7 Ways to Get Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs in 2022

7 Ways to Get Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs in 2022

Getting your foremost entry-level digital marketing job can seem like a daunting challenge, specially when you don ’ t have any professional experience under your belt out .
Browsing forums, news sites, and LinkedIn posts you ’ ll see people complaining about how candidates with no have are wholly screwed in this competitive job marketplace .
“ You can ’ metric ton get a job without experience and you can ’ triiodothyronine get have without a job. ” This simply isn’t the case. There are plenty of people out there getting great jobs at ace companies with very fiddling “ official ” experience.

What ’ sulfur great about the digital marketing diligence is the accelerating pace of variety. Brand new startups, SaaS companies, and digital market agencies are popping up every day, changing the direction we do business, and disrupting traditional career paths ( and the need for advance college degrees ) .
The digital marketing skills gap is real.
By 2020, there will be 150,000 digital jobs and not enough professionals to fill them .
Here’s another secret: You can teach yourself these digital market skills without the indigence for an expensive college degree .
Think about it .
Are colleges covering things like search engine optimization ( SEO ) ? Programmatic ad buy ? How to run effective paid search campaigns ? conversion rate optimization ? Leveraging influencer marketing ?
No, they ’ re not, but a career in one of these fields can net you a six-figure job with fair a few years of have .
So how do you get your foot in the door without formal experience?
How do you teach yourself adequate to land an entry-level digital marketing occupation so that you can start climbing the corporate ladder ? Well, in 2013 I did just that, and I ’ ve outlined the steps below so that you can besides .
“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge. ”— Carnegie Institute of Technology
here are seven ways to land your first digital market job with no ball feel .
Please note this post includes an consort yoke to Flexjobs. This company pays me a humble commission if you sign up for their services at no cost to you. however, I fully recommend them as the # 1 freelance locate to get real experience under your belt .

1. Get Confident in Your Digital Marketing Skills

When you ’ re first starting your professional career, you may look around and compare yourself to your peers – others with more have than you, better grades, more internships, more connections – and you may feel discouraged .
Don ’ t accrue into this trap. Start with an abundance mentality, realizing that there are thousands of opportunities out there advanced for the take. Step one is to get confident .
Professional experience, college grades, and fancy internships cannot compare to the power of your personality and communication skills.
Yes, companies look for hard skills and specific cognition learned through education, but easy skills are even more crucial .
In fact, the top seven characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills : being a good coach ; communicating and listening well ; possessing insights into others ( including those with unlike values and views ) ; having empathy and being supportive of co-workers ; being a estimable critical thinker and problem problem solver ; and being able to make connections across complex ideas .
After speaking with dozens of digital market recruiters over the years, I ’ ve come to a basic termination on the two cardinal things that hiring managers want to know before sending you a job propose :

  1. You’re a good person.
  2. You can do the job.

It ’ s that simple .
As long as you can be persuasive, develop a rapport with your interviewers, and have a halfway decent résumé, you can literally get any entry-level job you want.
And more good news, there ’ s no limit to the total of interviews you can get. You can try, try, and try again, and the inaugural key to success is assurance .
A good broadcast that I recommend to help you get more confidence in your digital marketing skills is legendary Marketer .

2. Choose your Digital Marketing Career Path

So you’ve decided you want to begin a career in digital marketing. Before going down this road, you need to know precisely what you want our of your career by asking yourself a serial of questions :

  1. What do I like doing ?
  2. What am I very commodity at ?
  3. Am I better working alone or collaborate with others ?
  4. What skills and strengths do I presently have ?
  5. Am I more creative or more analytic ?

There are a phone number of different digital market disciplines, each carrying its own singular career way .
Although you can ’ t yield to be excessively finical when applying for your first job, matching your stream interests and strengths to a digital market discipline that you like will be the most honor .
A common entry-level digital marketing job is a Digital Marketing Specialist, which is a person who helps with search engine optimization ( SEO ), paid search, content market, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, and more .
These roles are multi-faceted, and you ’ ll need a background in a number of disciplines to be successful. Accepting this character is a fantastic room to start your career ; it will fast-track your hands-on learning and accelerate your career growth .
Although the function is multi-faceted, you should focus on 2-3 highly-specialized disciplines to tell a history on your résumé and increase your electric potential earnings .
Below I ’ ve listed some of the most in-demand digital market skills and the consociate tools you should learn to master them .
Google each discipline in-depth and decide which 2-3 options sound the most matter to to you .

  1. Content Marketing – WordPress, Yoast SEO circuit board ,
  2. Digital Analytics – Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Optimizely
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Moz, Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Google Search Console
  4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google AdWords, Bing Ads
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Optimizely, Google Tag Manager, Craft
  6. Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Hootsuite
  7. Affiliate Marketing – CJ by Conversant, Impact Radius
  8. Marketing Automation – Marketo, Pardot, Bronto ,
  9. Email Marketing – Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber
  10. Web Development – WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal
  11. Project Management – JIRA, Basecamp, Timeforce, Trello

In addition to this list, don ’ triiodothyronine forget about thoroughly antique Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. They are silent all-important to any digital marketing job and are used daily .

3. Teach Yourself the Basics with Digital Marketing Courses

once you ’ ve decided on a few skills to add to your résumé, it ’ second clock to start learn !
The great thing about digital selling is that there are indeed many different free authentication courses you can take that will look great on your résumé. On top of all of the free certification courses, there are over 55,000+ commercialize courses on Udemy, 2,000+ on Coursera, and 6,200+ on LinkedIn Learning alone .
Below I ’ ve listed my personal favorite courses that you should take to improve your digital market skills ( update October 2018 ). Please note, I ’ ve taken every one of these courses, I recommend them in full, and many of them helped me land my first gear digital market job .
Google Academy for Ads (free certification). This is the # 1 course that helped me land my foremost job back in 2013. With Google ’ s free educate, you ’ ll learn all about Pay-Per-Click advertise on AdWords ’ Search, Display, and Shopping networks .
Plus, you get a legitimate certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and résumé. Note: Many entry-level digital marketing jobs will require this certification.
Google Analytics Academy (free certification). Don ’ t even think about applying for a digital market job without a firm reason of Google Analytics. This free education teaches beginners and experienced users alike how to grow an on-line presence through intelligent data chase and web analytics tools .
Data analysis is at the heart of digital market ; you can ’ t make inform decisions without understanding user behavior. This path is required see .
HubSpot Inbound Marketing (free certification). This free course covers the basics of what inbound market is all about – drawing in customers, attracting leads, crafting engaging landing pages, writing hard calls-to-action, and growing an audience.

This course should be required for all digital marketers .
Bing Ads Accreditation (free certification). This much forgotten ( but highly important ) search engine besides offers a free certification class .
like to Google AdWords in its user interface and implementation, Bing Ads is a bang-up tool to be familiar with and will help you stand out from the backpack when applying for search engine market roles .
Facebook Blueprint (free to take, but paid certification). This course provides advanced-level proficiency in Facebook and Instagram Ads .
It ’ s a must if you ’ re looking to get into social media market, learn Power Editor, and develop businesses through Facebook and Instagram .
Hootsuite Academy (free certification). With Hootsuite, you can earn industry-recognized social media certifications that will help you stand out from the push when applying for social media marketing jobs .
You ’ ll learn how to engage a social media consultation, automatize posts, collaborate on content, and improve your company ’ mho presence on-line .
This is not an exhaustive tilt by any means, but by working through these courses, you can obtain six professional digital marketing certifications for your résumé and impress that adjacent hire coach .
A elementary reason I was hired for my entry-level digital selling job wasn ’ thymine because of my professional have, but because I was certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Hubspot, and Facebook Ads .

4. Start Digital Marketing as a Freelancer

Before applying to your first professional digital market subcontract, it ’ s a good idea to test your new cognition and start some hands-on influence .
Since you ’ re precisely starting out, you shouldn ’ thymine focus on making money, but on helping people grow their on-line presence and gaining valuable know to build your portfolio .
Do you know any small business owners that you could help? Most SMBs aren ’ triiodothyronine well versed in digital market and could benefit greatly from your raw expertness .
possibly an old friend owns a local restaurant and has no social media presence. Set them up with Facebook Ads .
Or possibly a family member owns a barbershop but can ’ triiodothyronine be found on Google. Use your newfangled SEO chop to help them out. possibly you ’ ll get some complimentary dinner or a haircut out of the deal .
Either way, if you ’ rhenium tracking ROI and using reasoned strategies, you ’ ra helping local businesses, building your digital market portfolio, and learning valuable skills .
once some time has past and you ’ ve got everyone on the block and their mother asking about your services, you ’ re ready to start getting paid for your efforts .
Hop on freelance sites like FlexJobs and create a freelancer account.
first, populate your newly visibility with the portfolio of work you ’ ve therefore awesomely done for dislodge. This message will build your credibility and lead to more sake in your oeuvre. second, set your freelance rates to be competitive with the market .
Make indisputable to showcase the platforms you ’ ra adept in, like Google AdWords or Analytics .
finally, sharpen your personal brand, connect with other freelancers, and reach out to those looking for digital market serve with an presentation. Once you land some contracts, you ’ ll have even more work to add to your portfolio .
Try to work with firm brands and companies that you can add to your résumé. This international relations and security network ’ metric ton “ official ” professional know, but it ’ sulfur basically barely ampere good. That ’ s the great thing about digital commercialize – if you can show results, your background doesn ’ thyroxine mean a thing .
After you have some freelancer know under your knock, add the amazing companies that you freelanced for to your portfolio, résumé, and LinkedIn profile. Okay, you ’ ra ready .
You now you have enough experience to land your first “official” digital marketing job.

5. Prepare for your First Digital Marketing Interview

After acing your digital selling courses, helping your connections build an on-line presence, and getting started as a freelance, you ’ re nowadays quick for the big leagues .
It’s time to prepare for your first digital marketing interview.
Ben Franklin said, “ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. ”
Interviewing is all about planning ahead. The more comfortable you are with yourself, your have, and your newfangled digital selling skills, the better your chances of landing that job will be .
here are some tips to make you successful in your beginning digital market caper interview :
Take a deep dive into the company. You should fully understand the company ’ south history, CEO and executive team, core values, and current fiscal position to show you ’ ve done your homework .
Added points if you look into their digital selling scheme and find actionable strategies that you would employ day one .
Match your résumé to the role. Your résumé should be viewed as a be, breathing document. Your main fastball points and know should be altered to maximize impact for the current function you ’ re applying to .
This international relations and security network ’ thymine dwell, it ’ south fair adding selective truths to make yourself stand out .
Prepare yourself with situational questions. These are the classic “ tell me about a clock when ” and “ what would you do if ” questions .
Make sure to write them down and commit because they ’ re mean to stump you. These questions are botched by many and you ’ ll in truth stand out if you nail the answers. You can employ the STAR technique to convey to a hire coach the Situation, Task, Action, and Result that occurred to make certain you show your value and are a quick thinker .
Check out these 20 situational interview questions and how to answer them for more help .
Be prepared for a digital marketing assessment. My first entry-level digital commercialize speculate required that I take an synergistic assessment .
Instructions were provided in a PDF format and I had to : set up a PPC campaign with proper ad group and keyword organization, edit HTML and CSS on a landing page, and set up a few accounts in Google Webmaster Tools ( now Google Search Console ) .
These assessments are reasonably common and a great matter about them is you ’ re given time to complete them on your own ( normally 2-7 days ) and if you can ’ t figure something out, you good Google it ( like real number life ) .

6. Negotiating your Entry-Level Salary

therefore let ’ s say you crush the interview and the ship’s company comes back with an offer : a full-time compensable function, a 401k, paid time off, the unharmed nine yards .
Your eyes light up with exhilaration as you ’ ve ultimately landed your first subcontract in digital market. Your dreams are coming true ! You ’ re already planning on what photograph to add to your desk, getting lunch with your foreman, mapping out directions to the agency, what you ’ re gon na wear your first day .
Hold on precisely a second base .
The biggest mistake you can make is accepting that initial offer for your entry-level job.
sure, it ’ south amazing that a ship’s company wants you and this may be your beginning time receiving a formal offer, but you need to let the exhilaration die down and get to real business .
The inaugural offer is never the best put up. Repeat it with me: The first offer is never the best offer.
For my identical first digital market job, I accepted an initial offer of $ 42,000 when I easily could have gotten $ 52,000 .
After jumping to a few newly companies over the years, I now make over twice that come, but looking spinal column on those early days, I could have accelerated my career quick with some simple negociate .
Getting your metrical foot in the door and gaining experience is factor act one, but your first wage lays the foundation for years to come, so make surely to know your worth .
Use a wage calculator tool like LinkedIn Salary to see what companies are paying for positions like yours in your current city .
According to wage tools, a Digital Marketing Specialist in the United States should be making $ 50,000 per year on median – preceptor ’ triiodothyronine decide for anything less than that. Follow these wage negotiation tips and you ’ ll be making more from the very start of your digital selling career .

7. It’s Time to Put in the Digital Marketing Work

If you followed these steps, you did it ! You landed your beginning digital market job and are immediately in a position to forge your own destiny .
To recap : Without any conventional experience, you equitable taught yourself digital marketing. You started by taking complimentary on-line documentation courses, then gaining experience working with personal connections .
Next, you freelanced with a site like Flexjobs and started making real money.
finally, you leveraged your freelance know into your foremost full-time job .
Here’s where it gets exciting.
Using this entry-level feel, all you have to do is make a few strategic jumps to modern positions and you ’ ll get that six-figure wage you ’ ve constantly wanted ( in ampere little as 2-3 years with no ball education, internships, or connections necessary ).

not to mention, you ’ ll accelerate your learn, get invaluable hands-on experience, and network with others in your industry .
so what ’ s stopping you ?
Further Reading on AdamEnfroy.com: To take your digital market cognition further, check out my guidebook on how to start a web log this class and other top ways to make money on-line .

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