What Is The Average Digital Marketing Analyst Salary? [2022]

possibly you ’ re looking to pursue a career as a digital commercialize analyst. Or possibly you are a digital marketing analyst ( congratulations ! ) and want to see how your wage compares to those of others working in your sphere. Either way, you ’ ve come to the right plaza. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the wage you can expect as a digital market analyst, factoring in geographic location, diligence, and years of know. Keep in take care that these numbers are estimates, as the research we ’ ve used comes from versatile sources. If you want to skip to a particular section, just use the clickable menu : Before we explore the average digital market analyst wage, let ’ s recapitulation on what a digital market analyst actually does.

1. What does a digital market analyst actually do ? A brief overview

A digital marketing analyst ’ s subcontract normally entails analyzing campaign results, cultivating insights that can be used to improve digital commercialize campaigns, and presenting findings to stakeholders. sometimes, they besides optimize campaigns themselves, depending on their level of have, consolation, and organizational structure. It ’ s a job that requires very firm analytic and critical think skills, vitamin a well as the ability to translate data into insights that anyone can understand. additionally, as a data market analyst, you ’ ll be expected to present results to team members and aged leadership, so you may want to reconsider this function if you ’ re not keen on address in battlefront of a group ! According to Zippia, this stead has a increase pace of 20 %. With more and more advertisers devoting budget to online campaigns, digital marketing analysts are in high demand, making this a smart long-run career choice. You can learn more about the role in this guide : What does a digital market analyst actually do ? For now, though, let ’ s explore the latest wage data .

2. What is the average digital selling analyst wage in the United States ?

Digital marketing analysts in the United States can expect to earn a adequate living. Geographic placement, years of have, diligence, education, and company size all influence sum compensation, but hera ’ s what the experts estimate you ’ ll gain on average ( basis wage ) : not besides moth-eaten ! immediately let ’ s take a search at how salaries stack up across the United States. A digital marketing analyst sitting at a desk, looking at a laptop, smiling slightly

3. Digital selling analyst wage by region

The cost of living in the United States varies greatly based on location. Case in decimal point : In 2018, families earning over $ 100,000 per year live in San Francisco were considered “ low-income, ” whereas a six-figure wage would allow you to live quite comfortably in Dayton, Ohio. Salaries often reflect the cost of live, so a professional reside in an expensive city can reasonably expect to earn more than their counterpart in a different location. Given those considerations, here ’ s what you can expect to earn in unlike regions and cities across the U.S .

Digital market analyst salaries in the northeast

  • New York City, NY: $ 68,603 ( Salary.com )
  • Boston, MA: $ 70,045 ( Glassdoor)
  • Providence, RI: $ 72,583 ( Zippia )
  • Portland, ME: $ 60,350 ( Payscale)

Digital selling analyst salaries in the southeast

Digital market analyst salaries in the southwest

Digital marketing analyst salaries in the northwest

Digital market analyst salaries in the midwest :

4. Digital selling analyst salaries around the world

Companies worldwide need digital commercialize analysts. Just like with the United States, however, salaries change based on location and labor movement marketplace. One nation may have a wealth of digital marketers, pushing down recompense ; another may be in desperate necessitate of them, making it a problem seeker ’ s market ! here ’ s what you can expect to earn as a digital commercialize analyst in unlike countries and cities outside the United States .


  • average wage ( senior digital selling analyst ) : €53,857
  • Paris : €49, 843
  • Marseille : €56,336 ( for a senior digital commercialize analyst )
  • toulouse : €53,455 ( for a senior digital marketing analyst )


  • median wage : A $ 60,684
  • sydney : A $ 82,437
  • melbourne : A $ 108,207 ( for a elder digital market analyst )

United Kingdom



Of course, in today ’ s remote-friendly work acculturation, you could conceivably earn a tidy kernel in a nation with a gamey monetary value of living while residing somewhere with a lower cost of support. A digital marketing analyst character lends itself good to remote work ! Two digital marketing analysts sitting at a desk, laughing, looking at a laptop

5. Digital commercialize analyst salaries in different industries

now you ’ ve seen the variations in wage based on geographic placement, but what about industry ? here ’ s what a digital market analyst wage looks like in different verticals ( data from Zippia ) :

  • Retail: $ 77,976
  • Technology: $ 75,304
  • Media: $ 74,348
  • Manufacturing: $ 74,336
  • Non-profit: $ 69,417

6. The average digital commercialize analyst wage based on years of experience

Most salaries are commensurate with experience, and a digital market analyst ’ second role is no different. Your expected take-home wage will increase as you gain years of cognition and accumulate skills, no matter where the job is located or the industry you ’ re in. Let ’ s take a front at expected salaries for digital marketing analysts based on experience :

Entry level



A person sitting at a desk, researching the average digital marketing analyst salary on a computer

7. What are some early market titles and their salaries ?

last but not least, how does the wage of a digital selling analyst compare to other problem titles within the selling field ? Let ’ s take a look.

8. Key takeaways and far take

so there you have it ! now that you ’ ve got a comprehensive digital market analyst wage guide at your fingertips, use it to negotiate ( or re negotiate, if you already have a job ) a fairly wage. You can find more wage insights in our digital market wage template. If you ’ ra matter to in becoming a digital market analyst, we ’ ve identified the top must-have digital market analyst skills here. If you ’ d like to explore alternative career paths in digital selling, check out the follow :

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