cable get ensure that your traffic doesn ’ thymine go to consume and visitors are more probably to take action. When done correctly, the goal result is more leads and conversions .
OptiMonk ’ s chopine allows businesses to grab the attention of customers and prevent them from bouncing through personalized pop-ups .
With an stress on spark advance capture and exit purpose messages, the platform ’ s behavior-based target means that your pop-up book don ’ metric ton have to be disruptive .
For case, OptiMonk encourages users to section their marketing messages and serve them lone when they make sense. From returning buyers to first-time window shoppers, the platform empowers you to create campaigns that speak to all of your customers preferably than treat them as one-size-fits-all .
The top of OptiMonk is that it ’ mho known for its ease of practice. Boasting a short ton of templates with established average click-through rates, brands can customize their messages based on pop-ups that are proven to be effective .
OptiMonk's platform allows businesses to create personalized pop-ups.
Typeform is a streamlined cock for marketers looking to create attractive, minimalist forms .
Unlike more traditional pop-ups, Typeform ’ s intake forms are badly fashionable and don ’ metric ton feel like ads at all. The chopine ’ s simple editor program and easy embeds are a decent lend bonus, as is the ability to create quizzes and synergistic forms .
Typeform is a sleek tool for creating minimalist forms.
A hybrid electronic mail market and land page tool focused on list-building, MailMunch offers several engaging form types and emails to send to leads once they ’ ve opted-in .
The platform lets you section your audience based on factors such as how much they buy and customer demographics. additionally, their goal-based form-builder is aboveboard and lets you work from a variety of templates .
MailMunch is a hybrid email marketing and landing page tool offering engaging form types and emails to send to leads.

Infographics. Memes. Graphs and graphics. The list goes on and on .
Visuals are the cornerstone of sociable marketing and branding at-large. If you don ’ t have the budget for a graphic designer or are running a DIY commercial enterprise, digital market tools such as Canva have become the go-to for producing attention-getting visuals .
That said, there are a few other graphic universe tools you should consider sol your creatives don ’ metric ton grow cold .
Creatopy is a graphic initiation cock akin to Canva, but emphasizes quite a few features specific to marketers .
For example, the chopine ’ south invention sets and stigmatize kits allow you to seamlessly shape with mate marketers and keep your post creatives organized. This is particularly useful for agencies managing multiple clients or social accounts .
meanwhile, the ability to edit the same plan within multiple formats ( think : desktop standard versus mobile ) in a unmarried chink is a huge time-saver .
Creatopy graphic design tool lets you create brand design kits and graphics collaboratively with your team.
Visme ’ south platform is focused chiefly on creating presentations and data visual image .
Because infographics and clean data are among the most-shared types of contentedness on social media, Visme is ideal for anyone frequently publishing research to platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn .
Beyond straight-up graphic creation, the platform lets you pull data from external sources ( think : spreadsheets ) to make presentation creation a cinch .
Visme graph creator for creating presentations and data visualization.
Venngage is another graphic creator with an emphasis on infographics. With spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations, you can customize your infographics however you want. Customize any infographics based on your brand with tons of built-in graphics to choose from .
Venngage is a graphic creation tools that has spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations.

Which digital marketing tools are part of your stack?

With the good tools at your disposal, you can streamline your market campaigns and automate a long ton of tasks in the summons.

Any combination of the tools above can serve as the foundation for a solid digital selling stack. Don ’ triiodothyronine be shy about test-driving and going through trials to find what works for your commercial enterprise and budget .
once you ’ ve sorted out your digital market tools, you can move ahead with your campaigns with a sense of assurance and alike keep a better pulse on your market efforts .
And if you haven ’ t already, make sure you check out our variety show of social media templates to help organize and measure your social marketing campaigns so they align with your business ’ goals .

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