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If your company is looking for a digital marketing representation, there are a overplus of options at your fingertips. A quick Google search of “ digital market agency near me ” will bring up a map wide of red pins around your area and an dateless total of search result pages .
With so many market agencies, how do you know which one is best for your occupation ? Before we look at each type of digital market agency, let ’ s define what digital commercialize is, precisely .

What is digital marketing?

Digital selling is a condition frequently used interchangeably with terms like “ online marketing ” or “ internet marketing. ” It ’ s basically used to describe marketing that focuses on generating results through digital ( or electronic ) platforms.

The opposite of digital selling is traditional marketing. traditional marketing includes mark cartridge holder ads, direct mail, billboards, television commercials, radio receiver, newspaper ads and early forms of non-digital media. These days, most digital commercialize agencies offer a mix of digital and traditional marketing services .
But when it comes to the digital side, what sets these companies apart ? To better understand digital selling agencies, here is a breakdown of each of the different types .

Content Marketing Agencies

A content selling agency is one that specializes in creating digital and traditional capacity. “ Content ” includes anything from blog posts to videos to infographics and more. The primary function of subject marketing is to provide something of value to the prospect or customer — not to overtly sell or advertise. Thus, content marketing agencies don ’ metric ton typically focus on things like commercials, paid research advertising or direct mail campaigns .
 different digital marketing agencies Some of the main types of content these agencies focus on admit :

  • Blog posts
  • Magazines and/or magazine articles
  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • social media posts

content marketing agencies besides much specialize in inbound market. Although content commercialize is a relatively new terminus, the concept has actually been around since the recently nineteenth century !

Advertising Agencies

Speaking of old-school marketing, let ’ s take a look at the dinosaur of marketing firms — the ad means. ad agencies focus on creating, planning and executing digital and traditional ad campaigns for their clients. An ad agency may besides be called an ad representation or a creative representation .
Out of all the types of agencies on this list, ad agencies have been around the longest. When you think of an ad representation, the Sterling Cooper agency in Mad Men may come to mind. Today, many early ad agencies have adapted to offer digital and inbound services. however, unlike contentedness selling agencies, most ad agencies aren ’ thymine built to deliver high-quality, reproducible content on a long-run basis .
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Outbound Agencies

Outbound agencies focus on star genesis through outbound marketing solutions such as cold calling, reaching out through electronic mail or LinkedIn, and tilt retargeting campaigns. outbound agencies work with B2B companies to identify contacts in their aim audience and communicate with them .
Unlike inbound marketing, which focuses on pulling people toward a company by offering valuable capacity, outbound selling focuses on pushing the sales message directly to the customer. If you ’ ve ever gotten a postcard or sales call from person and wondered, “ How did they get my information ? ” that ’ s the result of outbound marketing .

Public Relations Agencies

 digital marketing agencies Public relations agencies, or PR agencies, are different from other agencies on this list since they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate create, buy or execute inbound or outbound content. rather, PR agencies promote individuals or companies via editorial coverage .
The primary stress of a PR agency is bringing media attention to their clients. This includes getting the business featured “ for free ” on external websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, television receiver programs, radio receiver shows and more. A PR means may besides write and distribute press releases, write and stagger pitches to journalists and publications, design and carry through events, respond to crisis and newsworthy events on the party ’ sulfur behalf and publish speeches .

PPC Agencies

A pay-per-click or PPC agency is one that specializes in paid digital media. PPC is a type of digital advertise where the company pays a fee any time a person clicks on an ad. PPC is broadly focused on ad with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo .
many companies manage their paid search in-house or outsource it to their chief content or ad representation. While most digital commercialize agencies offer paid search management, there is some value in outsourcing to an representation that specializes in PPC. Hiring a PPC specialist or representation that focuses entirely on PPC is helpful for companies in highly competitive markets that rely heavily on paid search to get their products and services in front man of electric potential buyers .

Which digital marketing agency is right for me?

 digital marketing agency To determine what screen of digital marketing agency is correct for you, you need to determine what your marketing strengths, challenges and goals are — then consult with experts from different types of agencies to determine which strategy is the best fit for your clientele. here are some questions you can ask yourself when making your decision :

  • What is my hope ratio of paid vs. unpaid advertise ?
  • Do I have any media connections or relationships to get loose promotion ?
  • How well is my web site perform ?
  • Does my prey hearing chiefly “ hang out ” on-line or in a non-digital outer space ?
  • Has traditional market worked for me in the past ?
  • Do I have enough selling expertness in-house or do I need to outsource for specific skill sets ?
  • What is my ultimate market goal ? Traffic ? Leads ? Sales ?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when deciding which market agency is right for your company. Make sure you do your research, as your decision will have a frightful shock on the long-run health of your business .
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