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Marketing & Sales


A functioning cooperation between market and sales is substantive to attract customers along the customer journey, to convince them and to retain them in the long term. A close and cooperative commute between these two disciplines and the development of common goals consequently contributes significantly to the success of a ship’s company. By combining theory and exercise, our students develop all the skills and competences needed in digital selling and sales and are consequently perfectly prepared for their daily business in these discipline .
You ’ ve always asked yourself :

  • How do I actively shape the future in Marketing & Sales?
  • How do I manage communication on all channels?
  • How do I reach new customers and bind them to the company?
  • How do I find the right arguments to convince my customers in sales talks?

We have the correctly answers !

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Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales

What’s it all about?

A dynamic economy and new occupation models require agile teaching. Experts from the industry and an innovative course of study enable a highly practice-oriented academic department of education in full-time or extra-occupational form. The focus is primarily on the development of digital skills. In addition, a well-balanced combination of face-to-face and on-line teaching is designed to bring more flexibility into your day by day learn routine .
The Bachelor Degree Programme in Marketing & Sales provides you with all the skills you need to actively shape the future as an adept in market and sales. In basic modules such as commercialize, sales, digitalization, market inquiry, budget and control, you will acquire extensive cognition about successful and market-oriented management. In the advanced modules you will become fit for the digital populace in selling and sales !

Master Degree Programme in Digital Marketing Management

Study the future!

Societies and their markets are experiencing profound changes due to newly media. The resulting communication channels and the handiness of information have pervaded our casual lives. Companies and consumers are reacting to this dynamic environment and are required to position themselves, not only on sociable networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, but to besides and simultaneously integrate themselves using conventional marketing channels. This opens up raw horizons for marketers and advanced platforms enable companies to actively employ previously non-existent touchpoints to current and potential customers .
The course contents of the 4-semester Master degree program are aimed at working professionals who are already enthusiastic about marketing ( traditional or digital ). The focus is on clientele government training with an emphasis on the practical skills required when using digital channels. The extra-occupational degree broadcast creates a deep understand of digital transformation and data management. It shows the function that marketing plays in this change process. In addition, the graduates are prepared for leading positions in core areas of management and get train in leadership-relevant social competence .

Master Degree Programme in Sales Management

Sales Manager Training

In a leadership role in sales management you will focus on the development and conceptualization of business scheme. Based on that, you will produce a sales scheme through which you will determine the sales concept of individual areas. You will be responsible for determining price & condition policy whilst playing a key character in the creation of merchandise ranges and the customer service portfolio .
The chief duties of sales managers include shaping the organizational structure and the processes of the sales department. today, modern sales management would be impossible without the appropriate plan and master aided by the assistant of data-supported samara index systems. modern marketing/sales tools are much trained in a practical project with and for companies.


Cooperate with us:
Practice-oriented projects for and with companies are essential parts of CAMPUS 02 ’ s educational goal “ practical aim on a university floor ”. In this way, our students already gain relevant practical experience during their studies. In accession, the students establish valuable contacts with companies in the region and acquire soft skills that go beyond their professional competences and therefore contribute to the development of their master and individual profiles. It ’ s a sustainable win-win for both the party and academic degree program. Find more data about our practical projects here .

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