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Digital Marketing Agency Pricing Survey from Credo (updated 2021)

Digital marketing agency pricing and hourly rates

The average hourly rate worldwide is $138. The average hourly rate for consultants is $143. The average hourly rate for agencies is $137.94.
One of the most coarse ways buyers look at a commercialize agency ’ south price is through the lens of their “ hourly rate. ”
Because of this, we ’ ra including the hourly rates as self-reported by respondents to our survey. They are below. Below that, you should read my assume on hourly rates and why I think they ’ re a becoming proxy for how good an representation or adviser is but not for the reasons you think. It is important to note however that a full 49.88% of agencies surveyed do not bill by the hour.

  • average digital marketing provider hourly rate global is $ 138 .
  • median market adviser hourly rate is $ 143
  • average selling means hourly rate is $ 137.94


Agencies normally work primarily on retainers, as that lets them get the best results for their clients .

  • Approximately 50% of agencies have a retainer minimum of $2,000 per month or less.
  • Only 13.5% have a minimum over $5,000 per month, and only 8% do not have a minimum.
  • Only 1.21% of respondents to the survey do not offer retainers!

Single Projects

many agencies take single projects a well. sometimes they do this because they enjoy audits and do not like ongoing workplace, while others do them to fill in tax income gaps and provide a service while besides working towards earning a marketing retainer from that customer .

  • 36% of agencies have a single project minimum under $2,000.
  • 21% have a single project minimum over $5,000.
  • Just 10.47% do not have a minimum, and only 1.65% do not do single projects.

The verdict?

Most digital marketing agencies and consultants offer low-cost commercialize services and packages for both small businesses and larger enterprises. This includes both retainers and single projects, depending on the need.

The price, of course, varies based on the scope of the project. Some providers charge more to get a project done faster whereas others will charge less but the project may take longer to complete or results may take longer to be seen .

The problem with hourly rates as a proxy for how dependable a supplier is

hourly rates are just one bill and are much misinterpreted by buyers, so I want to talk about it for a minute .
All excessively often, when talking with buyers, we hear the gloss of, “ Oh, that ’ second besides expensive for me, ” when an hourly pace is given. The problem here is that the buyer has dismissed out of bridge player the electric potential supplier off of one data luff rather of becoming curious about why the provider might be will to charge that amount .
alternatively, get curious about why a provider is bequeath to charge that much ! Believe it or not, agencies and overhaul providers are not out to just take your money and not provide a service ! here at Credo, we see that agencies all besides often undercharge for their services and could provide a much better serve to their clients if they charged more !
When a supplier is bequeath to charge more ( per hour or as a minimal for a project or retainer ), it often means some very good things for you. It sounds brainsick to say, but when a provider charges more it should mean that they :

  1. Are more feel than person charging less and is confident in their ability to drive value for you ;
  2. Are probably in high demand and charging more is their way of managing their pipeline as that means fewer businesses are volition or able to pay their rates ;
  3. Have confidence in their work merchandise and that it is worth those rates.

When quoted a certain rate or sum for a project you should ask yourself first gear why they are willing to charge that and if paying them that rate may be the right investment for your money if more upfront can get you a better return .
Figuring this out ahead of time is very difficult of course, which is specifically why we wrote our guide to hiring a selling representation .

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