The Ultimate Digital Marketing Salary Guide for 2022

If you ’ re pursuing a career in digital market, you ’ ll want to know what kind of wage you can earn. To help you, we ’ ve put option together the ultimate digital market wage guide. here, you ’ ll find all the latest wage data based on years of experience, geographic location, and a range of job titles within the digital market field. Want to skip to a particular section ? Just use the clickable menu. so : What kind of wage can you expect if you work in digital market ? Let ’ s take a look .

1. What is digital commercialize ?

Digital marketing involves promoting your business ’ south products or services through on-line channels, such as social media, paid search, organic search, electronic mail, and others. It ’ s a constantly evolving field—especially when it comes to sociable media, where newfangled platforms seem to crop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm with surprise regularity—and digital marketers need to keep their finger on the pulsation of the latest trends to be successful.

If you are looking into a career in digital commercialize, you will most probably end up on one of two paths. Most digital marketers are either specialists ( highly experienced in one or two channels ) or generalists who are nice and knowledgeable about most or all mediums. The most highly sought digital marketers are those with a “ t-shaped ” skill set, meaning they are highly competent in one especial duct but have reasonable experience with the others. many digital marketers break into the discipline by working for a digital marketing agency, where they ’ ll beget to work on different projects involving multiple channels. Working for an agency is besides an incredible teach know because clients expect agencies to know the trends for all mediums and platforms ( talk about drink in from a arouse hosiery ! ) You ’ ll besides be surrounded by others with different cognition sets than yours from whom you can learn. While a little more challenge in some ways, others start out as in-house digital marketing specialists. If you go this route, you may need to rely more on self-taught cognition, as you may be separate of a smaller team that can not afford to hire a seller and needs to manage all digital commercialize activities internally. Whether you ’ re an in-house digital seller or you work for an agency, you can surely be certain of one thing : you ’ ll constantly be learning if you join the ranks of this constantly changing field. then how much can you expect to earn as a digital seller ? Read on to find out. An employee sitting at a desk, taking a call on headphones to negotiate their digital marketing salary

2. Digital marketing wage based on years of experience

Digital marketers are in eminent demand, and their wages much reflect this. As with any job, several factors influence the amount you can expect to earn, regardless of how much know you have. Company size, geographic placement, and industry all play into your full accept. That said, we ’ ve compiled wage data for respective roles, from entry-level to director, that you can use as benchmarks for what to expect .

Entry-level digital marketing salaries in the U.S .

Digital selling newbies are best qualify for roles like digital marketing specialists or digital market analysts. here ’ s what the experts say these professionals will earn per class :

  • Payscale : $ 50,414 USD base wage for a digital commercialize specialist
  • Zippia : $ 55,000 USD base wage for a digital commercialize specialist
  • CareerExplorer : $ 39,281 USD base wage for a digital market specialist
  • ZipRecruiter : $ 45,600 USD base wage for a digital market analyst

Entry-level digital marketing salary range based on all data: $ 39,281 – $ 55,000

Mid-level digital marketing salaries in the U.S .

once you have a few years of have under your belt, you ’ ll be better positioned for mid-level commercialize positions like a digital marketing coach. here ’ s what you can expect to earn, on modal :

  • : $ 65,122 USD nucleotide wage for mid-level digital marketers
  • : $ 108,788 USD base wage for a digital selling director
  • Glassdoor : $ 121,676 USD base wage for a digital market coach
  • Payscale : $ 68,036 USD base wage for a digital selling coach

Range: $ 65,000 – $ 121,676

Senior-level digital commercialize salaries in the U.S .

If you ’ ve been in the field for several years but don ’ thyroxine so far qualify for conductor condition, you ’ ll have the opportunity to snag a senior-level put. Depending on the company, a senior-level post may or may not include the news “ elder ” in the entitle, but your wage should reflect it !

  • Glassdoor : $ 133,248 USD base wage for a senior digital commercialize coach
  • ZipRecruiter : $ 92,731 USD floor wage for a senior digital marketing coach
  • comparably : $ 129,824 USD base wage for a senior digital market coach
  • Zippia : $ 114,000 USD basis wage for a senior digital selling coach

Range: $ 92,731 – $ 133,248

director of digital selling salaries in the U.S .

Congratulations ! If you ’ ve worked steadily in the field of digital market for several years, you ’ ll be eligible to snag one of the top jobs in digital commercialize : a film director. here ’ s what you can expect in terms of recompense :

  • Glassdoor : $ 116,808 USD base wage for a director of digital market
  • : $ 163,949 USD base wage for a conductor of digital selling
  • ZipRecruiter : $ 104,259 USD base wage for a film director of digital marketing
  • Payscale

    : $ 103,498 USD base wage for a director of digital commercialize

Range: $ 103,498 – $ 163,949

VP of digital marketing salaries in the U.S .

If you ’ re in the running for VP of digital commercialize roles, you ’ ve reached the acme of your career. Salaries for this C-Suite position are in the mid-to-top six-figures, but they ’ rhenium commensurate with your horizontal surface of responsibility :

  • Glassdoor : $ 179,669 USD base wage for a VP of digital marketing function
  • ZipRecruiter : $ 143,863 USD base wage for a VP of digital market role

Range: $ 143,863 – $ 179,669 A digital marketing manager on the phone, smiling

3. What is the average digital commercialize wage ?

As you ’ ve seen, salaries for digital marketing roles vary greatly depending on seniority. In addition, company size, industry, geographic localization, and other factors besides heavily influence the compensation. however, if you look at average digital market salaries that take all these factors into account, you can distillery expect to earn a decent paycheck, no matter what level you ’ re at. here is the experts ’ take on the “ average ” digital market wage in the United States .

overall U.S. average salaries for digital marketers

  • indeed : $ 57,596 USD free-base wage for digital marketers
  • ZipRecruiter : $ 54,672 USD free-base wage for digital marketers
  • : $ 65,122 USD base wage for digital marketers

These numbers are for the United States as a wholly. But cost of support and concentration of endowment in particular geographies besides impact digital selling salaries. Let ’ s expect at a few different regions in the U.S. to see how location influences recompense .

Digital marketing salaries in Los Angeles, California

Digital marketing salaries in New York City, New York

  • Digital seller : $ 68,999 ( indeed )
  • Digital selling specialist : $ 65,982 ( Glassdoor )
  • Digital commercialize coach : $ 101,307 ( Glassdoor )
  • film director of digital marketing : $ 152,878 ( Built in NYC )

Digital marketing salaries in Austin, Texas

  • Digital seller : $ 59,071 ( indeed )
  • Digital market specialist : $ 78,840 ( Glassdoor )
  • Digital market coach : $ 106,993 ( )
  • director of digital market : $ 161,244 ( )

Though the numbers do vary, if you ’ re looking for a career in digital commercialize, make certain that you do your research before discussing salaries. This room, you ’ ll be well-equipped to ask for recompense that ’ mho commensurate with your know and geographic localization .

4. Digital market salaries around the world

possibly you ’ re not limiting your job search to the United States. And why should you ? Digital marketers are highly sought after all over the worldly concern. here ’ s what you can expect to make in several unlike countries worldwide : Two digital marketing employees sitting at a desk, talking

5. unlike digital marketing job titles and their salaries

Digital marketers utilize a range of market channels as depart of their casual activities. But what if you ’ d like to specialize in one ? Whether you work for an representation or have an in-house position, being highly skilled in one particular medium can be very meet and lucrative. hera ’ s what channel-specific roles offer in terms of a wage :

As with the digital marketing salaries, individual compensation depends on a battalion of factors. But these numbers will at least give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to pursue a career in a specialize digital market class .

6. Key takeaways and further reading

If you ’ re looking for an in-demand job that offers a highly livable crop of salaries, digital market is a terrific career path. It ’ s an changing function that requires both an analytic and creative mentality. For more digital market career insights and wage guides, check out the take after :

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